And I live! I apologize for being gone for so long to all of you readers. Due to my labtop's motherboard dieing on me I lost all of the stories that I had on their, which has caused me a lot of problems since I had several chapters written before the last ones that I posted, along with some new stories that I was planning on posting. At the moment however I am using the download option to regain what I had posted and then from there I will continue writing again. Expect updates from me rapidly for a little bit(in case you follow me as an author), and I will post on my profile the order I intend to update all the stories. Please note that some of them are going to be shut down, and classified as dead due to lack of inspiration, no where for it to go, or that I have lost so much from that fic that there is really no way to recover it in a timely fashion. So again, just head on over to my profile and you will see the order that I intend to start publishing again. Ah... It's good to be back.