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Chapter 1

Her breath fogged up the window of the car as it traveled down the road. Her emerald eyes watched as the scenery of houses, cars and signs rushed past. She blew another warm breath onto the cold glass, watching as the fog slowly receded. Beside her, her aunt sighed, her warm caramel gaze flitting over to the girl.

"Sakura? You ok? You know, you shouldn't be worried about starting a new school. It's the start of the second semester anyway, so you won't miss much class." Tsunade said, trying to reassure her niece, and herself somewhat.

Sakura turned her head to glance at her aunt indifferently, before returning her attention back to the window. "It's not even about that Aunt Tsunade."

Tsunade turned onto a different street, her eyes looking down the street at something still a little ways off. "Than what's it about Sakura? You've barley talked at all since I picked you up from the airport. Just tell me what's keeping you in such a down trodden mood."

Sakura scoffed. "'Down trodden mood'? Have you been reading your thesaurus Aunt Tsunade?"

Tsunade pouted. "Just a couple of pages……. "

Sakura chuckled. Tsunade smiled at the sound. "Hey, haven't heard that in a while. I was scared there for a minute kid. You know, when you were younger, you used to laugh and smile almost all the time. The only time you didn't was when you were asleep. Although lately……. You know, it's not the end of the world. Yeah, what happened was awful, and that guy was a major douche bag for getting you into that mess, but you can't keep letting him get you down. That's why you decided to come here right? Fresh start and all that, right?"

Sakura shrugged. "I thought so. It seemed like such a good idea at the time, but now I'm not so sure. I feel like such a dumbass for ever believing him in the first place, and because I decided to move away, I feel like a coward on top of that. I mean, I shouldn't be the coward in all this. It's him who's supposed to be afraid of me, except that I haven't come into my powers yet," she grumbled.

"I know princess, but you got to move on. Not every guy on the planet is like him. All you need is some rest, and you'll be back to your old self. And who knows, maybe you'll come into your powers while you're here with me. You know I'll help you in any way I can."

Sakura smiled gratefully at her aunt. "Thanks Aunt Tsunade. I knew you were my favorite relative for a reason." Sakura's eyes shifted to something over Tsunade's shoulder. "Uh, Aunt Tsunade, I think we just passed the house."

Tsunade glanced over her shoulder, swore, and turned the car around. She drove into the driveway, and stepped out of the car. Sakura stepped out from her side, and stood looking at the house.

"Well kid, welcome home."

Sakura looked up at the neon green house, thinking that she shouldn't look at it too long or she may go blind. She looked at her aunt, eyebrow raised. "Can you tell me again why you chose this color?"

Tsunade shut the door, and headed towards the trunk. "I did not choose the color. I lost a bet. Come help me unload the car. We gotta get your stuff upstairs to your room, and than we'll order pizza. How's that sound? And since it's Friday, we can unpack you stuff and decorate your room tomorrow. We'll leave Sunday for town and school tours, k?"

Sakura sighed and nodded. She helped Tsunade unload the car, and followed her up the stairs onto the porch and through the door.

Inside, the color palette was a little tamer than the outside of the house. Browns, blacks and beiges greeted her as she stepped into the entrance. To her right, she could see a living room with black leather couches, a glass coffee table, and a large flat screen TV with surround sound stereo system, and a top of the line blu-ray player. She also happened to spot an Xbox Live gaming system. Later, she told herself. She glanced to her left and looked into a dining room with a mahogany dining table that seated 6, a glass case with bottles of wine and glass china on the shelves There were also a couple of large decorative vases in the corner.

"Sakura! Come on, you can check out the house later. Let's put your bags upstairs." Tsunade called from the middle of the staircase, where she was standing with two bags of Sakura's luggage.

Sakura smiled apologetically at her aunt and followed her up the stairs.

"Your room is the last one on the left of the hall. You have your own bathroom that connects to your room only. I use the one across from my room. I'm not so mean that I'll make you share a bathroom with me. I wouldn't even make myself share a bathroom with me." She laughed.

Sakura smiled as she and her aunt walked down the hall to her room.

"I didn't do anything really to the room. I just put a bed in there, a desk, and an armoire for your clothes. I figured you'd take care of the decorating yourself. I did, however, have it painted the color that you wanted."

"Thank you Aunt Tsunade."

"No problem princess," Tsunade replied, and with a grunt, put the bags down in front of a white painted door. She put her hand on the doorknob and opened the door. "Here we are."

Sakura let Tsunade in the room first, before stepping in herself. She looked around at the spacious room that she would be occupying for the next 5 months. The walls were a comforting forest green color, her favorite. The mattress has white sheets on it with a purple comforter over it. The desk was opposite her bed, and the armoire was in the corner nearer the door, backed against the same wall that the desk was. Both were white washed to match the bed, and the doors. There was a floor length mirror on the other side of the door frame. The closet and the bathroom doors were on the opposite wall to the door, and two windows flanked either side of her bed.

Sakura looked at Tsunade and smiled. "This is great Aunt Tsunade. Thanks again."

Tsunade smiled back at Sakura. "No problem. I'll just put your bags next to the armoire. Why don't you check out the bathroom?" She said, and busied herself by heaving Sakura's luggage over to the corner.

Leaving Tsunade with the bags, Sakura made her way across the cream colored carpet and opened the door that led to her bathroom. She was greeted warmly with soft, gold colored walls, with lapis lazuli flowers climbing up along the door frame, and around the mirror. The sink was white porcelain, as was the counter, and bathtub. The faucets in the sink, and in the tub, were both colored gold. The tiles on the floor were the same color was the flowers, and the towels hanging from the walls were blue with white trim. A small window, opposite the mirror, overlooked the alley between Tsunade's house, and the house next door.

Sakura felt her eyes tear up at the sight, but quickly wiped them away. She knew that Tsunade wasn't used to displays of emotions, and she didn't want to ruin the comfortable mood with her crying.

She walked back out of the bathroom, closing the door behind her. She smiled at Tsunade as she lifted her head after putting her bags away in the corner.

"So, how do you like it?" Tsunade asked, straightening up.

"It's fantastic. I love it, I really do. The room, the bathroom, and you too Aunt Tsunade. I really appreciate all that you've done for me."

Tsunade smiled, embarrassed. "Aww, it was nothing princess. You know I'd do anything for you." She held her arms out. "Come on, I know you want to."

Sakura smiled and went into her aunts arms, hugging her fiercely. Tsunade hugged her back just as hard, her eyes tearing up a bit. She coughed and let Sakura go, blinking. "Well, I'm gonna go order pizza. Do you want anything specific on yours?"

Sakura shook her head, and watched Tsunade exit the room to order the pizza. She sat on her bed and lay down, sighing. This is it, she thought. Can't go back now. I'm going to make the most of this, and that's final. School will be fine. I'll make new friends, and I'll still keep in touch with my old ones. Yeah, everything will be fine.

Thirty minutes later, Tsunade called her down for dinner. After eating, Sakura returned back upstairs and changed into her pajamas. She felt exhausted, and figured that it was the jet lag catching up with her. She switched off the light, and climbed into bed. I'll unpack tomorrow, and than on Sunday Aunt Tsunade will take me around town, and than……school. She yawned, and with that final thought, fell into a dreamless sleep.