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Chapter 24

Sasuke rushed out of the cafeteria after getting over the shock of finding out that Sakura – his Sakura – was the Cherry Blossom Witch of legend.

Sniffing the air, Sasuke quickly found out which way Sakura went. Following her scent, he found himself run into a dead end with Sakura nowhere in sight. Confused, Sasuke backtracked and followed her scent once again, but once again found himself in a dead-end hallway.

He sniffed around the hall, trying to figure out what had happened to Sakura's scent. It didn't go into any of the classrooms, but he checked just to make sure. It just stopped in the hall. Which didn't make sense because-

There. Breathing in deeply, Sasuke smelled it, a void. And nothing left a void in a scent trail except…

A deep growl rumbled in his chest. He felt his fingers tingle and when he looked down, he could see his claws start to grow. Rage and fear for Sakura bubbled inside him. Closing his eyes, he suppressed his beast for now. When he felt under control again, he rushed from the hall, hoping to find a certain vampire before finding the proper authorities.

Naruto and the others were all stunned. They hadn't moved from their spots when Sakura rushed out, or when Sasuke went after her. Each of them were in shock over what had happened.

Ino was the first to speak. "I can't believe it…"

Naruto nodded, and saw a few other do the same. "Yeah, it's pretty amazing huh? Sakura being the Cherry Blossom Witch and all."

Ino looked over at Naruto in bafflement. "Amazing? It's not amazing, it's fantastic!"

Naruto looked over at Ino in confusion. "Huh?"

"Don't you get it! We're friends with the Cherry Blossom Witch! We just jumped, like, five rungs on the social ladder! She's gonna be the most popular girl in school and WE get to be popular with her!"

Naruto felt anger at Ino's attitude. "Ino, didn't you see the way she looked before she ran out of here? I could smell that she was on the verge of crying! Don't you remember what she told us about Sai? She's probably never going to come back to school, popular or no."

Ino looked stricken and hung her head. "I forgot about that…"

Hinata agreed with Naruto. "We should go find her. She probably feels really scared right now."

They all agree to the idea and started towards the exit when Sasuke rushed back in. Naruto was about to ask where Sakura was, but Sasuke blew right past him and headed straight to his intended targets.

Sasuke slammed his hand down on the table as he glared at Temari and Kankuro, eyes flashing red.

"Where is she?" he growled.

"Where's who?" Temari asked, confused about what Sasuke was talking about.

"Sakura! Where is she?"

Kankuro shrugged. "She just ran out here not too long ago. How would we know where she was?"

Sasuke growled again, his canines lengthening. "She's gone, I can't find her anywhere, and her scent had vanished. I did smell a void in her trail though, and the only things I can't smell are vampires. Which one of you took her?"

Temari stood and leaned over the table to glare into Sasuke eyes, her own fangs bared. "How dare you accuse us! We have been here the whole time since Sakura had left the cafeteria. If she is missing, we had nothing to do with it."

Sasuke was silent. He glanced at the only empty seat at the table and gestured towards it. "Where's your brother then?"

Temari glanced at the chair. Her eyes narrowed. "I don't know. He left the table shortly after Sakura ran out."

Sasuke snarled. "Then he's the one who took her!"

"You have no proof of that Uchiha. So before you start saying things you'll regret, I suggest that you quiet down," Temari snarled back.

Sasuke growled in anger, pushing himself from the table. He stalked back to the dining hall entrance, not taking notice that his friends had left their table to follow him.

"Sasuke! Sasuke, did you find Sakura?" Naruto asked, coming up beside him.

"She was taken." He growled.

Ino gasped behind him. "Taken, what do you mean taken?"

Sasuke filled them in on that he couldn't find Sakura after she ran from the dining hall. He also told them about what think might have happened.

"How are we going to find her if you can't track her? She could be in real danger!" Ino cried.

Sasuke motioned for her to hush-up while he thought. He couldn't track Sakura through scent, that was true. But maybe someone else…

Sasuke turned to Hinata, who had followed them silently out of the dining hall. "Hinata, perhaps you can help."

Hinata started at the use of her name. "M-me?"

Sasuke nodded. "Elves have the best eyes, right? Maybe you can see something that I couldn't, something that I might have missed."

Hinata gulped and nodded shyly. "I can t-try."

Sasuke lead them all down the hall where he lost Sakura's scent. He stood back and let Hinata survey the scene. He watched as the veins around her pale eyes bulged, her vision becoming more enhanced.

Hinata looked around the hallway for a few minutes while everyone watched.

"N-no, I don't see any…Wait. Yes, I do see something!"

"What? What do you see?" Sasuke said.