The Gant Bridge shook as the Russian T-100 tanks rumbled across it. Tierra Robada had fallen in less than a week, The Russians now had their sights on Las Venturas, and San Fierro. After they had taken the cities, they would have to deal with the Redneck-laden towns of Red, and Flint Counties. They would then prepare for an all-out assault on Los Santos, easily the biggest of the three cities of San Andreas.

However, there is one thing they had not counted on, JSF Task Force 161. It was perhaps just a coincidence that TF 161 was in San Andreas when Tierra Robada was invaded, but some people believed that they were there because God was protecting them. TF161 was formed in 2017 to be a fast reaction force if there was another War.

It is made up of the JSF's best soldiers, sailors, and airmen. They all had extensive training in Urban Warfare, Desert Warfare, and Woodland Warfare, all of them being used extensively in the huge state of San Andreas. There were some soldiers who had lived in San Andreas, and therefore knew the area well. They were chosen to be pathfinders. One of them was Sgt. Claude Barret, a legendary sniper who, at one point in San Fierro, killed a Russian General and his Chosen squad with one bullet. This is his story.