The 4 Souls of the ShikonChapter one: The old and the new

Orange light. Why isn't it blue? It's supposed to be blue isn't it? I am going home right? So why is the usual comforting blue shine now a harsh glaring orange? Why does it burn? Where is the solid dirt floor of the we-

Kagome jolted awake almost falling out of the tree she was nestled in in the process and started cussing like a sailor as she stubbed her toe on a rogue stump of a branch. Once her cussing fit was over Kagome pulled her legs up, resting one flat along the branch she was sitting on and pulling the other close to her chest and hugging it. She rested her chin on her hand and looked around her. It was so peaceful here. If you bothered to look up once in a while you would see a sky like no other. Comets and meteors raced across the sky leaving trails of stardust in their wake, the stars that remained still seemed to twinkle extra brightly tonight as if to prove that just because they were stationary they too were as beautiful as their sisters that raced across the velvet darkness. Kagome sat as if reminiscing a time long past, or perhaps an old story told on a night when the mothers of the comets above ruled the sky. As it happened however the time Kagome was remembering was not fiction as those other stories told had been. Kagome was special. Kagome had lived, loved and lost. Everything had been lost. Everyone. Kagome looked at the sky again, closed her eyes and touched two fingers to the completed Shikon no tama embedded in the hollow of her throat. When her eyes opened again they were full of determination. She jumped nimbly down from the tree and disappeared into the star struck night.

At exactly 4:45 pm on the 25 of June in Konoha, The Village Hidden In The Leaves, Naruto Uzumaki was stood outside The Hokage's office, waiting for the Kakashi-sensei to arrive so they could get their next mission.

"Gah! That old geezer better give us something worthwhile this time! I can't be busy with picking weeds or walking people's dogs when I should be training to become The Hokage!" he exclaimed to the other two genin frustratedly. This remark earned him a punch over the head from the only girl of the group. Sakura Haruno. Her salmon pink hair matched the meaning of her name and the green of her eyes were the colour of cherry blossom leaves. She was also very violent, when it came to Naruto that is.

"Hn. The baka's right. For once. I shouldn't be doing such low level stuff when..." Sasuke (Sakura's crush) trailed off, his black eyes giving away a hint of emotion by widening in shock and surprise as he saw the girl that came down the street.

She was about their age (14) with long black hair that tumbled like a river elegantly down her back almost to her knees and two feathers stuck at the top. Her eyes were a sweet chocolate brown and her bangs occasionally fell in front of them as she walked steadily, not breaking rhythm. The top she wore was a bright blaring red with long wide sleeves that stopped just below her elbows. It crossed over at the top like a low cut kimono. The skirt was made of the same bright red material but with swirls in the bottom right corner and with slits at the side to allow her to move easier. All the way up her legs were bandages finally stopping mid thigh. Three Sword sheaths were strapped to her left side along with the usual ninja weapons pouch on her right. A small purple bag embroidered with what looked like black prayer beads was slung over her shoulder. It looked almost empty.

"Wha-What the-!" Naruto stuttered out as he saw her too. Sakura looked to see what they were looking at and let out an audible gasp. The Girl looked up at them and stopped for a second, breaking the rhythmic tapping of her feet on the pavement, then continued walking with her head slightly lowered so her bangs almost completely covered her face.

"Hey! Lady!" Naruto yelled running towards the new girl. "Who are you? Are you new here? I'm Naruto! What's your name?" He questioned at about 200pmh. The Girl looked stunned for a second before relaxing slightly.

"Yes I am new here. That's a nice name. I'm Kagome" She answered without pause and with a slight smile. Naruto's mouth fell open, he quickly shut it. And turned round to wave at his teammates.

"Hey! Sasuke, Sakura! Come over here! Come meet Kagome!" he shouted attracting the attention of a few passers by. Sasuke and Sakura some what unwillingly walked over, trying to avoid the stares sent their way.

"So what are you doing here Kagome-san?" Sakura asked politely.

"Please just call me Kagome or at least Kagome-chan. I'm actually hoping to become a citizen here and join a squad"

"Where are you from?" The dark haired boy, Sasuke said in the least number of coherent words as possible.

"Oh here and there, then and there" She answered mysteriously making Sasuke narrow his eyes slightly. "Speaking of time I need to get to the Hokage's office can u help me? The ninja at the gate gave me directions but I think I got lost" Kagome scratched her head as if embarrassed by her lack of coordination.

"Actually this is the Hokage's office" Sakura said happily "do you want us to come in with you?" Kagome looked relieved

"That would be great…but aren't you waiting for someone?" Naruto scoffed

"Bah! Leave the old geezer, he's always late anyway"
we can get our mission and then when he comes we can be on our way" Sasuke said making love hearts appear in Sakura's eyes.

"Y-yeah that sounds great Sasuke-kun! You're so cool!" she squealed. Naruto meanwhile grabbed Kagome's hand and started dragging her through the door.

***Outside the Hokage's office***

"N-Naruto! Slow down!" Sakura panted while she and Sasuke raced to catch up with the other two. Finally Naruto came to a brief halt and slammed the door open

"Hey, Grandma! You better -" Naruto's rant cut off and then started again as his pointing finger moved to where a spiky silver haired man in a green vest stood. "Kakashi-sensei?! What're you doing here?!"
The angry looking woman behind the desk stood up, slamming her hands down on the table( causing it to break in half) and was about to open her mouth to yell…. When Kagome decided it was about time to stop the madness. Bowing her head she stepped out from behind Naruto catching everyone's attention and bowed deeply from the waist down

"Gomen Hokage-sama; we didn't mean to intrude on your private meetings, we assumed you wouldn't be busy, gomenasai." She said in a sincere voice. Everyone in the room stared at her The Hokage stepped out from behind the ruined desk and walked across to put a hand on Kagome's shoulder.

"Don't worry about it, it's not your fault you got led here by these idiots-"she was cut off by Naruto shaking his fist behind her

"Hey! Watch who you're calling an idiot! I don't care about stupid Sasuke over there but I'm goin' to be Hokage someday!" he yelled. The Hokage ignored him and she carried on like he hadn't spoke.

" So I don't blame you at all for interrupting me. So why are you here? I don't think I've seen you around town before. I'm Tsunade by the way"

"Yes, I'm new here. I came to ask to become a citizen here and to be put on a ninja squad." Kagome said looking into Tsunade face. Maybe Tsunade saw something different about Kagome's eyes for her blue ones widened slightly. Quickly she looked away as if slightly scared or worried but she covered it so well only Kakashi and Kagome noticed it. She walked to the open window and leaned against the sill.

" I would love to say yes right now and draught you into a genin team straight away but citizenship takes lots of paperwork you would need to fill in and all the genin teams are on missions and already have three people. It will take a while." She said assessibly. Kagome's face turned hard, then relaxed slightly.

"There will be no need to wait to do the paperwork" She reached into the small purple bag and pulled out a thick wad off official looking papers. She handed them to Tsunade. "All you need to do is sign at the bottom if you decide to let me become a citizen. About the squads-" Tsunade was the one to cut her off this time.

"Don't worry about it, you pass my test. I'm draughting you into Team 7 as of now. Any problems Kakashi?" She said turning to the silver haired man as Kagome's face lit up.

"None at all Lady Hokage. About what we were discussing…"

"It is of no concern anymore." She said coldly as if scolding him for bringing up the matter. Now she turned to the other three genin before one of them could even think bout it. "Now. You did intrude on my meeting with Kakashi and you didn't even apologize. How should I punish you?" Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura looked so terrified Kagome let out a little giggle. Kakashi gently interrupted by raising his hand and closing his only visible eye slightly. A face of calm planning.

"If I may, since they are my students and I since must assess Kagome at what level she's at I think I know a perfect punishment they can all do together." Everyone looked at him. Tsunade smirked and closed her eyes. "Alright. You have my permission to punish them however you will. Oh and Kagome?" She added as everyone started to leave. Kagome turned around a little confused.

Tsunade reached into a small drawer by the window that no one had noticed and pulled out something.
"Good luck" She held out Konoha headband.