Digital monk:

When Brittany tries to Simone's computer in the lab something goes very wrong

"Come on √Čleanor I need the computer!" yelled Brittany.

"What could you need the computer for so badly that, is so important, that you cannot possibly wait for me to finish my homework" Eleanor yelled back. Brittany looked at her sister with a pleading look on her face.

"I-I need to buy a dress for a date with Alvin". Brittany pouted

"This date with Alvin is when exactly" questioned Eleanor. "At the end of the week" Brittany folded her arms and pouted once again. Jeanette walked in to the living room. Brittany turned around to Jeanette.

"Jeanette tells your sister to get off the computer and go some where else". Jeanette did not want to argue with either of her sister's.

"Ellie why don't you use the school's computer or the library"? Eleanor stood up "I can't, for one the schools closed down for the holidays". "Two the library has been packed for weeks and you need to put yourself on a list, just to get in, and I had my name on the list, but some one exchanged my name with theirs". She said yelling at the top of her lungs. "I also have not had time to do my home work because of hockey practice". "So you tell me where I can do my home work? Brittany just looked at youngest sister," OK you don't have to yell Ellie I got it". I got it. Brittany leaned over and whispered in to Jeanette's ear god she must be raging. Ellie turned around "I heard that! And no, I am not ragging I am pissed! I am just under lots of stress" she huffed! "Get out"! By this time Ellie was breathing heavily her face was beat red with anger. "OK. OK. We will go wont we jean". At that point, jean was actually hiding Behind Brittany, and Brittany was backing away from her youngest sister. "Why don't we just go over to the boy's house and use their computer?" Jeanette said. "Maybe we can get Theodore to calm her down".

So Brittany and Jeanette went over to the boy's house. "I forgot my jacket," Jeanette said "well were not going back to get it with Ellie being that mad. Com on Jeanette it's a short walk it will be fine," Brittany said. "Well okay jean said but if I get a cold you can deal with Ellie, and Miss Miller".

As Jeanette and Brittany walked up Dave's snow, covered driveway Brittany heard a little chuckle. When she turned to see where the laughter was coming from, a snowball hit her. "Ha Alvin you're going to get it" she yelled. As Brittany reach for a pile of snow, a snowball by Simon hit Jeanette. Next, thin the girls knew they a snowball fight in sewed. Alvin and Simon hit behind the snow wall and the girls hid behind Dave's car. Brittany looked at Jeanette with a devious smile. "Hey I have an idea," Brittany said. So Jeannette ran over behind the front fence. Then she ran to the front gate. While running she went to doge a snow ball and tripped. Alvin started to laugh and was hit buy Brittany's snowball. Alvin and Simon threw a couple more snowballs. "OK I quit I give up I give up" Brittany said. However, Alvin did not want to quit. So Brittany and Jeanette made a run for the front door. Brittany dogged few more of Alvin's snowballs. As Brittany got to the front door, Theodore opened the door, and several snowballs pummeled him as Jeanette ran past him. Theodore just sat there and blinked in shock.

Once in the house Alvin, Brittany, Jeanette, Simon and Theodore sat in the living room warming up. Dave walked in to the living room with a tray of hot coco for everyone "Here you go".As Dave handed the hot cops of coco, Alvin Simon and Brittany looked at Theodore and apologized for covering him with snow. "Well", Simon began, "what brings you over here". "Well I was wondering if I could borrow one of yours computers for ah some homework"? "Ellie is using our computer the school is closed down for the holidays and I did not sign up at the library so"…"Well t hats fine with me if that's fine with the boys". Brittany looked over at the boys. All three nodded their heads in agreement. "Fine by me" Alvin stated. "Me too" said Theodore. She looked at Simon. "I will go set it up" he said.

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