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"You idiot!" Arthur exclaimed looking at the mess his servant had once again made, "What did I tell you? I needed this ready yesterday! And how do you expect anyone to find anything in this room!"

Arthur swept his arm round and took in the mess that was his chambers. He had told Merlin to tidy it days ago but it still hadn't been done. Arthur was fuming. How hard could it be to do this one little job and Merlin still managed to mess it up. Arthur spent all day taking care of Camelot the least he should be entitled to was a tidy room and a change of clothes when he got back. Honestly, it wasn't like Merlin had anything better to do all day.

Merlin stood by the door taking Arthur abuse as normal. After working for Arthur for this long Merlin was used to his mood swings. Uther had been going on at Arthur all day and Merlin knew he was just taking his frustration out on him and didn't really mean it. And it was partly his fault, he had meant to tidy his room days ago but work had just piled up. Between Arthur's demands and Gaius tasks Merlin never had a free moment and Arthur's room had slipped his mind. He closed his eyes and tried to let Arthur's words wash over him as normal however he was having trouble blocking them out.

"And I mean seriously Merlin, could you be anymore incompetent? All I ask of you is this one little thing and you can't even get that right!" Arthur bellowed at Merlin.

Merlin's patience was at breaking point. He had endured weeks of this. Arthur's general mood seemed to be getting worse by the day and Merlin was getting sick of being Arthur's release. Day after day he had to listen to Arthur's rants and being unappreciated by him was driving Merlin insane. He tried again to block him out by thinking of anything else but Arthur's words were cutting him deeper today than most. Finally he lost control and just snapped.

"All you ask of me? You think that tidying your poxy room is the most important thing I have to do? All day I attend to your every whim without once being thanked and you have the nerve to stand there day after day and say I do nothing but mess things up! I miss one small thing and I'm the most useless servant in the castle despite the hundreds of things I get right! You would be screwed without me; you can't even pick an outfit without throwing everything across your room!"

Merlin was shouting back at Arthur by this point, who was looking stunned at Merlin's outburst. Merlin was shaking with anger and after the initial shock Arthur's anger had reappeared too.

"Please, you think your job is hard? I have to run a kingdom. You mess up and the only person to suffer is me! I mess up and it could ruin the lives of countless people in Camelot! You have it easy no responsibilities, no pressure, nothing!"

"No responsibilities? You think if I mess up no one suffers? I have hundreds of jobs for Gaius to do and if they don't get done people could lose access to their medicine! And on top of that I have all the jobs I do around here not to mention everything I do for you! I haven't had a proper night's sleep in as long as I can remember! You think there is no pressure in my life? I have you on one side and Gaius on the other both piling on the pressure. Because God forbid I'd ever want to have a life of my own!"

By this point they were both screaming at each other. Neither listening to what the other had to say. Insults were flying across the room and their tempers were heating up. They were stood inches apart, shouting insults at each other.



"Stuck up idiot!"

"Useless, big eared fool!"

Both men were close to blows when a rumbling noise made them pause. The both looked round in confusion for the source of the noise. Not long after, the noise came again, but this time it was accompanied by a tremor that shook the whole room. Arthur and Merlin, fight forgotten, clung to each other trying to keep their balance. The tremor intensified, throwing them apart. Merlin grabbed hold of the table while Arthur was thrown back onto his bed.

After being thrown around for several minutes the tremor died away leaving carnage in its wake. The room, which had been a mess to begin with, was in turmoil. Furniture was strewn everywhere and all Arthur's belongings were scattered across the floor. Arthur himself was slumped on the floor, having been thrown off his bed, stunned by the shake. Merlin was lying by the upturned table having curled into a ball; he had given up trying to stay upright and had just tried to protect himself from flying debris.

The pair eventually got up slowly, looking around in confusion. Merlin had experienced earthquakes at home but never one that strong. And as far as Arthur knew there had never been a quake in Camelot. He strode across to the door, pulling it open to see a couple of guards walking past.

"What caused that quake?" He demanded of the bemused guards.

"Quake?" They asked, looking at each other in confusion, "What quake Sire?"

Arthur looked at them in disbelief.

"That massive earthquake just a minute ago you fools. Don't tell me you didn't feel it."

Arthur didn't understand how these guards could not know what he was talking about. A quake like that would have caused uproar in Camelot and he needed to know what was going on. However the guards continued to look at him mystified. Arthur looked down the hallway expecting to see it in as much disarray as his room but it looked unaffected. He looked down the other way, convinced his eyes were playing tricks on him, to see the same tidy hall as always.

"There was no quake My Lord." One of the guards said kindly, clearly convinced the prince was going insane.

"Never mind." He muttered turning back into his room and shutting the door in their faces.

He knew he'd left them utterly confused and probably worried about his mental state but he was too bewildered to care. He slammed the door shut and turned to face Merlin who was picking himself up off the ground, looking as puzzled as Arthur. Both boys glanced round at the trashed room, unsure what to do next. The anger they had both been feeling had died away.

"Well that was weird." Merlin spoke, breaking the silence, "The guards definitely didn't feel anything?"

"No, they thought I was going insane." Arthur replied slowly.

"Well then I think we can say that the quake only happened in here." Merlin said slowly.

He had an idea of what had happened but was unsure how the other boy was going to take it. Arthur was still looking completely confused and had clearly not made the connection Merlin had.

"But that's not even possible. How can there be a quake only in this room." Realisation dawned on Arthur, "It was magic."

Man he's slow today. Merlin thought.

"I heard that." Arthur barked, "I am NOT slow!"

Merlin frowned at Arthur's words. He was sure he hadn't said anything out loud but Arthur seemed to have heard what he was thinking.

"What are you talking about? I didn't say anything."

"Yes you did. You said I was slow today." Arthur replied outraged.

A seed of doubt crept into Merlin's mind. Maybe he had spoken out loud.

Honestly, could he be any more of an idiot.

"Hey! I'm not an idiot!" It was Merlin's turn to be outraged by Arthur's words.

"I never said you were." Arthur replied perplexed, he defiantly hadn't said anything. He had been thinking about what an idiot Merlin was for not realising he had spoken aloud; though it turns out he was not the only one doing it

"Yes you did. You called me an idiot and I am sick of your insults." Merlin sank down into the only chair left standing with a sigh.

Merlin and Arthur just looked at each other bemused. They weren't really in the mood to argue anymore. Both boys felt dazed by the events.

Something weird is going on here. Merlin thought.

You can say that again. Came Arthur's reply.

That earthquake wasn't natural; something's defiantly going on here.

Yeah, and I bet it's got something to do with magic.

Both boys sat in silence, trying to comprehend what was happening. Magic was definitely involved somehow and Merlin was convinced that it had caused the earthquake. But why would any sorcerer want to create an earthquake in Arthur's chambers that only affected them.

Realisation suddenly hit them both and they looked up at each other with identical looks of shock on their faces.

I didn't say anything out loud, did you? Merlin thought.

No. What is going on? Arthur thought back.

They both came to the only conclusion at the same time.

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