Hi Guys. Myra again.

My poor Labyrinth muse is very sick so my Doctor Who Muse is helping it to get better. This is my first crossover so bare with it please.

On with the show


The Doctor grinned across the consol at his latest companion. Sarah was a fiery American girl who had a serious need for adventure, and, thank goodness, didn't fancy him.

"So" he cracked his knuckles. "Which way do you want to go?"

"I don't care" she shrugged. "Surprise me"

The Doctor was in New York in the 1992, there was some trouble with a Grask, a nasty goblin like little bugger. Sarah, who had been walking towards the local job centre, had helped him to get rid of the thing.

"It's been a while since I've had a travelling companion. Why don't you come with me."

"Off in search of dangers untold and hardships unnumbered?" she'd asked, a fire igniting in her murky green eyes.

"Yeah, but that's just the bits in between" he'd told her- reminded of the time he'd regenerated into his current body. "So what do you say?"

"I say" she arched one dark brow at him. "Count me in"

Jareth sat in his throne juggling crystals in one hand. Suddenly the door of the throne room opened and the willowy form of his sister bounded in.

"Jar, the girl's awake"

There we go.

Quick note. I'm ignoring the whole 11th Doctor thing for the time being.

Jareth: Ah, Myra, do you not have several other stories to complete?

Myra: *Glares at him* Jareth shut up or I'll write slash- who's it to be, Hoggle, Sir Diddy...

WMH: He's right ya know?

Myra: OMGoblins, now there's two of them.

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