Yami awoke once more that same night, it had happened every night for the past 2 weeks. "Has it really been that long" Yami kept thinking about Yugi's "rebirth" as he called it. He'd constantly thought about it and it was starting to become annoying now so he was going to get it out of his head, once and for all. He slowly wandered into Yugi's room. He knew the boy would be there, he just had to make sure, for he remembered it had been a night like this, when Yugi's night terrors had begun, he didn't want a repeat of any of it. Neither did anyone else for that matter.

"Yugi?" he silently called. No answer, he wandered into the room and saw the small form on the bed. Curled up but definitely asleep, (and alive and breathing.) Yami headed back out the door but then he heard his name being called.

"Yami!" Yugi complained "will you ever stop coming in my room at night" he continued. Yami couldn't help but stare on at the young boy. The lights were off but Yami could a glimpse of the tri-coloured hair. He saw Yugi rubbing his eyes and slowly turned the light on. He laughed when he saw the pout Yugi was making.

"I'm sorry Yugi" he cried between laughter "I just I want to check on you, you know, make sure that you're all right." Yugi smiled and motioned for Yami to sit down next to him. Yugi smiled at him.

"Well, I am 8 soon, I'll be a big boy by then, and then you won't have to!" He exclaimed, Yami laughed again and put a hand round his shoulder.

"Yes you will be 8, but that doesn't mean I'll stop loving you. I'm 15 now and you wouldn't believe how many times Grandpa still comes in my room too kiss me goodnight, and then leave the door to." Yugi giggled, he could remember celebrating Yami's birthday, there had been lots of presents and cake and ice cream and all Yami's friends were there. He had felt a twang of jealousy that Yami had all this, but then remembered his was coming up soon anyway. Just then a head peeked through the door.

"Am I going to wake up, every single night to find you and Yugi in the same room again Yami?" Grandpa asked his grandson. Yami looked away innocently.

"No! You'll probably have to do it on a morning as well!" Grandpa shook his head at Yami's corny joke while the two boys just laughed.

"Oh ha-ha very funny Yami, "he said sarcastically "but its 3 o clock in the morning, I'd rather you weren't up at this time." He then looked on at Yugi "You neither little Yugi, you trouble maker" Yugi put on a fake pout to make it look like he was offended.

"Grandpa! Why would I be trouble? I'm nearly 8 after all!" Yugi stretched out his arms too show how big he was. Grandpa rolled his eyes.

"All the reason to be fearful of the little troublemaker that's about to be unleashed." He complained. Yugi heard him and ran off the bed and into his arms. Grandpa welcomed the hug and squeezed the boy tight. Whilst whispering into his ear. "No matter how old you get Yugi, you'll always be my little trouble maker!" Yami heard this and ran over to Grandpa.

"Aww, Yugi get's all the attention for being a troublemaker, I feel slightly offended now." He joked, and Grandpa reached out a hand to pat him on the shoulder

"You are both my little trouble makers." Now they both burst out laughing. Then Grandpa put Yugi back on the floor. "Now." He paused "both of you go back to bed, otherwise I'll have too carry you." Yami smirked at the thought of Grandpa trying to carry him, but decided he wouldn't push the old man too far. Yes everything was back to normal.

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