The words bubbled inside her. She knew she had to tell someone; even Carter. He would listen. That was one of his writer qualities. He was a great listener.

"Can I tell you something?" Lucy whispered, the words pouring out before she had a chance to think twice about it. There was no going back.

The sudden sound of Lucy's voice grabbed Carter's attention. "Sure."

Lucy took a deep breath. "Alright, so, it happened when I was eleven. I had this… friend. It's okay to have guys for friends when you're eleven because… Well, anyway… His name was Ethan. One night I spent the night. No, that wasn't unusual. I spent the night over there a lot. We played Truth or Dare… We always play, but… It went a little too far… I-I don't know..."

"Tell me," He pressed. "You were playing Truth or Dare, what happened?"

She stole a glance at his. She had his full attention. His deep brown eyes were staring at her, worry and concern twinkled in them. "So… We were playing Truth or Dare… I said dare. He said: 'I dare you to kiss me.' I did… But it went too far… The kiss got rough and… Clothes were being torn off… I never knew he was so strong."

Carter took a sharp intake of breath. His mind coming up with crazy conclusions of where this was heading. He stared at her. "What happened next?" He whispered, moving a little closer to her.

Lucy licked her lips. "It carried on… When he finally stopped… He said it was my fault. He said I was practically begging him to do it. The way my body pressed against his… The way I kissed him… He said I wanted it… Said I wanted him to do that… He said it was my fault…"

"Lucy," Carter said a serious edge to his voice. "This was not your fault. Okay? It wasn't your fault. It isn't your fault. So what happened? Please tell me you told someone."

"I was getting to that part…" She whispered. "I never got a chance to tell anyone. He told someone. Well, not someone… He told everyone… He said it was sex… My mom heard about it… She-She didn't even listen to what I had to say…"

"Have you ever… Told her?"

Lucy shook her head, "No. You're the only person I've ever told…"

He sighed. "Why are you telling me this?"

"Because I trust you." She said. She inched closer to him. She didn't think about; it just happened. She kissed him. And he pulled away. "What?"

"Luce," He said gently, cautiously prying her off of him. He could hear the hurt noises she made. "Luce," He said again, "You're hurt right now… And confused… I'm not the one."

"Yes, you are. You're the one, Carter. I love you… I want you…" She whispered, leaning in again for his full lips.

"Lucy, I… I can't do this." He stepped out of the car. "I'm not the one." He repeated.

"Then who is?" She squeaked, tears pricking in her eyes.

"You know him." Was all he said before leaving.

A/N: I'm sorry this sucked... But this was my first ever oneshot... Was it okay?