Severus new Daughter

Chapter one: her father

It was dark, the only light in the sky was from the moon only a little bit because the gray Smokey fog was covering it, like a gray blanket trying to keep the sky warm while it's below freezing. A young girl with blue eyes and long brown curly hair soft as a rabbits fur was staring in to the night sky. Just thinking on how life would be different if she didn't live with her father anymore. She didn't really care about her life anymore. After being raped she doesn't see the point.

"Hermione! Come here at once!" her father screamed at her from down stairs. She absolutely hates her father.

"GET DOWN HERE NOW!!!!!") her father was getting angrier and angrier by the second. Hermione was terrified of there father but she couldn't disobey him. She ran down the stairs. And when she reached the bottom step there he stood tall and muscular. The expression on her fathers face made her want to scream bloody murder.

"come with me woman!" angrily grabbing a chunk of her hair and led her to the kitchen and went to the kitchen sink that had a sink full of dishes.

"what's this huh! Why aren't the dishes done?" he screamed in her ear.


"there're not done I'm sorry!" Hermione wept

"DO THEM and do it RIGHT! You have five minutes."

When Hermione does a chore she has a time limit. Most of the time she does not do it in time.

"Hurry up girl!" her father was getting impatient.

She tried her best to finish the dishes before the timer went off. Hermione was unfortunately to late.

"Alright!....go on the couch and stay there if you move one muscle I will beat you twice as long"

Hermione went to the living room and sat down on the yellowish green couch.

I am sick of being mistreated. I cant wait to go to Hogwarts tomorrow she thought while waiting for her father, to beat her again. Her father came back down from up stairs and held a whip in his hands. Hermione shut her eye's she knew she was in for it.

"Turn on your stomach now!" Hermione's father commanded. She listened to her father. Her father started to whip her over and over making long bloody marks on her back. Hermione is screaming in pain, tears running down her face. It felt like eternity but in reality only five minutes.

"Alright girl, your done. Go upstairs and pack up for school and if I find out that you were bad or making bad grades I will come there and get your skinny ass out of that school! Do I make my self clear?" In a harsh evil voice.

"yes: Hermione said whipping the tears from her face

"Yes What!" yanking her hair

"Yes sir!" when Hermione said that he lets go of her hair and Hermione rushed upstairs to pack.