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Kakashi ran along the hallways of the Academy, his eyes scanning the empty corridors.

Earlier, he had almost caught Neji, if not for the Byakugan the younger man had quickly used. Currently, Kakashi still searched the building for anyone with even a spit of clothing.

Now that he was alone, the silver-haired man really took in what had happened tonight. The image of himself grinding on a horny Asuma wouldn't leave his brain. He couldn't believe it had happened, and yet he still felt that huge meat pressed against his aching hole.

A blur ran through an intersection ahead of him, so Kakashi sped up, following the person.


"Naruto, that's enough!" Jiraiya nearly shouted at the blonde.

The young boy had reached toward his weeping erection for the fifth time now, and Jiraiya was getting tired of it.

"I told you already, you can't just start jacking off in the middle of the activity!"

"Ugh...why not?" The blonde whined a bit.

"You'll slow us down! If we're gonna make this work, you have to undress the person we catch immediately. That way, I can take something from the box, and you can get that person's clothes."

"I know, I know, you've told me about a million times now. It's just annoying...Asuma was right, Master. You don't even notice it!" Naruto said, looking down. Jiraiya followed his gaze to see his own large organ flailing in the air as they ran down the halls.

"And like I said, it's just a matter of control. Sure, I'd like to rub one out right here and now, but if I can get even the smallest thing to cover myself up with, I'll do it."

As he spoke, Kiba appeared in front of them, looking in the opposite direction. Their paces increased, as they came in on either side of the Inuzuka.

"Now, Naruto!"

Kiba quickly turned around to face them as Jiraiya's hand crashed into the younger boy's chest. The brown box materialized onto the ground out of thin air.

Naruto attempted to tackle Kiba, but the dog ninja lifted a foot up, kicking Naruto backwards. And with that, the brunette teleported away immediately, leaving Naruto sprawled on his back.

"Damnit...it didn't work," Naruto said, sitting up. The box caught his attention, and a grin broke out on his face, "but we got the box! Sweet!"

The large brown box now had a cover on it, with a hole just big enough for an arm to fit in. Jiraiya quickly stuffed a hand into the box, and pulled it out after picking an item of clothing.

Naruto barked with laughter.

It was Lee's pair of green briefs. The small underwear dangled in Jiraiya's hand as he stared incredulously at it. "What the hell is this?"

Clearly, Ibiki and the others didn't want them to know what they were choosing.

"It's your new outfit, Master!" Naruto chuckled. The brown box disappeared with a poof of smoke, and the boy gasped. "Wait! No!"

Jiraiya ignored the blonde's complaint, and began to put the underwear on. As he pulled it up over his genitalia, they stretched the fabric by a great degree. Half of his fat penis stuck out of the briefs, and almost all of his snow white pubic hair could be seen as well. "Some use these are..."

Naruto began to laugh again as he looked at his Master, "perfect!"

"Oh, shut up. Let's hurry and find somebody else to steal from."


The hallway rumbled as Lee and Gai stormed down it.

"Yeah! Woohoo! Let's find them, Master!" Lee shouted.

"We will, Lee! They won't even know what hit them!" Gai replied.

As they continued to sprint through the building, shouting along, Gai began to notice they were getting nowhere by just screaming their heads off.

"Wait, Lee! Stop!" Both of the men halted. Lee looked up at his Master. "Perhaps we need to change our strategy. Instead of announcing where we are, we should try being quiet. That way, people won't hear us from far away, and we'll be able to get closer to them!"

"Brilliant, Master! You are a true genius!" Lee cried.

The two slowly walked down the hall, not making a sound. As they passed a bathroom off to the side, something caught Lee's attention. He could hear a sink running in the bathroom, and a short gasp.

"Master!" Lee whispered, motioning for Gai to come closer.

They both put their heads against the door to listen in, and indeed someone was inside.

"Maybe it is a dressed player!"

"Maybe..." Gai said. Lee, as oblivious as always, still didn't notice Gai's huge erection, or even his own. Therefore, he wouldn't even bother to think about what one of the naked, horny men could be

doing in a bathroom.

Without hesitation, though, Lee slid the door open, and said, "Ah! Master Asuma, its you!"

Asuma's head snapped up. Leaning against a sink, the large hairy man was currently lathering soap all over his boner. "Lee? Gai?"

"Oh...Asuma, I'm sorry. Lee just-"

"What are you doing, Master?" Lee interrupted.

Asuma let go of his penis with a soap covered hand, and proceeded to wash it in the sink. "Uh...nothing."

"Your penis is very hard! Just like everyone else! Master Gai, even!" Lee pointed to his own erection, and then Gai's behind him.


"Why is yours covered in soap, Master? Is it dirty?"

"No, Lee. I was just...ah...lubricating it."

"Lubricating? For what?"

"So...it would be easier to masturbate." A little blush rose on Asuma's cheek, despite his unwavering tone. Gai noticed, and gave a sympathetic look.

"We've all been there, Asuma, don't worry about it." He told the Sarutobi.

Asuma replied with a grin, and a nod of his head, "I may not have the self control you or Jiraiya do, but...damn," Asuma licked his lips, and his erection twitched, "I was almost inside Kakashi back there."

"I understand. Embarrassingly enough, I started jacking off as soon as Jiraiya began to strip. And with you and Kakashi," Gai paused, a blush rising on his cheeks as well, "it was difficult to control myself." Gai's erection rose more and more while he talked. Soon enough, it was pointing straight into the air.

"Yeah, well these proctors aren't helping with the whole clothes thing. And I guess that card game was kind of stupid..." Asuma rubbed the back of his head.

Gai agreed, and looked to Lee. The boy had not been listening to them. Instead, he had been watching Gai's growing erection. The organ pulsed violently as it swung slightly. His genitals seemed to be the size of small golf balls at the moments.

Asuma chuckled that familiar laugh, "looks like I wasn't helping you. Sorry about that."

Gai cleared his throat, "No, it's ok. We'll just be...leaving you now. Come on, Lee."

Lee began to head for the door, still staring at his master's crotch.

"Wait," Asuma called. Gai turned around. "If you really want to, just stay here. We can both rub one out, and then look for clothes together. Teamwork is an important aspect of tonight, as well."

Gai felt himself harden even more, if that was possible, at that thought. "You would really...?" He still wasn't sure if Asuma was kidding though.

The man nodded vigorously, "Like I said earlier, we're both guys. We've already seen each other hard, and you've already seen me make a fool of myself by nearly fucking Kakashi," he replied with a sheepish grin.

Gai glanced at his student, who still wasn't paying attention to them, "what about Lee? I couldn't do that in front of him."

"Just tell him to continue the activity without you, and that you need to go to the bathroom."

Gai nodded. He leaned down to talk to his student, who just nodded. The younger boy grinned, and skipped out of the bathroom. Gai sighed, and looked toward Asuma. "So...how are we gonna do this?"

Asuma motioned for the raven-haired man to come over, "C'mere. I'll prep you."

Gai walked over to stand next to the hairy man, and he tried to make himself comfortable while leaning on the sink.

Asuma received soap from the dispenser, and then rubbed it thoroughly all over his hands. Then, bent down, he grabbed a hold of Gai's penis, and spread the soap evenly.

"Uhh..." Gai moaned, as soon as those cold hands touched his blazing cock.

Asuma went down to the base squeezing it tightly, before running his hands back up to the head. Gai's pre cum leaked from the tip of his dick, so Asuma gently swiped that up with his tongue.

"Asuma! What are you doing?" Gai asked, gripping the edge of the sink firmly. The hairy man didn't look up as he continued to pump the cock.

"Just doing you a favor," Asuma stood up, and washed his hands off in the sink. Now their two cocks were nearly identical, hard, and covered in light blue soap. "So, before we get started, tell me what you like. Something kinky, like bondage, or are you just vocal?"

Gai was quiet for a moment, "Um...what?"

Asuma sighed, "what turns you on? What makes your dick ooze," the man proceeded to squeeze his own penis, "and your balls clench up," he cupped his hairy balls.

"Well...I guess...words," Gai said, trying to restrain himself as Asuma talked about his dick.

"Well then, there we go," Asuma replied, "vocal it is."

Gai wasn't sure what to do then, until Asuma started to stroke his own penis. Gai followed his example hesitantly, the soap slick against his hands. As they began, both of them found a comfortable position, and Asuma looked over at Gai.

"So...words, huh? Like penis?" The man asked with a grin. Gai smiled weakly. ""What about...cock?"

"S-sure..." The raven-haired man answered.

"Nah, I don't think those are it," Asuma said, pumping his cock in unison with Gai now.

"What turns you on, Asuma?" He asked the Sarutobi. Asuma was grinning again.

"Me? Well, naturally I get turned on by a big dick. Seeing Jiraiya up there...almost fucking himself with his fingers," Asuma sped up a bit, and Gai whimpered. "You like those words, don't you Gai?"

Gai didn't answer, simply tugged on his balls as he switched to palming his cock against his thigh.

"Did you like when I did that? When I shoved these fingers," Asuma lifted a hand to lick at his fingers, "up my asshole?"


"Hehe. I was imagining it was you," Asuma teased softly now, "I wanted to have your thick cock buried in me. Those balls," he reached forward, grabbing Gai's hanging globes, "slapping wildly against mine."

Gai didn't speak, but instead, reached forward to grab Asuma's balls.

"Yeah, there you go. Ugh...just thinking about it makes me want to..." Letting go of his own dick, and Gai's balls, he wrapped his arm around the other man, and pulled him close. Pushing Gai up against a wall now, and grabbing both of their dicks, he literally humped the other man.

"Shit, Asuma," Gai yelled, wrapping his hands around the other man. He trailed them down the hairy man's back, and found his ass. Without asking, Gai spread the others man's cheeks, and shoved three fingers into the hole.

"That's it," Asuma moaned, rocking his hips faster. "Fuck me with those fingers."

Both of their meaty cocks were covered in sweat, rubbing almost painfully against one another. Gai could also feel their balls mashing together, the hairy scrotum's bunching up with each thrust.

Gai added two more fingers, and Asuma's head fell forward onto his shoulder. Gai then sped up the fingers, shoving them up into Asuma's ass and removing them at lightning speed. The Sarutobi moaned, and moved all of his weight into humping Gai.

They were both so close now. Any minute it would be too much for Asuma and he would blow his load all over the both of them. Gai knew if Asuma went soon he would follow not too far behind. He wished they could continue on forever, but in the back of his mind he remembered they had a contest to win.

Suddenly, Asuma spoke up. "Wait, wait..."

The hairy man pulled back, and Gai almost whimpered. Snapped back into reality, he looked himself and Asuma over. Their crotches and stomachs were smeared with soap while the rest of their bodies were dripping with sweat. Asuma reached back, and pulled Gai's fingers from his ass, letting out a low moan. Gai watched the man bring the digits up to his face and suck on them for a short moment. His own dick bobbed up and down.

"What's wrong?" Gai asked hurriedly.

Asuma smiled, "I think we have an audience."


Yamato had only been running for a few minutes when he felt Kakashi following him. He picked up the pace, flying through the hallways of the school. He knew keeping his clothes for this activity was essential, because the next one might be even worse. Besides, he didn't want to be running around naked.

All of a sudden, Kakashi's chakra was on top of him, and he turned quickly before getting tackled to the ground. So much for that plan.

Yamato lay on his back, looking up at the naked Kakashi. The white-haired man sat on Yamato's legs, and his cock and large ball sack rested on top of the lump in Yamato's briefs. The brunette immediately started to get hard, and Kakashi felt it.

"Kakashi...guess you caught me..." Yamato said with a nervous chuckle. He just wanted the man to get off of him so he could go somewhere quiet and finally cum.

"Guess so," The white-haired shinobi replied, letting out a chuckle. He sat there, just watching Yamato's face as the other man's penis began to grow in the briefs, soon creating a tent. Kakashi's own cock and balls still lay on top of that mountain, and the Hatake dragged them down the hidden length as he stood up to grab the box that suddenly appeared.

Yamato sighed in relief, sitting up and covering the tent in his briefs with the undershirt. He noticed with annoyance that Kakashi wasn't even hard anymore.

The scarecrow quickly reached a hand into the box and pulled out a pair of orange briefs, the ones that Gai had given to Naruto. His dick twitched at that, and Yamato took note. An unusually large pre-cum stain decorated the front. Kakashi pulled them on, shoving his junk into the small sack. The combined shape of his cock and balls created a lump that jutted from his body a bit. He shrugged his shoulders, and looked to Yamato. Without a word, he leaned down and grabbed the pole jutting out from the brunette's body, and bent the erection slightly.

Yamato let out a gasp of pleasure, looking into the white-haired man's eyes.

"I suggest you get rid of this before another person finds you. I think we've all had enough with being caught doing things others shouldn't see us doing," He explained to the brunette, almost stroking the hidden erection. Yamato just nodded, and Kakashi released the man's package before giving him a brief smile, and disappearing.



Lee flew out of the bathroom, eager to find clothes for himself and his master. He wasn't really sure what Gai and Asuma intended to do, but he didn't really care as long as they weren't fighting or anything like that. Just as he was about to continue down the hall, he felt a chakra flare up behind a classroom door next to the bathroom. Lee smiled, hoping it was a clothed player, and burst into the room.

Shikamaru sat pressed up against the wall, peering through a hole in it, and fondling his growing erection. Lee noticed the other man squeeze the head of his cock with one hand while the other tugged on his two balls.

Lee's entrance caused the Nara to look up, but the other boy didn't seem startled at all.

"Lee? What are you doing here?" Shikamaru asked casually, still touching himself. Lee felt his groin ache, and he glanced down at his throbbing meat again.

"Shikamaru! I thought you were a clothed player. I can't seem to find any, just you and Master Asuma!" The raven-haired boy replied, walking forward.

"Yeah, well, I gave up on this stupid thing a while ago," Shikamaru explained, turning back to look into the hole.

"What are you doing?" Lee inquired, walking up next to the Nara who sat on a desk.

"Watching our Master's go at it."

"Go at it...?" Lee repeated questioningly.

"Yeah you know, fuck each other. Have sex. Whatever you want to call it," As he said it, Shikamaru grabbed onto his now hard dick and began to pump it up and down.

"Oh...and why are you watching?"

Shikamaru snorted, "Because it's fucking hot. You don't get many free shows as good as this. Well, unless you're Jiraiya."

Lee didn't completely understand, but he knew that Shikamaru was watching something arousing, as the other boy moaned slightly as he stared into the hole, and picked up his masturbating.

"May I see?" Lee asked hesitantly.

Shikamaru looked up at him for a moment, and grinned. "Of course, go to town."

Lee leaned forward over his fellow shinobi, who still pumped his dick, and looked into the hole.

The scene made his penis twitch violently, hitting the desk. Lee felt the ache again, but stronger, and immediately reached down to grab onto his penis.

Asuma and Gai stood opposite each other, each masturbating his own dick. They looked at each other heatedly, and Lee could vaguely hear them talking. Asuma then reached forward, grabbing onto Gai's hairy globes. Lee gripped his dick hard at that, and surprisingly let out a moan.

Shikamaru chuckled next to him. "Hot, right?"

Lee looked at the other boy, who was flushed and panting as he spoke. He leaned back on one arm, the other busy stroking himself. Without thinking, Lee reached forward and grabbed onto the part of Shikamaru's dick that wasn't covered by his hand. The Nara looked slightly surprised, but he only grinned and leaned forward to grab onto Lee's penis. They each let go of their own to touch the other's.

"Let's keep watching, before they finish up," Shikamaru suggested. Lee nodded without thinking, and they put their heads together to stare through the hole, pumping each others dick in the process.

Gai and Asuma were now literally humping each other against the wall. Lee saw his master shove fingers up into Asuma's ass, and he sped up on Shikamaru's dick.

"Shit, Lee, your hand feels amazing," He said, and Lee received a sharp bend of his erection which he moaned loudly to.

Asuma stopped all of a sudden, pulling Gai's hands out.

"What the hell are they doing..." Shikamaru asked.

Lee heard Asuma say "I think we have an audience," and then he saw the Sarutobi look straight at him and Shikamaru through the hole.


"Let's stop a minute, I need to take a leak," Jiraiya said as he and Naruto walked down the main hallway of the school. They had been running for an hour or two now, and both men were starting to get tired.

"Ah! Good idea! There might be a clothed player hiding in the bathroom!" Naruto said gleefully, running toward the bathroom. Jiraiya shook his head, and followed the boy in.

The bathroom here was smaller, and there were only a few closed off stalls, and several open ones. Naruto was over at an open one, pushing down his erection to be able to go to the bathroom. Jiraiya let out a loud chuckle walking up next to the boy and pushing the tight green briefs to his thighs. As they both did their business, they heard an almost silent thump in a closed-off stall behind them. Their heads shot up, and they looked at each other for a moment before turning around.

Jiraiya shoved his family jewels back into the tight green briefs, this time his balls both spilling out. He ignored it, however, as he and the blonde-boy walked up to the stall they heard the thump from. Jiraiya immediately felt the mysterious persons chakra rise, about to use a transportation jutsu.

"Oh no you don't!" Naruto must have felt it too, because he brought up his foot and kicked the door open.

Now Jiraiya felt the arousal in his groin.

Kakashi was leaning up against the wall over the toilet, long cock in hand and a stained pair of orange briefs. The same ones Naruto had been wearing earlier. The underwear was pressed to the man's nose, the cum-stained part of it in his mouth. He was stroking the long, pale piece of meat the jutted out between his legs over a pair of silver-coated balls. His mask was pushed down around his neck, and his eyes were the size of saucers.

It was quiet for a few moments. Jiraiya felt embarrassed for the man, but he didn't know if Naruto realized what the other man was doing. Apparently the boy did, because he burst out laughing.

"This is too good! Master Kakashi is jacking off to my underwear!" Naruto barked, clapping like a seal.

Kakashi blushed crimson, pulling the underwear away from his face and trying to put on a smile.

Naruto twisted his hips so his erection swung back and forth tantalizingly in front of Kakashi. "The real thing is right here, Master," Naruto continued, chuckling non stop. He shook his whole body then, his balls bouncing wildly against his thighs while his rock hard erection slapped against his stomach and waist.

Jiraiya rolled his eyes, and reached out, grabbing a hold of the boy's erection to stop it's movement. He bent it slightly, glaring at the boy. Naruto let out a wanton gasp of pleasure, and held onto the stall door for support.

"Naruto, shut up," Jiraiya growled, releasing the sweaty piece of meat. He looked to Kakashi, who was still even harder than Naruto now. Jiraiya's own penis pulsed in the small briefs, and his cock head peaked out of the side. He noticed, and tried shoving his enormous balls back in, but the only caused his hardening dick to press up against the material, finally ripping the green briefs. His genitals spilled out of the material as the torn briefs floated to the floor. "Shit."

Naruto's laughter picked up again at that, and he clutched his stomach as he guffawed. Jiraiya hit him over the head this time, looking back at Kakashi.

"Sorry to interrupt, Kakashi, we thought you were a clothed player," Jiraiya explained to the still-red shinobi. He was covering up his erection now with large hands.

"That's alright...I understand. Just needed to get rid of it..." Kakashi replied, glancing at Naruto. "Your underwear is quite the turn on. I don't know what stimulation I would have used if you didn't cum as quick as a 13 year old."

Naruto blushed at that, fuming, "Hey, it's not my fault! Tonight has just been weird! My dick doesn't listen when I tell it to go down."

Kakashi let out a small laugh, "It'd be odd if it did. Don't worry about it, Naruto, it's natural for you. And it still is for me too."

Naruto snorted, "Master Jiraiya is the only one who can't keep up."

Jiraiya looked at the boy, "Me? Why me?"

"Please, Master! You say you just don't let yourself get aroused, but I think you can't spring wood anymore! I think you're so old that you don't have any more cum!" Naruto said while laughing.

"I bet I have twice as much as you, and I could go even longer!"

"At your age? I doubt it!"

"Well, believe it! You could never keep up with me in that department, little student, so I would give up now," Jiraiya said, crossing his arms and turning to walk out of the stall.

"Prove it!" Naruto yelled back.

Jiraiya stopped, and turned to look at the boy. Kakashi didn't say anything, and he had a cool look on his face, even while covering up a boner. Naruto himself was flushed red, his erection still bobbing slightly. Hundreds of thought went through his mind at once. He knew, as soon as Naruto said it, that he would agree. Screw the competition now. Everyone had seen him strip anyways. "Fine, I will."

With that, he began fondling his fat penis, tugging the soft organ and rubbing his now aching balls. It had been a few days since he last came, and he expected there to be a lot of cum tonight.

Naruto's mouth dropped for an instant, but then he was grinning. "We'll see how long it even takes you to get hard, old man!" He rubbed his already hard erection, trying to get it to full mast.

Kakashi's dick twitched noticeably behind his hands, and he too started to rub the meat against his stomach.

"So how are we gonna do this, geezer? Jack off competition?" Naruto asked, striding forward to stand in front of Jiraiya.

"Too easy, you would lose," Jiraiya replied, a smug look on his face. His dick was growing already, rising out of his fist.

Naruto stared uneasily towards it, "Then what do you have in mind?"

"Stimulation. Whoever can last the longest while getting turned on will win. No masturbation. Just foreplay."

Naruto's face fell. Jiraiya's grin widened. He knew he had gotten the boy. That was a man's death.

"F-fine. What are we supposed to do then?" The boy asked, unwillingly letting go of his now weeping cock. The pre-cum came out in copious amounts, and Kakashi stared at it hungrily.

"We'll just talk to each other. Try to turn me on, and I'll try to turn you on. Whoever reaches for his dick first loses," Jiraiya replied, letting go of his own penis. The thick piece of meat was standing at full attention, a few inches bigger than Naruto's.

"Alright. So..." Naruto was lost, and Jiraiya could see it.

"How about I start. Naruto, how hard are you?" Jiraiya asked, hands on his hips.

"Rock hard, what does it look like, dumbass!"

"And why are you hard?"

Naruto's eyes widened, and his boner twitched. "Well...because...I just am. I don't know, because of everyone else."

"What about everyone else?"

"They're all naked."

"What about that turns you on? Their dicks? Their ball sack?"

"I guess...both?"

"Do you like it when you see their balls jiggling around behind their fat cock?"

Naruto's hands clenched, and he swallowed hard. Jiraiya could see the boy losing faith in himself.


"What about me? Does that mean I turn you on as well?"

"Yeah, sure."

"What about Kakashi?"

Kakashi stopped rubbing his crotch, and looked at them. Naruto looked at his teacher, and down at the man's hands.


"How much?"


"Touch yourself Kakashi. So Naruto can see."

"Hey, that's not fair!" Naruto suddenly burst out, glaring at Jiraiya. But Kakashi had already started.

The silver-haired shinobi began pumping his meat, looking Naruto straight in the eye.

"Do you like watching Kakashi jack off, Naruto? He's thinking about you, you know."

"Wh-...yeah..." Naruto had no words as he stared at his teacher.

"What do you think about when you jack off to Naruto, Kakashi?"

Kakashi was silent for a moment, and then his hand sped up. "I think about his ass."

Naruto whimpered across from Jiraiya.

"I think about sliding my dick into his ass. I bet it's so tight. I bet he would let me cum in it."Kakashi said in a husky voice.

Jiraiya had to stop himself for going to his own dick, and he looked at Naruto, trying to control himself. "Would you let him cum in you, Naruto?" Jiraiya was quickly losing patience with this little game. He knew what he wanted to happen. And he knew Kakashi wanted it too.

"Yes," Naruto replied softly. His hands went to his dick, and floated above it. He knew the game was still on, but the arousal was too much.

Jiraiya took pity on the boy, and walked forward. When he was right in front of Naruto, he grabbed the boy's cock. Naruto moaned loudly, and grabbed onto Jiraiya's shoulders. The white haired man leaned forward next to Naruto's ear. "I'm going to let Kakashi fuck you. Do you want that?"

"So bad," Naruto whispered back, his hands going to his ass, spreading the two mounds to reveal his hole.

Kakashi was wide-eyed, jacking off almost viciously as pre-cum poured out of his cock. He walked forward without thinking, and went to stand behind Naruto.

"Naruto...do you want me to-" Kakashi began, but was cut off.

"Just put it in. Put it all in me. I want your cum inside my ass, Master," Naruto almost sobbed, leaning forward on Jiraiya, hands going down to grip the older man's fat penis.

Jiraiya moaned, looking at Kakashi from the other side of Naruto, and nodded.

Kakashi pushed into Naruto with one great thrust, and the boy yelled at the top of his lungs, squeezing Jiraiya's dick painfully.

"That's it, Naruto. Just hold on to my cock. You'll feel better if you do. Keep touching it. It loves you," Jiraiya whispered, thrusting up into the boy's hand as he pumped the blonde's own weeping dick.

"Yes Mater Jiraiy-UH!" Naruto nearly yelled as Kakashi pulled out and pushed up again with a sharp thrust. The white-haired man had lost all control and dignity that he had ever tried to maintain tonight. Jiraiya smirked internally, at that. He figured, after his little strip tease, it was the same for himself.

Jiraiya felt Naruto knock his hand away from the boy's own dick, and then the blonde let go of Jiraiya's. Jiraiya looked down at him with shock. All he could see was blonde hair at his crotch. Then the blessed warmth came.

Naruto was bent over, gripping Jiraiya's hips as Kakashi pounded into his backside. The teenager had his mouth around Jiraiya's hard cock, bobbing up and down at first, then letting it sit on his tongue, mouth open, as he looked up at Jiraiya.

The Sannin had no words to describe how he felt. He simply looked up at Kakashi, who was leaning over Naruto back, mouth hanging open as he stared lustily at Jiraiya. The older man leaned forward suddenly, and crashed their lips together. Jiraiya chose to grip Kakashi's face for support as he slid in and out of Naruto's salivating cavern. He rubbed his tongue up against Kakashi's as the man moaned into the kiss. Jiraiya could feel Kakashi speed up to an unbelievable speed, his cock becoming a blur as it left and reentered Naruto's hole.

Naruto stopped sucking on Jiraiya's soaked dick, using his hands now to thumb the tip of the head.

"Fuck me Kakashi, fucking FUCK ME. I need you to cum now. I just want you to fucking cum. Make me take your seed. I'm so fucking HARD for you," Naruto screamed, pleasurable sobs coming from him. Jiraiya felt embarrassed for the boy. He was whimpering like a real slut! A slut that you would only ever find in Konoha at the darkest hours of the night. Kakashi complied, however, acting like the kind of people that used those sluts.

"I'm going to cum in you, Naruto. Soon. I'm so close. You'll be filled up with my cum. I want to see it spill out," Kakashi grunted, breaking away from Jiraiya's mouth. He clawed and slapped Naruto's ass, and pulled the blonde boy up so his back crashed against Kakashi's stomach. They stepped together, walking backward until they crashed against a stall door. There they stayed, legs tangled together, Kakashi working at an animal-like pace as Naruto clung on to the top of the stall door.

Jiraiya had nothing to do, nothing to say, at that moment. He simply walked forward after them, and pushed his and Naruto's cock together, humping the boy against Kakashi's body. Jiraiya saw the silver-haired man bite down on Naruto's neck then, and yell into the tanned flesh. Naruto himself reached down to and grabbed Jiraiya's ass, kneading the flesh and pushing the older man into his erection.

"Fuck, oh god, god damn, fuck, Naruto, shit!" Kakashi cursed as he humped frantically, and then stopped, straining to push himself into Naruto as much as he could. He was cumming, Jiraiya could see it in that euphoric face he made.

Naruto did too, yelling in pleasure as Jiraiya squeezed him. "Master, oh master, I'm cumming, I'm fucking cumming," Naruto whimpered as clear white liquid shot from his head, coating Jiraiya's neck and chin.

The two kept moaning for the next minute until Naruto stopped cumming and Kakashi did as well. They panted, eyes closed, Kakashi leaning against Naruto and the blonde leaned against Jiraiya. The white-haired man had nothing to say as he stared at the two. His cock was aching more than it had ever ached in his life.

Kakashi slowly opened his eyes, and looked at Jiraiya. His eyes went down to the older man's cock, seeing that it was still hard and teeming with pre-cum.

"Jiraiya, you didn't..." The white haired jounin said nothing else. He didn't have to. He pulled out of Naruto, and the boy opened his eyes as well, seeming to take direction without any command. They simultaneously fell on their knees in front of Jiraiya, and went to work on his cock.

Oh yes. He would be coming a lot, tonight.