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Chapter 1. This Is My Idea.

Once upon a time, in a kingdom in England, there lived a King called King Charlie. He was married to his wife, Queen Renee. Unfortunatly, the king

was old and needed an heir. Then, one night, a daughter was born. A princess. And she was given the name, Isabella.

A few weeks later, after Isabella was born, kings and queens came everywhere to give their gifts to the young princess. Among all the kings and queens, were

the King and Queen of Forks, a mighty and large kingdom had a son named Edward who was four years old. He walked to the princess and gave his

gift. A golden locket with a white diamond swan on it. At the same moment, both kings and queens had thought of the same idea. Both Edward and Isabella

would be brought together each summer in hopes that they will fall in love and join the two kingdoms forever.

But, there was one guest who didn't enjoy the celebration, James. He had been trying to take over by getting rid of Charlie but he always failed and got banished forever.

He was never seen again. All hopes were changed to that distant summer when Edward and Isabella would meet.

(Edward is now 8 years old and Bella 7 years old.)

Bella's POV

I can't believe I have to meet this Prince Edward. I don't want to! I want to stay home and play with Alice, my best friend. My mother was getting me ready.

She chose a blue dress and brushed my hair. She then put a blue hairband in it.

There was a knock on the door.

"Renee, is Isabella ready yet? We have to go!" Dad said.

My mother got up and held my hand. She opened the door and smiled at Dad. "Yes. Let's go."

My mother helped me into the carriage and I sat in between my parents and we rode off.

After 3 hours of long driving, we arrived.

We walked up to the front of the castle. There, King Carlisie and Queen Esme stood with Prince Edward standing near his mom. He looked away, bored with his arms

folded across his chest. My mother and Dad walked up to them and bowed and curtsyed. I stood behind my mother. My dad grabbed my hand and forced me to stand

between him and Mother.

Dad and Carlisle walked forward and shook hands. "Ah, Carlisle, you still look like the same!" laughed Dad.

Carlisle laughed. "Yeah! And so do you Charlie!" they laughed along with each other.

Dad turned forward to Edward. He raised a playful eyebrow. "And who might this young man be? Young Prince Edward? No doubt? Hmm?"

I walked over slowly to meet Edward. Carlisle bowed to me and my Dad and said with a smile, "Welcome to our fair kingdom Charlie." Dad bowed back.

Esme curtsyed to me and added "And to you young princess!" she smiled.

She nudged Edward, telling him to go over to me. "Go on Edward. Edward, go on." she said.

Edward turned around. "Mother!" Esme frowned at him. "Tsk. Edward! Go over there now!" she said.

He gave in and stomped his way here. He bowed and said "Hello Princess Bella. I'm very pleased to meet you." He sounded bored.

I curtsyed and said "Pleased to meet you Prince Edward." After I finished, I looked up to see him walking back to Esme. Esme pointed a finger which meant to go back

to me. "Uh uh uh uh! Go back now Edward!" she said, raising a firm eyebrow at him. He rolled his eyes at her and walked back. He grabbed my right hand, lifted it and kissed it. He then quickly dropped it and wiped his lips with the back of his hand. "Yuck!" he shouted. I can't believe I'm stuck with him ALL summer!

Edward POV

Yuck! I ran back to my room, slamming the door on the way in. I jumped on my bed and fell into a deep sleep. I can't believe I'm stuck with her ALL summer!

5 years later:

(Edward is now 12 years old and Bella is 11 years old.)

Bella POV

I was standing on my balcony. We were leaving again! This was the 5th summer we had to meet. I didn't want to go back and meet Edward again.

"Good heavens child! Don't dawdle. We can't keep Edward waiting!" he shouted at me, waggling his finger at me. "I haven't even packed Father. OR washed my hair

yet!" Soon, we went to the carriage, loading in our luaggage and set off back to Forks. After 3 hours, we arrived at the boat docks. We loaded onto the boat and sailed off

to Forks. Wr arrived in 3 weeks. While my Mother and Father unloaded the luaggage, a tomato flew and landed in my face. I glared at Edward and his friend, Emmett.

All, summer, I followed Edward and Emmett. There was one day where they didn't let me in thier tree-house and I got so angry, I kicked it and it fell on me and them. I broke an arm and had a black eye where as Emmett and Edward had broken legs and arms! They couldn't stand for 2 weeks!

That day, we left as the summer nearly ended. We left to go back to the docks and sailed back home to England.

Edward POV

Ugh! Why oh why did SHE have to come back? I was sitting in my room, playing darts. I had my bow and arrow with me and I drew a silly drawing of Bella and shot arrows at it. My Mom came through the door. "They'll soon be arriving!" I thought back to 4 years ago. If you make me kiss her hand again, I swear, I'm gonna be sick!"

I shuddered at the memory. Later, we went to the docks to pick up Bella and her parents. Emmett came along. I saw her standing there. I brung along my slingshot. Emmett picked up a tomato and I shot it toward Bella. She turned around and the tomato hit her face! Bullseye! She looked angry but I didn't care.

All summer, she tried to follow me and Emmett but we kept losing her. There was one time where we didn't let her in our tree-house and boy was she angry. She kicked it and we ended up in an accident. Me and Emmett ended up with broken arms and legs. Bella only got a broken arm. She got 8 weeks of recovery, Charlie and Renee said goodbye and left with Bella. I went back home to enjoy my freedom before she comes back again.

5 more years later:

(Edward is 15 and Bella 14.)

Bella POV

I was sitting at home by the fireside, reading my favourite book, Romeo and Juliet. We had to leave soon again.

Soon, I had packed everything and left. Maybe this summer, everything would change.

Edward POV

I was lying down by the fireplace reading a random book I picked from my room. Bella was coming soon and the maids were dusting the place, getting everything ready.

Bella's POV

I didn't want to go in there! My Mom was at home, ill, She had the flu so it was just me and my Dad. My dad was practically dragging me out of the carriage. I kept hanging on to the edge. I spotted Edward in the tree. Esme was shouting, telling him to come down now but he just whistled and ignored her. So much for my hope for this summer changing. I thought he changed but he was still being his usual self being. This summer, was quite fun. I played dress up, pretending to be a queen, and talked to the guards, telling them jokes. And I even beat Edward at playing cards.

The summer came to another end. Awww, I was just having fun! Beating Edward at cards was the best fun I've ever had! The day we left, I had to sit in the carriage with Edward...alone. I just smiled and waved to the waving crowd. Edward kept pulling faces at me but I caught him. At the docks, I was going on board when all of a sudden, I saw Edward sitting in the carriage, frowing, when a tomoto hit in the face. I laughed. Even his Mom did. The boat sailed away taking me home once again. I now used to coming here to Forks every summer. It was qutie fun.

Edward POV

This is the worst summer I've ever had! First, Bella plays 'dress-up', secondly, she tells jokes to the guards, lastly, she beats me everytime at cards! When we took her to the docks so she could go home, I pulled faces at her but she caught me. The most embarrssing bit was I got splattered by a tomato. Bella laughed at me even my own MUM! That was the worst summer ever!

4 years later:

(Edward is now 19 and Bella is 18.)

Bella POV

I'm now 18 years old. I shouldn't be dragged by Carlisle and my Dad! I refused to go into the castle that Carlisle and my Dad have picked me up by taking me by the arms

and dragging me inside. I was pushed into the ballroom and stood there. I turned around slowly and saw...Edward.

Edward POV

My own Mom is dragging me inside to the ballroom. I didn't want to see Bella again. All these summers have been a waste of time.

My Mom pushed me in and locked the door so I couldn't run off. I heard the door open and close. I turned around slowly and saw her. Her brown hair was so long it reached

her hips. And it was wavy. She wore a long white dress that flowed down to the floor. She turned around and I could see her smile at me. She was wearing that necklace I gave her when she was just a baby. She was..beautiful.

Bella POV

I saw him turn around. He smiled a crooked smile. I smiled back. He was just so...handsome. He took my hand and kissed it. I curtsyed and he bowed. I sighed. His hands took mine and I felt a shock of electricty when we touched. My heart was racing. My Dad and his Mum danced. Everyone had noticed us. I had fallen in love woth Edward. We had both fallen in love with each other. Soft romantic music started playing and he placed an arm around my waist and took my hand. I placed one hand on his shoulder and we started dancing slowly, looking into each other's eyes the whole time.

Edward POV

As we glided across the dance floor, we looked into each others eyes the whole time. I had fallen in love with Bella. We had both fallen in love with each other.

Bella POV

We stopped and took each other's hands. Then, his face was just an inch away when we kissed. I placed one hand on his shoulder. He placed an am around my neck, holding me. We stopped. The party continued. At the end, I turned to Edward and actually spoke to him, "I'm tired!" He just laughed. I threw my arms around his neck. "Carry me." I yawned. He chuckled and picked me up bridal style and placed a kiss on my forehead. "Goodnight Bella. Sweet dreams." I last hear before sleep took over


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