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"Hey Edward can you meet me at the café in about 10 minutes," I whispered into the phone so that Jacob couldn't me discussing my plans with Edward because I wanted them both there and I knew that Jacob would come if he knew that Edward was going to be there.

They both really hated each other because apparently I was the girl for each of them and only one could have me.

It was kind of like I was a thing for them but I know that that's just they worded it that way and that's not what they really meant.

Anywho, Jacob knew that Edward and I had a past and because of this he thought that anytime that I was around Edward I would want to get back wit him.

Now we both new that we had a very strong connection with each other, we had both lost or virginity to each other back in the 10th grade when we had been going out since we were in the eighth grade when he finally gained the courage to ask mm to carry my books ad while we were walking home he asked if I wanted to be his girlfriend. Of course you know my answer, who would say no to Edward Cullen.

The only reason that we broke up was because we did get accepted into the same college. We both applied to one college in the south but some how my letter got lost in the mail, or that's what I was told and Edward said he wasn't going to go to a college that I wasn't accepted to. So he went to USC and I went to NYU.

Edward and mine's relationship hadn't been that serious of friend after we broke up but ever since he started working in the office build next o the one that I worked at, we had become closer and closer.

At first, we would just bump into each other and there were few word exchange "hi" "good morning" "have a nice evening". But then they started to become conversations about how we were doing and work and life at home.

Then one day out of the blue, when we were both going to lunch and Edward had asked me to go to lunch together. So I said yes, I mean we weren't going to do anything.

Boy was I wrong. Going to lunch was in a way the biggest mistake that I made besides college but I was secretly excited for it being just him and I for forty-five minutes alone, me and him, us, ahhhh.

It was like we had never been apart. We talk about old times, college, and life now.

We drove back to the office and I think neither one of us wanted to depart from each other. I looked at him and it was like I couldn't pull away, I was trapped and we kept getting closer and closer to each other until our lips touched and we shared a long and passionate kiss.

After that we were having lunch together, secret nights out and even little sleepover.

We both we in relationships but neither of us cared. When we were together it was like no one else mattered.

I had Alice cover for me a lot telling Jacob that I was with her and his girlfriend, Tanya, traveled a lot for her job.

But tonight, tonight we were finally letting everything go and letting the secret out that we were seeing each other. Tonight, I was taking Jacob to the café and Edward was going to bring out Tanya and we were going to sing our hearts out.

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