I had just got off the plane and was looking for Edward. Bella said she couldn't make it because she was caught up at work. She gave me a picture of him so I would know what he looked like because I have never met him before.

He looked like one of those pretty boys that thought they could get anything they wanted. Little did he know that I was here to take back what was rightfully mine. If he would have never come back we would have been ok. I could have supported Bella with my salary. She thought that I left because I didn't like my job but the real reason was because I needed to be closer to my conquest.

I suddenly got distracted by a guy that was holding a poster that had my name on it. What was this, the movies?

I finally decide to walk up to him.

Time to put on a show.

"Edward?" He shock his head yes and then proceeded to look me up and down.

I stuck my hand out and told him my name.

We were walking out to his car when he decided to finally talk.

"So how long have you know Bella?" Oh, so we're gonna play the Bella card, were we.

"About three years now. We went to the same school together. I was a grade above her so we really never got the chance to know each other. When she moved back home we finally got a chance and we sort of just clicked.

"You clicked?"

"Yeah, we were together for about two years."

"And you came to get her back?"

"Did he really think I was that stupid. Um no, she's yours man. I came to start a new life. I needed a change of scenery," and to check out my competition.

"Oh ok. Because she's mine. She has been before we split, even when you guys were supposedly a couple. And she always with be. I will stop at nothing to keep it like that. You do understand, don't you?"

What am I five. I do understand English, even if I do have a Southern accent.

"Are you threatening me dude. Because were just friends," for now. "And she loves you," and me also. "I know that and I'm not going to come between that."

He looked at me sideways for awhile like he was trying to read what I was saying on my face or something.

"Thanks man. I'm glad we understand each other," he smiled a toothless smile and turned back to the rode.

The rest of the way to Bella's house was quiet.