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I was weak.

I couldn't even move anymore. The cold winter air wasn't helping much either.

I shuddered in the cold and gagged on the vomit that tried to come up. I was lying on my back and couldnt move. This resulted in me not being able to be sick; and mostly I would choke on it. That wasn't enjoyable.

Every single time this happened I kept hearing that same rustling sound coming from the trees. Every single time my head automatically turned towards the sound. Every single time I looked, I could see nothing. I kept telling myself that I was imagining things; but there was a nagging feeling at the back of my mind that I wasn't. Also, I kept having a weird feeling I got when I thought someone was watching me.

I coughed as vomit entered my throat and I attempted to sit up. I managed to half sit-up and was violently sick. But I hadn't eaten anything; so I couldn't understand why I was being sick. I had thought that eating was the main cause of being ill.

More rustling came from the trees.

I froze. All was silent.

"Who's there?" I croaked, looking around, seeing nothing.


I was all alone.

I started sobbing as I threw up again. I was exhausted; and I fell asleep.

My dreams were terrifying.

Edward was there as usual. So was I. We were standing in our meadow, and I smiled and reached out for Edward as he did the same for me. Suddenly, a woman walked past me and up to Edward. She was pale and ice-cold; and was inhumanely beautiful. Even more than Rosalie. She had bright red coloured hair which was dead straight to her waist; and had a slender build. She looked back at me with blood-red eyes and flashed her sharp teeth at me. I flinched away and she laughed in my face.


Edward wrapped one arm around her waist and pulled her towards him. In a way he always did with me. I gagged. The woman laughed.

"Elodie." He mumbled seductively planting a kiss on her cheek. The woman giggled.

"Edward." She said in response, her voice like wind chimes.

Edward looked up to me and grinned evilly.

"Edward...you said you loved me." I whispered.

"Yeah, but you were just so...entertaining. Amusing, maybe. A pathetic, fragile little human. Then I get you knocked up! I need someone to.." He smiled down at who I assumed was Elodie "pleasure me."

'knocked up' ? That wasn't Edward's usual choice of words. What happened to his gentleman-like fashion; his old styled language? Why would he suddenly feel this way? How did he know Elodie?

Edward grinned. "You know; I've always been able to read your mind, I thought it was more entertaining to pretend I couldn't." He laughed, "I was never a gentlemen, I didn't suddenly feel this way, i've never loved you Bella, and i've known Elodie ever since I left you. You think I just sat around and thought of you all the time? No way, I was with this beautiful, sexy..." His voice came to a whisper as he purred in her ear.

I blinked. I could feel my heart breaking slowly as I watched him and Elodie kiss. It wasn't the same kiss as Edward did with me. There were no restrictions here, her hands ran freely through Edwards messy bronze hair and he crushed her to him. She pressed herself tighter to him and I saw him smile on her lips. She kissed him again, getting rougher, their breathing uneven.

I collapsed in a heap on the floor. My heart broken.

I heard Edward chuckled and turned my head to see Elodie unbuttoning Edward shirt as he pulled her skirt down, I swallowed back the bile that came to my throat and it sounded like I made a noise like a strangled cry. I snapped my eyes shut and tried to pretend it wasn't there, I tried to tell myself I was dreaming. But my heart was broken, and this dream made so much sense to the unanswered questions in my mind.

"Edward" I whispered, and a single tear slipped down my cheek.

I screamed and my eyes snapped open. I was cradled in someone's lap. In an instant, they dissapeared.

"Wait, don't go!" I cried, reaching out for them and closing my eyes as tears streaked my cheeks.

I heard the rustling come from the trees. It was louder then usual. That sort-of frightened me in a way, but also my heart seemed to squeeze and butterflies cluttered in my stomach. I wondered why and gave up, thinking was also another thing that cause me to vomit. Bile rose in my throat but I swallowed it down, now was not a time to be sick. Not now, when my visitor was coming closer. I could feel it. I couldn't hear them, but I could feel them coming toward me at a slow pace.

I took a deep breath.

Two sturdy arms pulled me gently into a small embrace.

I squeezed my eyes shut tighter. Could this really be real?

Very very slowly, I opened my eyes, my head was snuggled into his shoulder and I couldn't see if it was really him.

I pulled backwards away from him and he let go, sighing. I immediately recognised his sigh and took his face in my hands.

Edward's golden eyes smoldered.

"Edward." I whispered in acknowledgement; then I dropped my hands and backed away.

"Bella." He whispered back; his voice torn.

I shook my head from left to right. Edward eyes narrowed at me and he tilted his head to the left slightly in confusion. Despite the cold, and my weakness, I found the muscles to push myself onto my feet. I put one foot in front of the other one, and attempted to walk away.

Edward was in front of me in a flash, "Careful Bella." He warned me, holding his arms out in front of me to catch me in case I fell.

"Get away from me!" I screamed, my throat dry.

Edward blinked twice, his face surprised, "Bella, I understand if your angry, but-"


His face relaxed and turned pleading, "Bella, I just wanted what was best for you-"


"But Bella, you have to try and see it from my side-"

I snorted, "Yeah, you needed someone to 'please you', and everytime that you left me, everytime you said all that you wanted was what was best for me, you were just sneaking off to Elodie!"

"Elodie?" He repeated.

I bit back the bile that came to my throat. "Edward don't play dumb. You were right in front of me. You told me...I quote: "You know; I've always been able to read your mind, I thought it was more entertaining to pretend I couldn't. I was never a gentlemen, I didn't suddenly feel this way, i've never loved you Bella, and i've known Elodie ever since I left you. You think I just sat around and thought of you all the time? No way, I was with this beautiful, sexy..." I stopped to gag and fight back the tears that came.

"Elodie? Who's Elodie? Bella..." Understanding suddenly light upon his expression, "Bella. I think you were dreaming. It was the name that you were...saying while you were sleeping. Well not saying, you were screaming. You scared me to death Bella, well...you know what I mean. I wasn't sure wether to come over or not, but I figured you'd get over it, it was just a dream. But then you started saying my name, and you starting screaming and crying. Bella it was just a dream, trust me on this-"

"Trust YOU!" I exploded, "No Edward! I know what I saw!" But I was having serious doubts.

"You didn't see anything. You were dreaming." He whispered, looking into my eyes, I looked away quickly.

"I don't need you." I mumbled, but it was a terrible lie.

"I know, but I need you. I need us." He countered.

I shook my head, "No you don't Edward. I love you more, you've got to learn to let go of the past, of things that weren't meant to be. We weren't supposed to be. We weren't fate. You, " I jabbed a finger to his chest, "you're the best person I've ever met, the best kind of creature I've met, the most kindest, caring...but me and you, we aren't allowed. You're a vampire. I'm a human. Your the hunter. I'm the prey. Your way out of my 'league' and...I don't need you." I said, the last part untrue, but trying to get him to understand.

He tried to take my hand, and made a strangled cry when mine snapped away.

"Bella I NEED you. I don't care about 'the rules' that you've made up in your head. Which aren't true. You're the better person, in so many ways. I NEED us. I NEED you to be with me forever; because i'm selfish, and your amazing. Bella I realise now, you were right all along..."

I looked up at him and realised I was crying, I sniffed, "About what?"

"About everything. But most importantly, about this baby."

I stared at him open-mouthed, "You want our baby?"

He nodded.

"But...but why? You..." I was so confused.

"Because it's yours. It's a part of you." He told me.

I grinned, "That's why I want this baby too."

Edward took my hand, "Am I forgiven?"

"There's nothing to forgive." I told him, and leaned into him, he caught my drift and pulled me closer to him so he gently press his marble lips to mine.

He stopped, and I pulled a face. He laughed.

"While we're here..." He mumbled, and pulled me over to the rocks by the pond. "I made this place, in memory of you, it can be our new meadow...and when I found out about Harold, I hid something here..."

"What was that?" I asked, standing around impatiently.

Edward made me stay standing up as he knelt down on one knee and pulled something nestled in the blue flowers. It was a simple little black box, and I was confused.

Edward looked up at me. "Isabella Marie Swan, I promise to love you forever and even longer, will you marry me?"

My eyes widened. I looked at Edward, this meadow- our meadow, felt complete now that he was here. My whole family was here, as if by fate, my little nudger gently kicked my sides. Gentle enough for me not to double up in pain. Edward's eyes left me almost speechless but I had to say something.

"Yes." I whispered, caught up in the moment.

Edward grinned and opened the box to reveal a ring that was unexplainable, I was seriously speechless now. He took my hand and slid the ring up my marriage finger. Edward looked close to tears, "A perfect fit." He told me.

Edward stood and pulled me in for a very passionate kiss.



"I love you more." I told him.

"Impossible." He said, gently pressing his marble lips to mine.

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