Message from Nappa

Hello. I'm Nappa. First of all I would like to apologise to everyone who has been waiting for an update.

Second - Lauren (the real writer) has stopped coming online. I tlaked to her brother on AOL, but he was unable to give a reason as to why she has not. It seems that Lauren is no longer interested in FanFiction - Not in Tangled Fates anymore. I've also tried emailing her - but either emails are blocked to her from me - or she has chosen to not to respond or she does not have the password to her account - too many reasons I could think of.

Thirdly - Though I've contemplated taking up the story myself or delegating to someone else - I've come to the decision not to. Lauren writes very well - too well for anyone that I know to carry on. It'd pale in comparision to what would have the result of her writing.

Lastly - I'd like to wish Lauren well in what ever she has decided to do. Should this message prove to be not needed "ie" the story will continue - I'll advertise it a lot. you'll know.

-------------- NAPPA