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Chapter 30

So here I am in the ruins of Hellywood, talking into this recorder to, well, record this story for you, kid. I've been healed by Lala-Ru; my heart hasn't bothered me once since she touched me, but that doesn't change the realities we face now. The world may have lost one despot, but history teaches me that another will come to take his place, but not if I have anything to say about it. Sara and I are going to make sure that nothing ever happens to this second chance we've been given…and if that means there's a possibility one of us won't make it to see you grow up, then I've taken this small chance to tell you everything about myself and your mother, even though she's doing the very same thing in the room next to me.

We have no false ideas of immortality now that we've supposedly done our part in this world. There's still a whole lot that needs to be done, and we're the ones who're going to make sure it happens that way, because that's how things are supposed to be in this world…but to be perfectly selfish, I'm doing it mostly to give Sara and you the best and brightest world possible, just in case I should end up dying.

Kazam let me say one last thing about your mother before I start to wrap things up here. I have never met a stronger woman in my life, and I don't think it's even possible for someone else to reach her level of strength. Some people have a false definition of the word "strength," using it to describe people who are physically strong, which is all well and good for the dictionary, but not for life itself. Kazam, true strength comes from being around and facing adversity head on. True strength comes from being stripped away of your very humanity, of everything you've ever known, and being brought to the pit of despair, where it looks like you'll never get out, but then you find a way, using your new wisdom to rediscover who you are and what you need to do to keep yourself and those you love safe. Sara has found the true meaning of strength, and I hope and pray that one day she—if not we—can then impart this wisdom onto you, hopefully in a manner less harmful than the one we endured. Always listen to what she says, son, because trust me when I say that she knows what she's talking about.

This strange new world we've entered is unlike any I've ever encountered before from any source you could name. I've never heard of a world that died with its sun, lost its water, but then gained it all back as a gift from God, who has given all of us a second chance, even a fool like myself, who dared to question His authority. I don't even know if this works, but God bless Him for being able to deal with me, and to even care enough to give me what I needed when I needed it. I think back on all I endured and all the times I begged Him for answers, but never finding any, which I know now is because it wasn't the proper time.

God has a funny way of concealing information when it's not needed, but giving it freely when it is.

It's amazing to think back on the old world, and then to actually look at this new one we've been given. I almost can't even remember what it looked like. Sometimes it's like it never existed in the first place, and all the plants and animals we have now exist as if they'd always been here. Oh, I forgot to mention that, didn't I? Well, apparently just rejuvenating the world with water wasn't enough for Lala-Ru. No, this wonderful angel blessed us with more gifts from the Lord in the shape of flora and fauna. If I couldn't see it with my own two eyes, I don't think I could've believed in it, but there they are, just coming out of nowhere, yet fulfilling the purposes they did back on my world, where the fools there were stupid enough to fight wars over political and religious ideals, when they really should've been worried about losing our precious resources. We are such a stupid race, but don't give up hope for us, son, because we can do as much good to the world that we live on as bad. If someone like Lala-Ru, who hated humans with every part of her being, could find it in her magnificent heart to realize our worth, then I am sure we can all find a way to make sure the work she's done doesn't go to waste and that's a promise.

I can't help but wonder if maybe bringing Shu back to the past could possibly have changed the entire future of our world and that we live in some parallel dimension, but I can't say either way how that worked out. If God wanted it to, then by God it did. If not, then His will, not mine. I still think about Shu every now and then, wondering about the things that he did here and the things he's doing there. I miss him a lot.

I don't think I believe that all of us will come together and start this brand new world properly with a utopia, because I know human nature, and as long as we're still apart from the Lord, we'll always fight, but that doesn't matter to me. All I know is that it will happen, but I'll be there to make sure the damage is less than what it could be. Sara will too, making sure this world paves the path for the new generations—your generation, will find a way to find peace.

I'm going to finish up here, Kazam, so let's end with these last few snippets of my advice.

There is nothing more I love in this world than my family, but, son, you've got to know there's another being out there who's more deserving of your love. Sometimes He doesn't make a lot of sense, and other times it seems like He's singling you out to have every punishment imaginable, but never forget that it's these trials and sufferings we go through that shapes us into the people we become. Love your mother and me with all of your heart, son, but love Him even more. Now and then, here and there, the Lord will always care for His children.

Life has a funny way of screwing you over, kid, but that just means you've got to use that as a means to grow further in your faith and your life. Life has its ups and life has its downs. My personal view is to wait for the good to happen, because a good friend of mine once told us, "Nankurunaisa. Things will work out somehow."

I tend to believe in that friend with all of my heart and soul, so in the spirit of his memory I leave you with the last bit of parting wisdom I have.

Life is worth living.

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