Universe: Digimon Season 3/Digimon Tamers
Character(s): Calumon, Impmon/Beezlemon, Jeri, mentions of ensemble
Summary: On the way home, Calumon just wants to know where Leomon is. Commentfic for "Homeward Bound" ep. 41, with major reference to "Lionheart" ep. 34.

Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon. If I did, Tamers would've had a sequel season by now.

Calumon bit his lip when he saw how tired and beat up Impmon looked in Renamon's arms.

Then he looked around the Ark ship thing, saw all the new friends they had--

"Where's Leomon? I thought I saw him before that mean Dog grabbed me..."

His ears instinctively shrunk as practically everyone flinched, or looked away, or went very very quiet. But Impmon drew his attention, when his eyes finally opened--though only half way, and looking scary to Calumon, since they didn't seem to have anything in them at all.

"Do you know Impmon evolves into Beezlemon?" Broke in Jeri's voice, and Calumon's ears snapped open at how rigid and mechanical she sounded. His ears drooped back when he saw the way Impmon flinched at her voice, squeezing his eyes shut again, but tighter.

Calumon nodded, wondering if maybe Impmon was feeling guilty about leaving him behind as he rode off on that really loud bike--

"Beezlemon killed Leomon. Then absorbed his data." And then Jeri turned away, muttering to her puppet, but she wouldn't say anything out loud to anyone after that.

Slowly, Calumon turned to Impmon, his eyes wide--but the other Digimon wouldn't look at him, his eyes were still shut.

And Calumon remembered--it seemed so long ago now--when Impmon talked about how the strong beat up the weak and took their data. And then he attacked him, but there was a big distraction and Impmon never did get around to absorbing his data. Calumon doesn't remember Impmon ever attacking him after that. Impmon kept insulting him, and shouting at him 'to go away' when he followed him around, but that was about it. And Calumon remembers watching with a pout when that big Horse really hurt Impmon, and wondering all the while if this would change his mind about the strong beating up the weak, 'cause surely Impmon understood now how the weak felt, that it just wasn't fair....

Calumon opened his mouth to ask--Why? How? Are you strong now?--and then snapped it shut when the arc started to shake real bad, and he was screaming with all the rest. Of course, Renamon kept silent, but Calumon noticed she wasn't the only one.

Impmon did not flail around screaming bad words (he looked too worn out for that), and Jeri remained quiet and still with her puppet. Calumon saw that with everything trembling and maybe horribly breaking apart, those two looked like toys left behind by kids eager to get out of the rain, forgetting them.