Just a little Callian-ness that came to me while relaxing in the bath tonight. Managed not to leap out and scream 'Eureka!' when it came to me though. Title will make sense in the next chapter… it may be two chapters, it may turn into more. Who knows? ;-)

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The Best You've Never Had

Bliss. Pure, utter bliss. Gillian Foster honestly couldn't think of anything better after a long, hard day at work than relaxing in a scented bubble bath with a glass of wine, relaxing music playing softly in the background and the gentle glow of candles surrounding her.

At least, it was bliss. Until the ringing of her phone disturbed the beautiful quiet. Sighing, Gillian leaned out of the bath and picked it up – the only reason she'd brought the receiver into the bathroom was so she could disconnect any call that came through and not have it ringing constantly outside, where she was unable to shut the noise off. I should have just disconnected the damn thing, she thought, as she glanced at the caller ID. Cal.

Knowing he'd just keep calling if he didn't get through, she accepted the call and lazily brought the receiver to her ear.

"Hello?" Her voice came out low and soft and very languorous, and Cal did a double take on the other end.


"Yes?" The same sleepy, dreamy voice.

"Did I wake you up? Or are you on drugs?"

"Neither." She smiled as she lowered herself even further under the bubbles. "I'm just relaxed."

"Oh yeah?" She could practically hear him raising his eyebrows at her.

"Having a nice relaxing bubble bath, if you must know," she told him, and he heard a quiet splashing sound as she lowered her free hand into the bath.

"Well, sorry to disturb your moment of relaxation," he said, a trace of humour in his voice, "but we need to go over the Hilton files."

"Tonight?" Her voice lost its dreamlike edge, and she sat up a little more in the bath. Cal heard the sound of slapping water, and tried very hard not to form a mental image that would detract him from the conversation in hand.

"Sorry love, but it's got to be done. We don't have to meet at the office… just somewhere we can look over the files."

Gillian exhaled loudly. "Can't we do it over the phone? I really don't have any desire whatsoever to leave this bath, Cal."

"No can do, love. You need to see this. But hey, if you want to conduct this meeting in your bathtub, I'm more than willing to accommodate." She could hear in his voice the cheeky grin that was plastered across his face, and tried to suppress a laugh.

"Nice try. How about you drive over here, and I'll spend every moment until two minutes before you arrive enjoying my bath before you wrench me away from it so cruelly?"

"I guess I could do that. Two minutes going to be enough time for you to get yourself out of the bath and make yourself look presentable?"

"It's enough time to throw on a towel," she teased, and he chuckled.

"Fair enough. I'll bring a bottle, shall I?"

"I've already had half a bottle. And won't you be driving back?"

"Red or white?" was his answer.

"Surprise me," she said, her voice dropping again to a whisper as she lapsed back into her dreamlike state.

"I'll be there in twenty minutes, Foster," he told her. "That's eighteen left for you to enjoy your bath. Nineteen if you don't care about throwing on a towel before you open the door for me."

"Bye Cal," she said, cutting him off and letting the phone drop out of her hand. She sank further under the bubbles, feeling the warm water wash over every inch of her skin, and relaxed her whole body again, the smile still on her face.