"You kissed her?!" Bo exclaimed. She held up her crook, ready to bop him on the head, but Woody held up his hands in defense.

"You're missing the point, Bo! I didn't feel anything!" He took a step toward her. "There's nothing romantic between me and Jessie. You're my only girl," he insisted.

Bo bit her lip. "Well, I am glad you worked things out. Things won't be awkward between you two now?"

Woody shook his head. "No. No, everything's fine."

"And she's back with Buzz?"

Woody nodded very fast. "Yes, Bo. He's down there talking things over with her now."

"And there will be no more talk of you two being meant to be with each other?"

"No, never. The only girl I'm meant to be with is you, Bo." He held out his hand. "So what do you say? Are you still my lady?"

Bo considered for a moment. "All right, Sheriff. But from now on the only girl you'll be kissing is me," she said sternly.

Woody took her in his arms and whirled her around. "Oh, yes! Definitely!" He closed his eyes as he leaned his head against hers and buried his face in her bonnet. "Thank you, thank you so much for always understanding me."

Downstairs, Jessie was perched on the couch again, watching the last episode of Woody's Roundup on the tv screen. She'd thought kissing Woody would resolve things once and for all, but now she was more confused than ever. Her frustration bubbled inside her as the words "to be continued" flashed across the screen.

"But it wasn't continued," she said aloud. "It was canceled." She slid off the couch and moved towards the television set, reaching out to touch the screen. "Oh, Woody. What happened on the last episode? Were we really supposed to be together? Does the Sheriff come to save me?" she whimpered.

"No," a deep voice called out from the stairs.

Jessie whirled around, the butterflies in her stomach already awakening at the familiar sound.

"Buzz Lightyear comes to rescue you."

Jessie looked up to see his head peeking out at her from inbetween two panels of the banister. "Buzz!" she shouted happily.

He began to walk towards her and Jessie ran to meet him at the bottom of the stairs. "Oh, Buzz!" She exclaimed as she flung herself towards him.

He lifted her up easily and held her as close to him as possible.

The butterflies in her stomach reacted wildly to his embrace and she laughed as she playfully nuzzled his neck with her nose. "I missed you so much," she said.

Buzz kissed her hair. "I missed you too," he said. He swung her legs over his arm. "How about I take you back to Andy's room?"

Jessie nodded eagerly. "Can I be your date to the party?" she asked timidly.

Buzz smiled his wide smile and Jessie's heart fluttered as his teeth sparkled. "You can be my date to every party," he promised as he carried her up the stairs.

Once inside Andy's room, Buzz walked over to where Woody was dancing with Bo and set Jessie carefully down on the floor. Wheezy began to croon a slow tune and she eagerly pulled Buzz closer to her. He wrapped his arms tightly about her waist and she rested her chin on his shoulder. She caught Bo's gaze as Woody spun her around next to them and smiled.

Bo smiled back warmly. She caught Woody give Buzz a thumbs up and she settled deeper in his arms, glad that Woody finally seemed to be genuinely happy for their friends.

Jessie closed her eyes and buried her face in Buzz's neck as they danced. She took a deep breath and smiled widely as the smell of peppermint filled her senses.