Out in the vast Atlantic Ocean, approximately five thousand kilometers off the coast of Portugal lies the powerful and rich UN World Academy. All the future countries of the world attend this college to practice discipline, learn world history, have military practice, and (like all colleges) get laid.

"Ve, it's so big!" Feliciano Vargas stood agape in front of big iron gates. Behind the gates was a big castle like school. He had seen many, many castles before in Italy, and even some big churches. Though, never had he seen such a big school like this.

"I wonder if they have a pasta shop!" Feliciano declared happily. He quickly ran closer to the gates to open them, fantasies of cooked noodles with tomato sauce spread all over it.

The gates swung open effortlessly, "Ve, that was easy!" Feliciano smiled at his apparent "strength".

The school yard was beautifully decorated with a raging fountain stationed in the middle. Small walkways were spread out in every direction with small bushes between each one. Some students were already chatting with old friends about what they'd be doing in college. Feliciano looked around, desperately trying to find a companion. He barely spotted the tall, blonde man standing on the west side of the fountain.


The small Italian practically tackled the blonde man, wrapping his arms around his neck happily. "F-Feliciano?" Ludwig momentarily forgot everything around as he was shocked by the Italian. Feliciano happily looked up at Ludwig and smiled, all teary-eyed, "I haven't seen you since high school!" Ludwig stared for a moment and nodded, "Um, yes. We haven't."

Feliciano felt the wary aura that was coming off of Ludwig. That's when he finally notice the boy standing, arms crossed, staring at the two. "A-ah! I'm sorry! Don't shoot me! I didn't know you were speaking with Ludwig!" The Italian tossed out apologies and covered his head protectively.

The boy rolled his unusually colored violet eyes, "What a whimp! I was only talking to West because he's my brother."

Feliciano gasped slightly. He looked between the two for any resemblance.

Ludwig had blonde hair that was combed back. His eyes were a subtle blue, but they were always set with a straight look.

The other boy was very different. His eyes were violet to the point where it could be red. His hair was a platinum blonde that'd you'd mistake for white. He had that haughty look on his face that just read awesome.

"Ve, Really? You two look barely alike!" Feliciano looked unbelievably between the two. "Yes, we noticed that. Though, sadly, we are." Ludwig spoke with a solemn, gruff voice. A scoff escaped his brother's lips, "Sadly? How could you be sad having such an awesome brother like me?"

Ludwig sighed, annoyed. Feliciano, catching Ludwig's uneasiness, quickly spoke up,"W-we should go see what room we have, Ludwig!" Ludwig gave Feliciano a thankful look, "Yes, we should." Ludwig quickly excused himself from his brother and showed Feliciano the way to the information desk.
The desk was located on the northeastern side of the school. It was more like a small little stand with a lady inside fumbling around looking for papers. "Excuse me miss," The lady was apparently working diligently so she didn't hear Feliciano and Ludwig arriving. She jumped at the sound of the little Italian's voice and fumbled around before facing the two with a perky face, "Yes, how may I help you two?" she asked politely. "We want to know what room we're in!" Feliciano smiled happily, his head slightly tilting to the side.

The lady smiled and shuffled through her piles of papers and pulled out a manila envelope. "Okay, what are your names?" She opened the envelope pulling out a handful of keys and a piece of paper.
"I'm Feliciano Vargas, and this is Ludwig!" The small Italian took the liberty of stating Ludwig's name. The lady scanned her names, "Mr. Vargas you're with Mr. Peter," she handed Italy a small key that had the number two engraved on it. "Mr. Ludwig," she scanned the names momentarily, "You're with your brother Mr. Beilschmidt." Ludwig's face dropped into a look between disgust and outrage. "A-ah, it'll be fine Ludwig! At least you're rooming with someone familiar!" Feliciano attempted to calm Ludwig's anger so that it wouldn't show too much. Ludwig, being the wonderful military man he is, simply took the key to his room and dawdled off. "Ve, Ludwig!" Feliciano quickly waved his arms frantically, chasing after the older man.

Feliciano walked in silence beside the very tense Ludwig. It was almost unbearable for the Italian to keep his mouth shut. "So," Feliciano finally caved in, "Your brother's name is Beilschmidt?" Ludwig shook his head slowly, "Gilbert. Gilbert Beilschmidt." Feliciano smiled at the German's attempt to cheer up, or so he thought. "That's a cool name!" Feliciano exclaimed happily. "Yeah, just don't say that to his face. Nobody needs him to have a bigger ego." Ludwig said with a wary look.
"Ludwig-san? Feliciano-kun?" The small voice was hardly noticeable with all the other sounds. The twosome turned abruptly to the owner of the voice. A small, petite, black haired boy stood with perfect posture in front of them, a soft small playing at the edges of his lips.

"Ve, Kiku?" Feliciano smiled at the sight of his old friend. Kiku smiled and gave a small nod. "Hello Kiku," Ludwig gave a small nod of the head. Feliciano practically began tearing at the eye as he embraced his old friend and dragged Ludwig into the same position. "Who are you dorming with?" Feliciano asked, pointing to the small key in his hand with the number fifteen on it. Kiku followed Feliciano's gaze to the key and nodded, "Miss Héderváry." The Italian and German looked between one another attempting to figure out who this person was.
"Who are you rooming with?"

The three turned to a half shocked Gilbert. "Um, Miss Héderváry," Kiku uttered. Gilbert's face went into to total shock, "You're dorming with Lizzie?" Ludwig finally let out a sigh, "That's who Miss Héderváry is." Feliciano looked at Ludwig without the slightest clue as to what they were talking about. Ludwig sighed, "Their talking about Elizabeta," he muttered to Feliciano. The little Italian finally let out a knowing sound. "How in the world did you end up with Lizzie?" Gilbert let out another shocked response. Kiku simply stood, slightly taken aback, staring at the self claimed "Prussian". "T-they said the dorms were picked at random," Kiku stuttered.

Gilbert would've continued his rant if it weren't for his brother piping in, "Gilbert I think I see Elizabeta coming through the gates right now." That must've done the trick because Gilbert went running towards the gates at top speed. "Now," Ludwig straightened his uniform tie, "We should get to our dorms because I'm sure he'll come back once he realizes Elizabeta isn't there." Feliciano and Kiku agreed quickly knowing the same.

the three headed down the hall towards were it split between classes and dorms.

"Ve, aren't you excited we get to see each other again? I thought we would never see each other again! You need to come over for pasta tonight. Okay?" Ludwig glanced at Kiku and the two nodded. Feliciano's dorm was the first to come into view, though he kept on walking.

"Um Feliciano-kun; isn't that your room?" Kiku asked the Italian. "Ci, but I don't want to leave you yet! It has been far too long!" Feliciano sighed. The walk continued in an easy silence until the reached Ludwig's dorm. "Ok come to room two at umm… six! For pasta" Feliciano told Ludwig before giving him a hug and a mock salute.

Kiku and Feliciano continued on to the Japanese man's room. " So Kiku how have you been?" Kiku turned and gave Feliciano a small smile. "I've been good enough Feliciano-kun. How about you?" Feliciano gave a dramatic sigh before responding. "Ahh- well you see Romano keeps coming and stealing all my pasta! It's terrible! But he said he needs it so I give it to him but then I don't have any! Life has been so stressful lately." Kiku nodded his head in response.

By the time they made it to Kiku's dorm there hadn't been much time for conversation, seeing it was only three doors down from Ludwig. "Well, I must go now Feliciano-kun this is my room." Feliciano looked puzzled for a minute then processed what Kiku had said. "Bye don't forget pasta at six!" Feliciano gave Kiku a hug and walked back to his dorm.

"Hey idiot! Are you seriously already hanging out with that potato brain again?" Feliciano turned at the sound of his brother's voice. "Ve, Lovino! I'm so happy to see you! Also his name is Ludwig and he is my best friend so of course!" Lovino shook his head. " You're an stupid idiot Feliciano! I hate you and I especially hate your "friend" that rotten potato wurst!" Feliciano was hurt by his brother's words. "You don't really hate me do you Lovino?" Lovino sneered! "Of course I do! Your stupider than Antonio!" Feliciano's eyes began to water and he ran off to his room.

Feliciano slid the key into the lock and twisted it, he then opened the door and what he saw next was totally unexpected. The walls were covered in pictures of the Englishman, Arthur; every one was defaced some how weather it be holes or doodles. Feliciano continued forward towards what appeared to be the living room. "Jerk England! Stupid butt head…" Feliciano walked towards the sounds. He peaked around the corner and saw a small blond haired boy that looked similar to Arthur Kirkland. The young boy had finally gotten so worked up he yelled out "DIE BRITT!" threw the dart where it hit the pictures eyebrow. The boy then did a fist pump and shouted "JACKPOT!"

At this moment Feliciano's body decided he had two left feet and he tripped. This caused the boy to look over at him. "Who are you?" the blond asked with guarded eyes. "F-Feliciano Vargas, y-your roommate". The blond walked over to the Italian, and gave him his hand. Which the Italian gratefully reached for, " I'm Peter, Peter Kirkland at your service!" the two could already tell that they would be great friends. At least, Feliciano hoped.

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