And so the mediocre KS branches out into fanficcing another fandom! !!!

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The Mission: Write a short story or a poem, or draw a picture, using these three things: a walrus, a tank, and a lightsaber.

SIAPNIAN: Blame a person on Mystery Google for this. Well, and my sister. You see, my sister got the mission, and she was like "EMILY" (for it would be kind of odd for her to call me Kathryn) "YOU SHOULD DO THIS!!!!!111one" And I looked at it and I went, "Ooh, shiny!" And it was one in the morning. That is a vital thing to think about. I write strange things at one in the morning. I apologise for this; please don't kill me. Please. :)


The greatest Sith ever is not who you think.

Traya? Psh. Sidious? Nothing. Vader? A mere apprentice. No, the true Sith Lord, the one who could destroy every Jedi in the Galaxy with a look, is much more... quiet.

His given name was Fluffy, but he prefers to go by Darth Mauve; for that is the colour he imagines his victims' blood would make in his liquid home, were any to stray too close to his tank.

He is truly a fearsome creature, with his blubbery grey body, terrible whiskers and horrifying tusks; but, although being a walrus does have its advantages when it comes to striking fear into hearts, it is not the most manoeuvrable form. His power is immense, but he is trapped, unable to use it; for when it first started to manifest in his days on Coruscant, the Jedi Masters knew what he would become. Before he could get too dangerous, they locked him in a tank full of Kajarni-- molecular creatures who literally fed off of the Force, dampening his power. The only way to escape would be to break the tank walls; the only way to do that was to become powerful enough to use the Force even with the little parasites.

It took him years, decades; but he did it. Yesterday, he cracked his enclosure; today, he shattered it and escaped, full of power and seeking only revenge.

Free for the first time since he was a calf, he whirls a stolen lightsaber around in his flippers, dismembering the Jedi to whom it once belonged-- and smiles.

The reign of terror has begun.


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