The return of Otis and Sarah daughter.

Hate burned up in me I couldn't help it

All my life I tried telling myself it's none

Of her fault. I try not to think of her Otis side

But her beautiful Sarah side. In my I called her

The Gargoyle . Sick I know to call your niece

Out of everybody that.

The airport is clammy. I'T smells likes

Coffee. Standing by the arrivals lot my daughter

Sits on my handbag playing with a spot on the floor.

Whats keeping her mummy ? She asks. I don't know

I don't know why I'm honestly doing this I reply.

The crowd of people disperse to the sight of their

Acquaintances. Hugging, laughter and affection.

I didn't know what to expect. My stomach knotted.

I repeat to myself this is what sarah wanted.

I prayed she wouldn't resemble her father it

Would soften the sting a bit.

People where getting scarce. There was

Two people besides us waiting.

The most attractive girl came out.

I dismissed her subconsciously.

Otis couldn't produce something so beautiful.

She looked down at her photo in her hand and looked at me.

Slowly she came over. Are you Emily Irish? I nodded.

Taking her in. She towered over me at about 5'11 easily.

Black wavy long hair danced all over. Big brown eyes

Held my gaze , while she nervously smiled in aid to

Get some comforting. I'm Fiona Daly she said

Opening her hand to shake mine. Her sallowy skin

Glittered on the patch of sunlight she was standing on.

I shook quickly.

In nature she should be pale with fair hair. Her

Parents where. She should have flat blue eyes like her dad.

Her hair is just like a dark version of Sarahs.

I look at her bending down at my little girl. My

Little girl giggling at something she just said.

How has 15 years of burning hate turn into fondness.

Why does she remind me of someone?

We where stuck in traffic on the way home.

Fiona looks out the window uncomfortable.

How's life in Ireland ? I ask to break the

Tension. Great my step family are wonderful.

I'm happy to be here its so warm. Ireland is

Suppose to be freezing. You accent is funny my little

Girl giggles. Everybody thinks the Cork accent is funny!

Replys Fiona.

When she smiles she reminds me of someoneā€¦..

Finally where home. I see Fionas face look around

In amazement I saw that look before. Oh WOW.

What a fine home you have she says dragging her suitcase.

Thanks so much I used to feel weird having no relatives.

I welcome her embrace. She dimples deepened with her smile.

I knew someone with dimples before. Even her button nose

Reminds me of someone. Her slim body besides her new womanly curves

I feel so comfortable in her presence why ? She's half Otis isn't she ?

All night I scanned everyone I knew. Tossing and turning.

Morning came at last. I woke up to she Fiona doing thai chi

In the hallway. Oh she yelps. Embarrassed. I love to keep fit

Morning is supposed to be the best time. I had a shower. If that's


That's when I see it her hair is in a quick pony tail. She looked

Like the female version of Streak. I gasp. Ok that's fine I try to revert.

Only that my knees are trembling and my heart is out of control.

I manage a smile towards her and enter the kitchen. My coco pops are popping more than

Usual. The dimples, the height and the sallow skin.

When Sarah was telling me to keep out of her bedroom when Streaks there I thought it was because

They where telling ghost stories because I heard a lot of screaming.

I rush to the bathroom. Why Sarah ? You knew I loved him ?

I tidy myself up as soon as I hear my little girls pleading she needs the loo.

Now its to tell you

Today was a blur. I put on a front all day. I brought my little girl to bed leaving me

And Fiona onn fron of the TV by ourselves.

OK I blurt. II think I told you enough about your mother

Now I think I should tell you what I know about your father.

He was a fantastic man. So wise and funny. Looked just like you.

You have the blood of a warrior in you called Streak Mallory.