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Special Thanks to the movie: Zombieland, for its inspiration and idea of this fanfic. Thank the director, the writer, the actors, and all of the cast of Zombieland. If you're reading this, say "Thank you, Zombieland!"

An alternate ending of Episode 8, Brain Invaders, my favorite episode...

Worm Wars

Ahsoka Tano, Jedi Padawan, worked quick with hast as she prepared the air cooling system of the Republic Consular-class cruiser to below zero. Now that the Geonosian Brain Worms had stowed away aboard their vessel, the entire star ship was now invested with worms. But that was not the worse part, these parasitic worms, apparently possessing the power of mind control, were able to snake themselves into the clone troopers.

All those bold clone soldiers, who she had become attached to, were now all minions of Karina the Great, the Geonosian Queen. One minute they were all independent, dedicated soldiers; the next, zombie slaves doing the Queen's bidding. And if that was not enough, not only had the clones fallen under the worms' control, so had her partner and friend, Barriss Offee.

This brought us back to Ahsoka, after setting the correct commands to the system, it began to comply, only to suddenly shutdown without permission. The Togruta walked around the machine, only to find subjugated Barriss, a lightsaber containing a steel blue blade in her grip, as she had disabled the machine.

"No," Ahsoka gasped beneath her breath. Now with the cooling system destroyed, there was no way to stop the infestation on the ship. The zombie Mirialan turned her attention to her, her lips forming a smile that even she could resent. And with her last option compromised, Ahsoka fell back on the only thing she could do now, run.

With that she sprinted out of the air-conditioning room, with Barriss right behind her, welding her lightsaber. Sure, she could have unleashed her own weapon against her, but Barriss was innocent in all this, and even if she was now a zombie, chasing after her and probably trying to kill her, she was still Ahsoka's friend.

Up ahead, former clone troopers appeared, blasters in their hands, as they unleashed fire. Although she did not approve fighting her own troops, she was not going to allow them to kill her. She emitted her lightsaber, releasing a pure green blade of lightning, and began to deflect their bolts.

Meanwhile, behind her, Barriss raised her weapon and swung, luckily Ahsoka managed to parry her attacks as well as deflect the bolts of plasma, from the clones' DC-15S blasters.

Not so long after, the clones began to advance, and Barriss' attacks more vicious. Ahsoka would not be able to keep it up forever, if she was going to fight back long enough before help could arrive, she was going to need to retreat.

When the clones were close enough, she leaped away from the Mirialan's strike and over the troopers, and when she landed on the solid floor, she ran. However, that did not confuse the clones one bit as they turned to chase after her, Barriss as well.

From the Intel she had, the brain worms could take control over a host by entering its nostril and seeing to the sponge that was the brain, whether the host was alive or dead. From her own experience, dead hosts' eyes give out a glow, as the eyes of the Queen herself, but living hosts' eyes remain the same, without any change. Barriss being a zombie was unexpected, as well as it is to decipher if any others were had fallen victim to the brain worms.

Ahoska, however, wanted to remain alive to destroy the infestation, saving her friends in the process. The problem was that once one of those worms slither into your nose, there is no way known to get them out. From what the Togruta could decipher, the answer to this situation was to take it to the Queen, if she were to fall, then all infected would be free from her control.

Unfortunately, she tripped and fell to the floor. Apparently she was not paying attention while she was pondering, her training should have taught her better. Ahsoka prompted herself up with one hand, spotting her lightsaber, she reached out to it in with the Force. It responded and began to come to her, only to disappoint her as it flew by her and was caught by Barriss' hand.

Before she could do any more, the Mirialan Force pushed her, knocking her into the wall. Another unfortunate detail, with a Jedi under her control, the Queen could use the Force now like any Jedi, and the more Force-users she has, the stronger in the Force she is. This made sense to why Karina targeted them, Jedi dead were alike any other undead creature, but alive was a different story.

Clone troopers ran and pinned her to the wall, restraining both her arms and legs so she could not escape. One of the clones lifted her head, her face facing Barriss, who appeared to be holding something. Ahsoka squinted her eyes and then widened them, she was holding a brain worm egg.

Ahsoka struggled, trying to break free, but it was no use, the clones had too much of a hold on her. Barriss pulled the hatching worm from its egg shell, now holding it towards her. The Togruta was not satisfied with allowing one of those slimy parasites slither around inside of her skull, controlling her every move and thought, that she shook her head violently, only to have it jerked in place.

By the time, the worm was placed upon her head, it slithered and probed all around her face, searching for a way inside to her delicious brain to invade. Finally, it found her nose, and began to slither inside. Ahsoka shut her eyes tight at the uncomfortable feeling as it snaked through her nostril. She felt it crawl through her nose and into her skull, and could suddenly feel it seeing to her brain.

Suddenly, everything shut down for her as her vision went black, as her eyes rolled back in her head. Unconsciousness was all she could witness at the time. It was all so strange, a moment she was grimacing as the parasite invaded her skull, and now she could feel nothing, she could see nothing, she could hear nothing, and the only thing she seemed to think was that she was dead, or at least in a deep, sound sleep.

A minute later, Ahsoka regained vision. She could see Barriss in front of her, the infected clone troopers behind her. To her notice, her body appeared to be moving all on its own, standing up straight to attention, yet she felt as if she was in full-body paralysis. She appeared to be staring into space, listless and zombie-like, until she, as well as Barriss and the clones, started down the hall, with finished business.

This was when she realized that a host is still alive when possessed by a brain worm, but also aware of his or her actions. This was the tragedy of this situation, not only was the entire ship infected, the crew under the control of the Genosian brain worms, but now Ahsoka was, like it or not, going to witness herself fulfill a new campaign; infesting the entire galaxy with brain worms, and subjugating it under the Queen's, her Queen's, control. First was the medical station, and then, the entire galaxy.

Although the thought and revelation of now being a zombie minion, her body a puppet to dance for the Queen, should have frightened even her, she was not afraid, angry, devastated, nor otherwise. Sure she did witness her body moving under another mind's control, but that mind had more control over her mind's qualities than she thought. For which, without any emotion nor thoughts, she was a droid, a simple slave to her new programming. And with one mind controlling her completely, while her own mind was nothing more than a spectator of herself, she was entirely horrified.

Sure, I know, this first chapter makes it more of a horror/tragedy, but just you wait, later on, it gets to the comedy part. Sure, things look like the end for Ahsoka, well guess again! The Worm Wars have only just begun.

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