Star Wars: The Clone Wars fanfic1

Worm Wars

Meanwhile, in the research lab, Doug had his eyes locked inside a microscope, his hand turning the knob to adjust his vision while his other hand held a pencil over a notepad. After finding the two teenagers unconscious along with the dead matriarch, he had the dead specimen sent to his observatory to probe for anything of use to discover the link between the Queen and her minions. He watched the Geo bug's DNA cells thrived underneath the lens of his microscope, watching and writing down anything of useful information.

Keeping him company were the recovered marines of Wilson's Team, Fitz, Adams and Patterson. After all being unconscious, and recently injured, throughout the mission, they were all in a slightly, temporarily, and incapable of combat condition. Patterson, the Twi'lek, had a towel wrapped around her with a box of tissues close. After being frozen solid liquid nitrogen, she had unfortunately caught a cold. Adams sat on a bench, holding an icepack on his head, considering the bug bitch had been digging its tentacle in his head, the slightest sound of a pen falling to the floor would give him a headache. However, seated next to him, Fitz felt like the only one who had already recovered. He just sat on the bench, cracked a few fortune cookies, and read the little slips of paper inside.

"Hmm," he read the words of the fortune, "Say Ricky-chet, 'cordin' tuh dis here fortune, uh future evil empire will be overthrown buh Ewoks. Can ya believe dat?"

Adams snorted, "Yeah, like that'll happen." He said in disbelief, and then glanced at the rest of the dead queen. "Glory! That thing is ugly."

"Looks like love at first for you, Adams," Patterson replied, grinning. She laughed before sneezing without warning.

"Say it, don't spray it," the marine shot back, grinning himself.

"Would you three please be quiet?" The Professor demanded, glancing from his microscope, "I think I've found something within the specimen's cranium brain cells."

"Oh, so it's brain surgery you're doing to that thing."

"I think one of us could use something like that after what we've been through," Patterson said, bumping Adams purposely on the shoulder.

"Right back at ya, Nitrogen Queen," he shot back, removing his ice back, "How about you do me a favor and rest that hand on my hand, might feel better, maybe."

"Stop it, I've had enough," Doug barked, and they all submitted and fell silent. He looked back into his microscope and kept probing through the cells, all the while questioning himself why he agreed to take Wilson's team as company. He probed, wrote down some notes, and finally came to a conclusion.

"Eureka!" He cheered, recording the conclusion in his notepad, "After a long and hard observation, I've come to a discovery..."

"Heh! 'Long and hard'," Fitz chuckled.

"The matriarch on the medical frigate wasn't really the real Geonosian Queen," he explained, "it was actually just a clone."

"A clone?" Patterson repeated, "Are you sure?"

"Of course! It would explain so much, it's how the infestation had reach nearly throughout the entire galaxy, because each individual ship carried one queen clone, meaning several of these ships could separate and conquer more planets. This would explain how they could all travel to planet after planet to drop their load of parasites."

"Heh! Drop load," Fitz chuckled, again.

"But how did that happen?" Adams asked, holding the icepack more firmly on his head, "I don't think the head bitch could work a cloning computer by her lonesome."

"I know that, which led me to believe that someone must've been helping her with that," the Professor replied, "either way, we might have killed the matriarch on the medical frigate, but we're far from the end of this parasite war. I'll report this to the Captain and we can plan out our next target."

With that, Doug operated his hover chair, his notes on his lap, and headed out the door.

"Well, I guess he'll be heading on deck, wanna get some lunch?" Adams asked, standing up from the bench and heading out of the lab.

Fitz chuckled as he and Patterson followed, "Heh! On deck!"

Sergeant Wilson sat on the cot of his quarters, lost in thought. Some much has happened in only one day, too much that he could have expected. Almost all of his team had made it with only a few scars, but Boomer's condition was the least of what he could handle. The boy would never go on another mission, never face the adrenaline of conflict nor the thrill of a battle. It was no use given him a weapon, he wouldn't be able use it if he could. Now that he was crippled beyond recovery, Boomer would no longer be fit for fights...

- he's fortunate enough to be alive -

He acknowledged the thought and was grateful for it. Though Boomer was in such a degraded condition, he could be a lot worse, he could even be dead.

- like Shepherd -

Wilson glanced at the unlit cigar, lying rather lonely on his desk. He reached over and claimed it, now holding in front of his face to examine it. He remember receiving it from the Bothan right before the mission, right before he was killed. Now that the mission was over, but yet he was dead, what was he to do with the deathstich now?

He made a choice, he slipped the cigar into his pocket and patted it lightly, "Only when all is said and done..."

After enduring the second tour throughout the Ark, Ahsoka followed along side Boomer as he limped his way back to his own quarters, both traveled in silence. Considering his condition he appeared to feel more tired time-after-time, he needed rest more than anyone did at this point. He had allowed her to come with in case she would need any more help, or so he believed.

Along the way, she broke the silence to say, "Boomer... About earlier, I'm sorry if I crept you out any way. I-"

"Don't worry about it," he exclaimed, "A lot of newcomers appear crazy at first introduction, especially those who had just been cured of a brain worm infestation."

"You really think I'm crazy?" She asked, frowning.

He shook his head, "No, if the Sarge said you and I were on a mission together, then you must be telling the truth. Me believing you is the challenge for both of us."

"You really trust Wilson that much, huh?"

"Of course, he's like a father to me," he said, turning his head to her to grin bashfully, "or did I already say that before?"

She smiled at him, as if reassuring him not to feel self-conscious, "You've mentioned it once. I- I'm sorry you lost your memory, Boomer."

"Don't worry, I'm sure it wasn't your fault," he replied, smiling.

With that reply, Ahsoka felt deathly ill to her stomach as guilt struck at her heart. He doesn't know, he doesn't remember, and it's all because of me, she thought. Perhaps he was no longer angry with her for what she had done in the past, all because he couldn't remember it, and it was her fault. She had abused him, treated him like a common servant, and now had cost him his memory of the mission, and of their friendship. She felt responsible for it all, though with his memory of their past time together was gone, she had her wish in a new beginning with him. But that thought only increased her guilt.

Upon arriving at his quarters, Boomer turned to face her, "Hope you enjoyed the tour, I'll be taking a nap so if you need me, you know where to find," he told her, and as he opened his door, Ahsoka laid a hand on his shoulder to stop him.

"Wait," she said, "do you need any help getting settled in?"

He looked at her in confusion. "Maybe a little, but why the offer?"

"I- I just felt as if it's the least I could do... to return the favor," Ahsoka replied, withdrawing her hand as she tried not to look him in the eye.

"For the tour around the ship?"

"For everything, actually," she admitted, "I feel like I owe you."

Boomer was slightly confused, he didn't know what she meant by "everything," but he chose not to question that, he could use the extra hand, after all. "Uh... okay. Sure," he replied, before limping into his room.

As soon as she joined him in the room, Boomer sat down on his bed, placing his crutches next to him. Ahsoka took a seat next to him and began to help peel off shirt, as she soon found his bandage shielded torso. It looked rather painful just to look at, after remembing the broken ribs, the notion that she was responible for it would have been enough to make her sick. But she restrained the urge and held him onto the bed, lying him flat on the mattress.

"Ahsoka," he began, "can I ask you a favor?"

"Of course," she replied, studying his bewildered features.

"I don't remember anything from a week ago, about the time when we both met, but you do. Can you tell me what it was like? Did we get along?"

"Well..." she studdered, unsure how to explain how they "got along" rather well. Her memory crawled back to their share of wine, when she, intoxicated, deliberately kissed him. Why couldn't that memory just leave her along, already? But her mind was wrapped around it, and somehow, she couldn't let it go, not without someone else's permission.

"Ahsoka?" Boomer said her name, it sounded almost like a whisper.

She looked down, catching his eyes in a gaze, before she shook her head and looked away. "We... we were friends, good friends I guess," she studdered again, "and on the mission, I... you..." She sighed to herself, unsure why she couldn't bring herself to speak to him like this. Maybe it was because every word sounded like a lie to her.

She glanced at Boomer, as he lied on his back, his eyes closed, as if he were unconscious now.

"Boomer?" She whispered, unsure if he was asleep or not.

"I'm alright," he replied, not opening his eyes, "it just hurts and I'm near the edge of sleep. But keep talking..."

With that, Ahsoka took a minute to breathe and collect her thoughts, and then finally she began to talk. This time, speaking the truth, "Boomer, we were friends, and you did try to return my lightsaber to me when I could use it for our good, but I didn't let you," she kept her eyes closed, not wanting to meet his gaze and reaction to this. "I tried to make you stop, and it had bad results, even now. But on the ship, you helped save me and Barriss, and I can repay you for it. You were a good friend, Boomer, but I haven't been all that fair to you. Everything that happened to you, every condition you're in, including the memory loss, it's because of me."

She gathered some courage and opened her eyes to meet his reaction. Boomer lied still, his breathing stable and silent, small snores escaped and revealed that he had fallen asleep, right before she finished admitting her guilt. Ahsoka felt relieved that he hadn't heard any of it, quite glad that they could still be friends, but her guilt didn't ease. She leaned in closer, making sure if he was really asleep, and then gave the resting boy a smile.

"You saved me, Boomer," she whispered, now realizing how grateful she was when he had came and sprayed out the worm. "You saved Barriss," her friend, much like herself, had been enduring a nightmare for far too long, and it was because of Boomer that she could finally sleep well tonight. She leaned in closer and placed a gentle kiss on his left cheek, "Thank you, Boomer," she said, kissing him on his right cheek, "For everything..."


And they all lived happily ever after, or did they? For this was only the first part of it, although I'm still questioning as to make a sequel to this or not, I won't be able to contribute as much as I did to this, so don't count on it. For the while, I'll be working on other stories, the ones after this are "Conspiracy" a Kung Fu Panda fanfic, and "Parasite" a How To Train Your Dragon fanfic. If any of you are interested in either of them, feel free.

I would like to give a special thanks to movies such as Zombieland, Aliens, and Dog Soldier for the inspiration to help me get this far with the story.

Thank you producers and makers of Star Wars: The Clone Wars at Skywalker Ranch, you're all possessing creativity (or at least a little), but you're all still jerks for ruining Star Wars for me.

Finally, I'd like to thank the readers and reviewers: Darth Sith'ari, CrazySmallLady, Ketzer-Scharfschutzen1488, Evil Tree, Lefty Blondy, okami's princess, Duchess-Ahsoka, Lightside, Din, Ollie, Narutolover, Lit. Metalhead, Razgriz Lead, alienphantom, The Order of the White Knights, ASR-AhsokaDawn, hoysterrule123, KittyCaterpillar, ExpertSW, Psyco Kid, Magus Zanin, Mastrada101, and to all the other readers. You're all a great audience, I'm glad to have entertained you for the past months.