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"The man that raped me." I said. Edward was frozen in place. Amy came into the living room and sat on the recliner.

"Mom what happened?" She asked. I shook my head. Edward looked at me.

"Babe we have to tell her, what if he shows up again and she's alone?" Edward asked. I nodded and motioned for him to tell her I was still in shock. I had not seen Mike since the day I broke up with him. And I never dreamed to see him again. I knew he had a wife and three kids that much I found out from Jasper who he saw when he went to Texas last spring vacation while we went upstate. We hadn't worried seeing as he was in Texas and us in New York.

"Amy, the man that was at the door, he was…your biological father." Edward said. Amy looked shocked. I barely ever told her about Mike. All she knew was that he raped me and that I broke up with him.

"What!?! That can't be…no…I…no!" She was shaking. "Mom I'm scared." Edward opened his arms and she clung to him. He started whispering soothing words in her ear, soon she fell asleep. He carried her into his room and I followed him. As he laid Amy down I lay down too, and Edward lay in the middle of us. He wrapped his arms around us and kissed my forehead.

"It's going to be okay; I won't let him do anything to either of you." Edward promised his eyes full with determination. I nodded and kiss him.

"Thank you Edward." I said sincerely. He smiled at me.

"I love you Bella." He said, I was shocked but smiled back. I loved him too with all my heart.

"I love you too Edward." I said strongly. He kissed me and smiled a heart breaking smile.

"Goodnight Baby." I said.

"Goodnight angel." He said sleepily.

Next morning:

Amy P.O.V:

When I woke up everyone was still asleep. I tried to process what dad told me yesterday. He said that the man that raped my mom had come here. He was so near us and I didn't know. I had taken a small look at him all I saw was his blonde hair and the top of his head. The rest of him was covered by the door. I was relieved that I didn't see all of him; I didn't want to see how much I looked like him.

"Amy? Are you okay?" Edward whispered, mom was sleeping.

"Yeah why?" I asked he look like he didn't believe me.

"You're shaking Amy." He said I hadn't noticed that I was shaking. I was scared but I didn't want to admit it. I was scared that Mike might do something to us. I didn't know what he was capable of doing, and I don't want to find out.

"Oh sorry," I apologized weakly. He shook his head.

"Don't apologize Amy, it is okay to be scared. And it is okay to show it too." He whispered. I nodded silently.

"Are you hungry?" He asked. I nodded again. We both got up; he wrapped the covers tighter around mom, and then grabbed two big blankets and took them with him. I followed him downstairs, he made eggs and we ate them wrapped around the blankets. Then we went to get dressed, mom was awake and when we went back downstairs she was ready also. On Sundays Edward liked to go to church so that was where we were going. We made our way inside the church mom and dad holding hands and smiling. As we were leaving the church I heard two people I knew all so well, it was Liz Denali.

"He is only using them, probably going to leave them soon." She said to her cousin, Kayla.

"Yea, I mean come on really? He could do so much better." Kayla replied as they climbed into their parent's car.

"Where are we going now?" Mom asked. Edward looked at me.

"I don't know, Amy do you want to go anywhere?" he asked. I shook my head.

"Okay so I have an idea." He said as he started the car. He drove to an unfamiliar place and parked the car. We got out and he led us to a small little house.

"Amy this is mostly for you. This place is a shelter for homeless animals." He said. I understood, he was going to get me a dog! Nadine had gotten two, two weeks ago. She has a golden retriever and a yellow lab. They were just months old. She was upset about Uncle J dating Alice so he got her them to cheer her up. Right now they went to Florida to visit Alice's family for three weeks. They are coming back two days before Christmas.

"Edward, I don't think getting a dog is a good idea, I mean Nadine already has two and I am pretty sure that another one will be too many at home." Mom said. Ugh trust mom to ruin this.

"Baby, it won't crowd anything, anyway they can stay at my house." Dad said. Yay!

"They?" Mom asked.

"Yea, if Nadine got two dogs why can't Amy?" He asked. Mom shook her head but she knew better than to argue, it was two against one.

"Yay! Okay lets go pick them!" I said excitedly. We went inside. There were all different types of dogs; each had their own big cages.

"Wow." I said, dad laughed, and mom went to sit in the waiting room. She wasn't much of an animal person so she stayed there while I and dad went through the doors and into the office.

"Welcome to our adoption center!" a cheery old lady said as we walked inside.

"Hello, ma'am." Dad greeted her back.

"I take it you want to adopt a pet?" She asked. I nodded and she gave us a packet of forms. While dad filled them out I just sat and read all the posters about homeless dogs. Once he was done we stood up and walked into the other room that was filled with a bunch of dogs. I wanted a German shepherd and a Siberian husky. There were plenty of those. I went to the back and found two of them the tags said that they were both two years old and both male. I took the tags over to my dad who also had two tags in his hands.

"What did you chose?" He asked. I showed him the tags and he nodded and showed me his. He had a Rottweiler and a boxer tags.

"Okay so let's take these up front." He said.

"Wait, we're getting all four?" I asked shocked. He nodded. WOW.

"Ma'am we chose the dogs." He told the lady, she nodded and took our tags she gave them to a man behind her and he brought the dogs inside. I chose out the leashes and body collars and toys, food etc.

We went back to the waiting place were mom was reading a magazine. She looked up as we reached her.

"Four dogs?! You had to get four dogs?" she asked. I nodded and Edward smiled.

"Oh lord, one dog was enough." She said. Dad smiled and whispered something in her ear, she nodded and kissed him. Once we were in the car we headed home.

"Amy, I talked to Renee, you and Nadine are going over there and then your grandmother and everyone is coming down. If Ester talks about your uncle, tell him to shut his trap and mind his own business. Phil and Renee are coming for you tomorrow morning." Mom said. Dad brought the stuff inside and put everything away.

"Come on lets go eat!" Dad said.

The next morning:


Beep, Beep, Beep…

"Ugh!" I turned around and turned off the alarm clock. Bella was already up and Amy was taking a shower. I went downstairs and took a shower in the downstairs bathroom. I put on my police uniform and made a quick breakfast. Bella and Amy came down and began eating. Amy looked upset.

"What happened Amy?" I asked.

"I don't want to go." She complained. Bella shook her head.

"No. you are going, last time I lied to Renee but now you're going. For two weeks. And that's final." Bella said as someone knocked on the door. I went to go get it. Outside stood a man and a woman.

"Hello. I am Renee and this is Ester, my son." Renee introduced herself.

"I am Edward Cullen, come in please." I said. They went inside and I closed the door.

"Babe! Your mom is here." I called to Bella. She came out and hugged her mom and nodded to Ester.

"Mom, Ester where is Phil?" Bella asked.

"Oh he couldn't make it and you know how I get lost easily so I asked Ester to bring me. Where are my grandchildren?" Renee asked.

"Amy is in the kitchen and Nadine is in Florida. She will fly up for one week and then fly back down. Amy is only staying two weeks, a day over that and I will personally go all the way to upstate and get her." Bella threaten. Renee smiled and called Amy down.

"Bye mom, bye dad." Amy said as I walked her to the car. I closed the door behind her and waved as the car disappeared.

"Do you have work today?" I asked Bella. She shook her head.

"No, Jasper said that we should close it and renovate it so I am off work for a week and then I am going to go to my Aunt Jasmine's restaurant until my restaurant is renovated because she wants to go to Europe for a vacation so I offered." She explained. I nodded I still had thirty minutes till I had to go to the station. I kissed Bella and soon we made it to the couch with her straddling me and her hands in my hair. We parted for air. Ten minutes later we finished making out and I grabbed my stuff. As Bella walked me to my cruiser.

"We have two whole weeks." She told me.

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