By: ZhaneZeo

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*Starts of as a Tori/Blake but becomes a Hunter/Tori*

Chapter 1: Detention

"Your late again Victoria." The teacher said as Tori walked through the class room door as the teacher looked up. The students turned and looked at Tori as she made her way to her seat next to the window.

"Sorry Mrs. Bosley." Tori said plainly. She was used to being late in this class.

She'd meet with Blake down in the 'C' wing where the science labs were and they'd talk and talk. Only when the 2nd bell ring did they realized the time. They quickly gave each other a nervous smile as they both blushed. Tori had always liked Blake ever since she had met him and his brother Hunter about a year ago. She was dying to date him and one time when he was about to ask her out Dustin had to interrupt.

Tori was pulled out of her day dream as the teacher, Mrs. Bosley, a medium height brunette teacher in her late 30's walked to her desk.

"Looks like you're in for detention." Cooper the boy who sat next to her said. He was sweet and had an adorable baby face, brown hair and was on the football team as running back. Tori sighed as the teacher set a little pink sheet of paper on her desk.

"Here you are Ms. Hanson, detention with Mr. Roberts." Mrs. Bosley said as Tori rolled her eyes, annoyed. She picked up her bag and on her way to the door she passed by Shane and Dustin, her two best friends.

"Haha looks like someone got detention." Shane whispered while laughing.

"Yeah and it's not me!" Dustin said Tori rose from her chair.

"Busy making out with Blake?" Shane snickered as Tori gave him the 'don't mess with me right now' glare. Dustin snickered at the look she gave Shane and as she walked by his desk kicked his leg lightly.

"Oww!" Dustin yelled as everyone in the room turned to look at him questioningly.

"And today we will be continuing our play of 'Romeo and Juliet'." The teacher said as Tori walked out of the room and down the hallway towards the detention room.

"Great." Tori said to herself as she continued to the detention room. She knew she was in for it when she got home. Her mother would complain as soon as she got through the door.

'Victoria! Why on Earth did you walk out of this house wearing that...that garbage!?" Her mother complained. She'd go on and on of how Tori should dress and act and think. Tori grew sick of it time and time again but had to put up with everyday. She knew better than to complain....her father taught her that. One time Tori complained of how her mother talked to her and treated her, her father came over and slapped Tori right across the face.

'Don't you EVER back talk to us again! You're lucky we even keep you around here instead of a foster home!! Now get to your room!!" Her father barked as she felt her face where he hit her. She was only 14 when it happened but after that it got worse. Every time some thing went wrong in that house it was because of Tori. Whenever he father got home from a tough day at work, he'd take his anger out on her. He'd hit her and slap her and scream and curse at her. Tori always took it, afraid of what would happen if she tried to stop him.

Tori found herself in front of the detention room door. She sighed as she turned the handle and walked into the room. Mr. Roberts looked up from the papers he was grading and sat straight up in his chair. He was in his mid-30's brown hair and was one of the meanest teachers in the school.

"Looks like you boys will be having some company." He said as Tori handed him the slip. He signed her agenda book that the students we required to carry around with them. As she turned to find a desk to sit at. She saw Hunter sitting near the back looking angrily at the wall in front of him. (The desks are sideways facing perpendicular to the teacher's desk.) He had his fists clenched and his jaw locked. She noticed a gauge band aide wrapped around his right hand and his lips was spilt. She looked opposite of the room and saw Scott, one of the football team's tailbacks. He also had band aides on his face, more so than Hunter and his lip was bleeding. Tori walked towards Hunter and sat down next to him on the other desk.

"What happened?" Tori whispered so that Mr. Roberts couldn't hear her and risk another day in detention.

"I got in a fight." Hunter said plainly still staring at the wall. He relaxed slightly but was still a little tense. He didn't take his eyes of the wall and he unclenched his fists. Tori looked at the bandaged hand. There was blood beginning to go through the band aide on his knuckles and his other hand had cut on his knuckles with a small bit of blood trickling down it. She opened her purse and dug around for the pack of tissues she kept in it. She found them at the bottom of course and pulled out a couple.

"What was the fight over?" Tori asked as she gently took a hold of his hand and started to dap at the wounds. He turned his head to look at her as she attended the cuts. She was being careful not to make it hurt anymore than it was. He got butterflies in his stomach just from her being this close to him. He knew that she wasn't 'technically' holding his hand but it was close enough. And how careful she was being not to hurt him.

'Stop it Hunter!' He said to himself. 'She's never gonna be yours no matter how much you want her, think about her, or dream about her. Plus she has it for your brother. You want her to be happy.' He mentally kicked himself for how he thought about her all the time. He knew he was in love with her from the moment Dustin introduced them in Storm Chargers. He had tried many times to get her attention but something always got in the way. Like when he called her a 'little girl' that one day on the beach.

She'd chased him until they were both out of breath. She pounced on him and was sitting over top of him holding his wrists. They had stared at each other for a few seconds before they both inched towards each other. Before they were about to kiss, they heard Dustin and Shane yelling for them. They stood up and their cheeks were dark red from blushing as they stool a quick glance at one another before running to find the guys.

"Hunter, you okay?" Tori asked curiously as he snapped back into reality. He realized as he had been daydreaming he had been staring at her the whole time.

"Huh? Yeah, I'm fine." He said quickly as he pulled his hand away from her. It had stopped bleeding and she put a little band aid over top of the deeper cut.

"You sure you don't have a concussion?" She asked as she looked at his head looking for any sign of injury.

"No, I'm fine." Hunter said as he looked up at Mr. Roberts's desk to see him watching Tori and himself.

"Tori move to a different desk away from Hunter." The teacher said as he smiled when he saw both the teenagers frown. Tori sighed as she picked up her purse and books and walked to a different desk in the middle of the room facing Mr. Roberts. She set her stuff down as she crossed her arms and rested her head on them.

'Let's see what all do I have to do when I get home...water the flowers, do my homework, and final project for Mrs. Lisantti, feed the dog, clean the house, mow the lawn......' After that Tori fell asleep at her desk. She had been up late the past week trying to balance school, and the work list that her parents gave her when she got home.

It had been about 10 minutes and Hunter hadn't heard a sound come from Tori's direction. No movement, no coughs or sighs. He took a quick peak over his shoulder and saw she was asleep on the desk. He smiled to himself seeing how cute she looked. Like an angel fallen from heaven and exhausted by the fall.

'Stop it! Quit thinking about her!' He told himself as he turned around to face the wall again for the next hour and a half.

'You're dismissed." Mr. Roberts said as he looked up from his hunting magazine. Hunter sighed as he stood up and grabbed his black DC black pack. He turned around and saw Tori still asleep on her desk. He smiled but the smile quickly faded as he saw Scott glaring at him. He returned the glare as Scott walked out the door.

"Hey Tori." Hunter said as he gave her a slight nudge to wake her up. She stirred a little and fell still again. He gave her another nudge as he bent down beside her and gave her arm a little shake.

"Tori wake up." He said as she slowly sat up and looked around.

"Detention is finally over. You fell asleep obviously." Hunter said with a laugh. Tori smiled as she stiffed a yawn. She stood up and grabbed her bag and as she went to grab her books. Hunter reached forward at the same time and they touched hands. They both looked at each other and laughed.

"Here all get them." Hunter said as he added to the pile he was already carrying.

"Are you sure?" Tori asked as he nodded. They both walked out of the class room and down the hallway.

"Thanks Hunter." Tori said as they reached the front entrance of the school.

"No problem." Hunter said as they walked through the parking lot towards the rest of the gang around Shane and Dustin's cars. Shane was practicing some tricks while Marah and Dustin were flipping through a Motocross magazine. Kapri was looking in the mirror fixing her make up and Blake was sitting on the hood anxiously.

"Well it's about time." Shane said as he popped the front of the skateboard to stop.

"Uh oh Blake, looks like you've waited to long...your brother got her first." Dustin joked as Hunter and Tori approached them.

"Shut up man." Blake said as he pushed Dustin of the hood of the car. He landed on the concrete with a thud.

"Oww." Dustin said as he stood up. The gang was laughing and Hunter and Tori hadn't heard the joke that Dustin said.

"Come on let's go to Storm Chargers." Shane said as he threw his skateboarding gear in the back along with everyone's school stuff and got in the drivers side. Kapri sat opposite of him while Blake, Tori and Hunter piled into the back. Tori sat in the middle of the 2 brothers. Dustin and Marah got into Dustin truck as they pulled out of the parking lot. Blake and Shane were talking about the upcoming Motocross and Skateboarding competitions. Hunter had dozed off and had his head leaning against the window. Tori was starting to drift in and out of sleep and found her head and part of her body leaning against Hunter's sleeping one. Blake noticed this and had a bit of jealously show but just tried to ignore it. Tori's hand was next to his as he wrapped his around hers and gave it a little squeeze.


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