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Chapter One: Too Late

PoV: Penelope Garcia


I have the hardest job on this team. I think, at least. It's hard in a different way from the others. And not just the hardest in the difficulty level. On the contrary, I find digging into the financial and medical records ad so forth of these creeps so much easier than digging into their minds. I take refuge behind my computer screens with my cute plushy toys and try to hide from the darkness that the others dive into headfirst. But there are times, when I have to go over tapes of a murder or something like that, when my job is truly the hardest. Times when I have to see and hear things so horrible that I regret ever hearing of computers or technology.

Times like these.

As much as I enjoy putting scumbags away, I always feel creepy when diving into the lives of the innocent ones. Like digging through the dirty little secrets of a town plagued by arson, or delving into the life of a woman being stalked to try and find out when they'd first crossed paths.

But even that can't compare to the way I'm feeling right now.

As soon as I patched them through to listen in on Hotch and Foyet's conversation, I got the most horrible feeling. I knew they needed to hear what they were saying so they could get there in time; so they could save Haley and little Jack. But still, it felt wrong. I think a part of me knew that we would be listening to the last conversation of two people who, divorced or not, still loved each other.

I knew it would be bad, but it was even worse than I imagined.

As Hotch talks to Foyet, he tells him that he is already famous, that he must be tired, that he can stop, I feel nauseous. Because Aaron Hotchner is begging. And I can practically hear the gloating in Foyet's voice as he asks Haley to open the gate and let him in. Hotch is begging, he's won. Hotch hangs up. So does Foyet. the line goes dead, and I lose the signal. Why do I always lose the signal at the worst times?

But moment's later it's back on again. I can trace the call, it's coming from Hotch's own home. They already know where he is, they're en route, but I call Derek up anyways.

"Foyet's calling Hotch."

"Can you get us on?"

"Yeah." I could usually come up with a return with a little more pizazz, but not now. Not when Haley and Jack are in trouble. I tap the line, and we hear it all, every single horrible word that will be burned into my memory forever.


It's not Foyet. It's Haley's voice that we hear on the line.

"Aaron? You're okay?"

"I'm fine"

"But he said..." Realization dawns on the poor woman. She knows that there is a cold blooded killer right there in the room with her and her son. "Oh, Aaron..."

"He can hear us, right?"

"Yes... I'm so sorry."

Hotch sounds close to tears.

"Haley, show him no weakness... no fear."

"I know, Sam told me all about him. Is he..."

"No, Sam is fine." Hotch lies quickly, trying to spare her even more pain.

"Aaron, Aaron, Aaron..." I hear a cold, mocking voice cut in. She's on speaker phone, and he's right there next to her listening. But where's Jack? My heart leaps into my throat. He can't be dead already, or Haley would me more distraught. He must be somewhere close. I pray that he is okay. Foyet continues in the same gloating tone; "Is that why your marriage broke up? Because youre a liar?"

"Don't listen to him, Haley..."

"I have Sam's service phone right here." He says cooly. "They sent out a mass text about his death. You can take a look if you want."

"He's trying to scare you..."

"Did you even tell her what this is about? About the deal?" Foyet asks accusingly.

Hotch sounds desperate now. "He's just trying to make you angry..."

"Well she should be, she's gonna..." Strangely, he pauses, before spelling out the word; "D-I-E because of your inflated ego!"

He's pleading again. "Ignore him, Haley..."

"I'm sure you dont want her to know this part either... Y'know all he had to do was stop looking for me and you wouldn't be in this mess?"

I know that this will kill Hotch. My heart breaks as he cries in anguish; "Don't react!'

"... What is he talking about?" She sounds overwhelmed.

Hotch doesn't answer. He can't. I know that what the son of a bitch just told Haley was more painful to Hotch than stabbing him nine times awake."... Tell Jack I need him working the case."


Hotch repeats it. I don't understand, but I hope that it's something that will get the poor child to safety.

Haley sounds confused, but says, away from the phone; "Jack, did you hear that?"

He's right there with them, he can hear every word.

"Hi, Daddy." He says. My eyes fill with tears. He is so innocent, and children shouldn't have to go through these things.

"Hi, buddy." Hotch's voice breaks. This may be the last time he hears his son's voice. A tear runs down my cheek.

"Is George a bad guy?" Smart as a whip, that kid. He gets it from his father.

"Yes, he is. But Jack... I need you on this case with me. D'you understand? I need you to work the case with me." He's desperate, and close to tears. I don't know what to make of it, but Jack seems to.

"Okay, Daddy"

"Jack, hug your Mom for me."


"Mommy hug me too tight." Jack says. He doesn't know that this might be the last time he sees his mother. The tear is joined by another.

".. I'm sorry" Haley murmurs faintly.

"Why are you sad?" He says questioningly.

"... I just love you so much..." She's crying now. So am I.

"Mom, I gotta go, I'm working the case." The little boy says solemnly. There is a long pause as he leaves her for the last time. I wonder if he looks back at her, so he can remember what she looks like after she is gone. I try not to imagine the hell that poor, brave woman is going through.

The silence is interrupted by Foyet's cruel voice. "He's so cute... Like a little Junior G-Man... I'll be right up, Jackie-boy!" He calls this last part after the child, and I feel like someone has punched me in the stomach. The son of a bitch can not lay a hand on that child. I know the words are like shoving white hot branding irons into Hotch's breaking heart.

"Is he gone?" Hotch asks after a bit. His voice is shaky, but controlled.

"...Yes." Her voice shakes, too. She knows what's coming.

"You're so strong, Haley, you're stronger than I ever was." He's so close to tears. Hatred flares up in me as I think about how much Foyet must be relishing this.

"... You'll hurry, right?"

"I know you didn't sign on for this..."

"Neither did you."

"... I'm sorry for everything."

These are not the words of hopeful people. These are the words of a woman who knows that death is coming in moments as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, and of a man who knows he won't be able to save her. These are words of regret, and forgiveness, and love, love that they denied themselves, but now, moments before death, must be expressed.

"Promise me that you will tell him how we met, and how you used to make me laugh." She's passing the torch to him. It's his job now...

"Haley..." He whispers her name with more love and pain than I thought possible. More than ever I feel as though I'm invading their personal moment, and once more I can't stop listening.

"He needs to know that you weren't always so serious, Aaron... I want him to believe in love, because it is the... most important thing.... but you need to show him.... Promise me." She is crying. So is he. It's seconds away now. My body tenses. My heart breaks. I wait. He waits. She waits.

When I was young, I'd go in to see my doctor and sometimes I needed to have my blood taken, which I hated. But I mean, what seven-year-old enjoys getting stuck in the arm by a needle? Every time I went, the doctor would roll up my sleeve, rubber-tie it off so he could see the vein, and put cold rubbing alcohol over it with a cotton ball. I'd clench my teeth together and suck in my breath and tell him to tell me when he was going to do it. And every time, he'd count to three, and some time between "one" and "two", he'd do it. On the count of three, I'd yowl and screech in pain, only to realize a second later that it was already over. I'd go from shock, to indignation, to flat-out anger and ask the doctor why he lied to me. To which he'd always respond; "It hurts less when you don't see it coming."

Dr. Golde was a wise man, but he was only partially right about that. I've experienced a small piece of lead making its way quickly and violently through my body, and although I never saw it coming, it still hurt a damn lot. Poor Haley can see it coming, she's probably staring down the barrel of a gun right now. Hotch is right. She is so brave. And I know that it will hurt just the same, but only for a second. It is point blank, Hotch won't get there in time to save her. She will die, quickly, she won't have to go thorugh the pain of a surgery, she wont be ripped from her peace by 360 joules of electricity resterating her heart because by the time any medics get there she'll be long gone. She will never see her son's face again, hear her husband's voice. She will never laugh, or smile, or breathe, or love again. She will die. It's too late. We can't save her. No one can.

These thoughts run thorugh my head at warp speed, in the seconds it takes for Hotch to whisper through his tears, the last words he will ever speak to Haley Brooks:

"... I promise"

Bang. Bang. Bang.

I burst into tears. It's over.

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