*My first Teen Titans fic! Are you guys as excited as me?! Probably not. Well, anyway, I LOVE this pairing (by which I mean SpeedyxAqualad, of course). Most of the decent Teen Titans pairings are hetero, just like most Superheroes are straight, so I decided to mix it up a bit. Anyway, first of all, I'd like to bring back the Roy that hits on everything that moves, but unfortunately, it doesn't really work with this fic, so I guess it'll just have to wait. This is also a mix of the animated show with the comic, so it's going to be a bit odd. It takes place in the animated show universe, but it's got a few comic elements to it, like the use of first names. I'm planning on updating once a week (probably the weekend), but there will be variations. For example, if I have a college app due that weekend, I probably won't update, but if it's winter break, you might get several updates in one week. Yeah, have fun with that. I'm thinking it'll also be a medium-sized fic. Most of my other fics are either epics (meaning I'll never finish it), or oneshots, so this is my first time trying to wrap it up in ten or so chapters (knowing me, it'll probably go past that). And it's LOOSELY based on something that happened to Garth in the comics, VERY LOOSELY (so please no reviews that say, "Uh, Kaiser, I dunno what comic you were reading, but I'm pretty sure that's NOT what happened during the Imperiex wars. " Reviews like that will only lead to me crying about how much I hate the Superman continuity, legit, in other words, me going, "It's just so long!! Sob! And SO convoluted!! I tried! I really did, but it's just so confusing!!! Sob!! Waaaah!!" And no one wants that). So...there you have it. Well, I'm hoping this'll work out! Wish me luck. Oh, and, for more on my rants on the Superman continuity, feel free to message me. I've got plenty of 'em. ;)

Disclaimer: "If I speak, I am condemned; if I stay silent, I am damned." –"Who am I?," Les Miserables (P.S. I don't own Teen Titans or any pop culture references that I may or may not reference in this fanfic).

A Couple Notes: Dick Grayson is Robin, Koriand'r (or Kory) refers to Starfire, Victor Stone (or Vic) is Cyborg, Garfield Logan (or Gar) is Beast Boy, Roy Harper is Speedy, Garth is Aqualad, and Karen Beecher is Bumblebee. I'm assuming that you know Bruce refers to Batman, and if you didn't…well, now you do. Also, I mention the name Jason Todd, just a reference to the second Robin. Dick Grayson is the one we all know and love.

Prologue: S.O.S.

The day had ended hours ago. It was well past midnight into the ungodly hours of the morning. Any normal teenager would be fast asleep by now, hoping to not have to return to school in the morning, but Dick Grayson, better known as Robin, was far from a normal teenager.

The boy wonder had a bad feeling. It was his instincts crying out that something was desperately wrong. This feeling had been plaguing him all week, peaking that night. It had been a quiet week, far too quiet for comfort. Usually, by Thursday night, some semblance of crime had appeared on the Titans' radar. Something. But not this week, not even the Amazing Mumbo or Dr. Light made themselves known. Nothing. And Robin knew that something was off.

He spent that entire night scouring reports, hoping to find some form of clue to this mysterious downturn in the crime rate. There had to be something.

With a sigh, he pinched the bridge of his nose. Years of work with Bruce had taught him the wonders of insomnia, and he was certainly no stranger to his personal obsession with his work; still, he could not help but to feel exhausted as he looked over one of the more recent files for the sixtieth time. Perhaps it was time for bed, or even just a break. With that thought, Robin stood. His brows furrowed as he took a step away from the desk. He turned towards the files, face wrought with indecision. With another frustrated sigh, he returned to his workplace. Jason Todd may have been able to give up on a suspicious. Hell, Bruce might even have been able to, but not Dick Grayson. Never Dick Grayson. He continued his work.

Dick may have sat in that chair, unmoving for hours more, if it was not for the pounding on the hulking metal door leading into Titans' Tower. Robin jumped at the sudden noise. Who would be knocking at this unbelievable hour? It could not be some form of attacker, as no villain in their right mind would bother knocking. The person had to be friendly, or at least law-abiding. Then, who? Dick stood, deciding that the only way to truly know would be to open the door and see for himself.

Nodding to himself, the masked boy made his way from his room to the main entrance. Throughout his entire journey downwards, the knocking never once ceased. It was beginning to grate on his nerves. However, the noise began to take on more serious implications as Robin drew nearer to the door, for the knocking was now accompanied by a voice.

"Hello? Hello! Is anyone there? Please!" it shouted frantically. "Someone help! Please! Starfire? Cyborg? Robin!! Help!" Robin did not recognize the voice, but the way it screamed his name made him sprint to the door. He quickly punched in the correct security codes before finally opening the door. Unable to stop himself, he gasped at the sight that he was met with.

Roy Harper, also known as Speedy of Titans East, was before him, barely standing. His body was shaking something awful. His mask had been stripped away revealing panicking bright green eyes. The red suit he was known for was in tatters. He was bloody and bruised on every inch of visible skin; a particularly nasty wound on his head oozed out what looked like pints of blood. However, instead of his choice weapon and quiver, Aqualad was draped over his shoulders, unconscious, and apparently worse for wear (though Dick could not really tell for sure, as most of his body was blocked by Speedy).

Roy did not even have to say a word before the masked boy in front of him whipped out his communicator. "Titans, trouble! Come to the main hall immediately."

Robin did not even have time to blink before Speedy collapsed onto his knees. The former rushed over, helping the other to the ground. The redhead ended up with his back to the doorframe and Aqualad in his arms. His shaking had not subsided.

"Oh God, Roy! What happened? And Garth! Jesus!"

"A-a-attacked," the archer managed to stammer out, "at the T-tower…got s-s-separated…wanted…Garth." At the sound of his own teammate's name, Roy seemed to gain a burst of energy. "Garth! Where is he?! Did they get him? No!" Robin struggled to keep Roy seated as a sort of madness came over the redhead.

"Roy! Calm down! Garth's here. Garth's right here. He's safe; you have him." At this, Speedy seemed to calm. Still, his breathing quickened, and his shaking only seemed to worsen. His body slumped over, his weight now entirely on Dick. "Roy, stay with me. Come on. Here…where're the others?" Speedy's eyes widened as he pushed Robin off of him.

"No!! Karen!" he cried hysterically. "We have to—Mas! Menos!! No! Leave them out of this!!" Robin tried to push Roy back down lest the other hurt himself even more, but Roy struggled frantically against him, thinking he was once more facing the enemy. "Garth! Garth! Let me go!! I have to—NO! No! Please, not Karen!!" It was this sight that the other four Titans walked in on.

"Wha's goin' on-" began Beast Boy sleepily before his eyes widened, and he stopped short.

"Vic! Kory!" Robin shouted through gritted teeth as he struggled to hold down Speedy. "Help me restrain him!" Cyborg and Starfire moved to help, but before they could take a step forward, Speedy's wounded body finally gave out on him, and he fainted. Dick grimaced as he turned back to his team. "Let's get them checked out," he sighed out. "Raven, you'll probably need to heal them."

"What do you think happened to our friends?" asked Starfire, voice dripping with concern.

"Nothing good," was Robin's cryptic answer, but in reality, it was the only one he had.

It was going to be a long night.

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