That Curl

Chapter 10: Denmark/Norway

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Norway looked impassively at Denmark, who seemed to be in a trance, staring at the television with a worshiping daze.

Norway didn't like to admit it, but recently, if Denmark didn't pay attention to him, he would feel pretty let-down. If Denmark talked to someone else, smiled at someone else, hell, if he looked at someone else, he would immediately frown more so than usual.

Denmark, being the dense idiot he was, didn't seem to notice at all.

Norway thought darkly in the kitchen looking like something out of a horror movie, with one of his hands chopping carrots and the other causing tiny half-moon dents in the wooden cutting board.

Exhaling slowly, Norway lessened his tight grip on the knife. He needed to calm down. It wasn't any business of his if Denmark wanted to associate with other people, in fact, it was normal.

Norway shouldn't care.

But he did.

Norway heard Denmark talking happily on his cell phone, the TV still blasting.

Dear god, he cared.

Putting the knife down, he went up to his room. He needed to think.

Denmark waited until Norway was out of sight before switching off the TV and collapsing onto the couch, whispering conspiringly to the person on the other end.

"I don't think its working." He stated, feeling uncharacteristically gloomy.

"Really?" Finland said, not really paying attention on the other line.

"Yeah! He isn't paying attention at all!" Denmark whined, rolling off the couch with a thud.

"I'm sure he is, Denmark. Maybe you just need to look harder." Finland assured, feeding Hana-tamago a biscuit. The small, fluffy dog yipped in agreement.

"Okay…if you say so." Denmark grumbled.

He brightened.

"Finland! I have the best idea!" Denmark said, happily.

"Uh, what is it?" Tino asked, slightly nervous.

"I'll just have to find his weakness!"

"What does that have to do-" Finland began to ask.

"Do you know any?!" The tall nation asked, jumping up from his slouching position on the floor.

"Uh…" Tino murmured, thinking. "I guess that curl thing of his."

"The floating thing?!"



Dial tone sounded. Tino sighed heavily.

"I hope it goes okay." He told Hana-tamago.

Hana-tamago yipped cheerily in reply.

Denmark attempted to quietly sneak into Norway's room.

He failed.

Spectacularly so.

Somehow, however, Norway slept through the crashing noises caused by Denmark.

Tip-toeing up to stand next to the sleeping Norway, Denmark paused to think about what he should do next.

Seeing Norway's curl, he decided that, (seeing as it seemed to be attached to his head at the moment) he would just have to pull it and see what happened.

Reaching out with an unsure hold, Denmark grasped the hair curl firmly, pulling on it slightly.

He was startled when Norway let out a low sound of arousal, his sleeping face becoming pink and he turned slightly into the hold.

Letting a devious grin overtake his face, Denmark pulled again and stroked the hair, petting it softly. Norway moaned again, his face darkening, and his excitement becoming slightly noticeable as a bulge in his pants mirrored Denmark's own problem.

Carefully climbing on top of the sleeping nation, Denmark pressed his lips hungrily to Norway, stroking his curl in quick, long motions.

Norway stirred from his sleep, eyes wide open when he fully felt Denmark on top of him, grinding into him with his hips and mouth.

Not wasting a second, Denmark pushed his tongue into Norway's open mouth, opening his eyes just enough to see the barely contained pleasure on the shorter boy's face.

Norway was quick to recuperate, slipping a hand under the thin material of Denmark's shirt, feeling the smooth skin underneath.

Denmark broke away just enough to murmur to Norway a sentence.

"Norge, I love you, you know that?"

Norway closed his eyes, tear escaping from pure joy.

"You…I love you, Denmark." And with that, he kissed Denmark, pouring his feelings into the kiss, feeling Denmark do the same.

Denmark and Norway had a fairytale romance.

And so, as they say, all fairytale's have a happy ending.

Denmark and Norway, however, had a happy beginning.

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