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There was a general fluttering about behind the curtain as everyone got ready for the show. Costumes ad props were handled between the stage hands and the performers, who bustled about as they rushed to get everything ready. Orders were shouted, drinks and objects passed around between performers and stage hands alike; amid the confusion, one lone figure slipped away. Nobody noticed.


On a ship, a tall blonde eagerly jumped on the rail and leaned over it, relishing in the wind blowing strands of blonde hair all over the place. The soothing rock of the boat was more pronounced, but his grip on the rail was tight enough to turn his knuckles white.

"Mello..." came from behind him, and he tilted his head to the side and regarded the red-head he considered his best friend.

"Yea, Matt?" The red-head also grabbed the rail, but instead of pulling himself up, he merely leaned against it and glanced at his best friend.

"You enjoying the breeze or something?" Matt asked. Mello grinned at him. Matt grinned back, but sighed through his nose and glanced back over the water. He hated when Roger decided to send him to talk to Mello. "Y'know, people are expecting you-"

"Don't you start, too, Matt." Mello groaned, jumping off the rail onto the deck and crossing his arms. He turned his back to the moving water and leaned against the rail, glaring at the floor with contempt. "I hate all that damn talk. It's horrid."

"I'm sorry!" Matt cried playfully, though the words were heartfelt. He threw his arm around Mello's shoulder and leaned against the blonde boy, laughter in his green eyes. "Roger put me up to it, 'k? You know I don't give a damn."

"All right, I know." Mello pushed a hand through his hair as the crewmen on the boat yelled at each other.

"We're good?"

"Yes, sir, we're good!" The captain turned to Mello from his place at the helm, forcing the blonde to lean away from his best friend in order to hear what the captain had to say.

"We're going good on the travels today, sir."

"Are we really?" Mello called up excitedly, blue eyes shining. The blonde boy loved to be on the water, stealing aboard any ship he could get on. Matt followed along as usual, and the two boys had snuck onto a shop that would dock nearby the village where they lived. A couple sailors laughed at his excitement.

"That's right." One called up. He stuck his head up from below deck, the top of the mop coming up behind him. "The King must be in a good mood today." Matt hit his forehead with his palm, his breath coming out shortly in annoyance.

"Oh, for the love of-not that nonsense again!" He snapped irritably, much to Mello's amusement.

"It's true!" The sailor yelled back. Matt shot back a response, though Mello lost interest and turned back to the rail again. The water was as still as it could be, but Mello could easily see the fish that swam alongside the boat. As Matt and the sailor argued, Mello leaned over the rail again, straining his eyes to see as far down into the churning water below as he could.


A small boy darted around in small circles nervously until the majority of the crowd noticed him and quieted down. As they did so, he stopped moving and spoke loud so that his voice echoed.

"Welcome, all, to our annual music show!" He bowed slightly when the audience cheered, and flipped a couple times for amusement. In the audience, a couple of kids let out squeals of delight. "As you all know, our annual music show is for the delight of all. So, let's begin!" He flipped again, once, and pointed towards an old entrance. "Our great king, King Wammy!" Everyone cheered as their king made his way to his throne at the top of the crowd. Wammy, though old, smiled gracefully at everyone. His movements were fluid and strong, though his face was kind and warm. He was a much beloved king, with an affection that touched all in his kingdom. "And today's composer, Anthony Carter!" More cheers as the small composer bowed from his spot by the King. The cheers slowly trailed off as Carter spoke.

"Your Highness." He said. Wammy smiled fondly at him, placing his finger gently on Anthony's head.

"I expect great things today, Carter." He said with an easy humor. "You are one of the best. That is why we hired you, you know."

"Of course." Carter replied gracefully with another bow. "And your younger ones have such great talents." Wammy laughed as Carter went down to the stage. Everyone watched with bated breath as the composer went to take his place, though no one heard him as he muttered darkly under his breath. "Now, if only they would show up for rehearsal. Then they'd be even better." He took a deep breath in front of the stand and the music started. A group of two, one after the other, came onstage. They ranged in age, though no one was quite sure of their actual age, and though most of them had dark hair, one blonde stuck out in the group. At the moment, they were reserved, though anyone could see how much one girl struggled to stay that way. When all six of them were grouped properly, the upbeat music started and they sang their parts together with ease.

"We are the children of Wammy." The first three started.

"Great 'father' who found us and taught us well." The other three added. The first shot into the air, drawing attention to himself with a practiced ease.

"Lawliet." A boy with messy black hair and matching black eyes stared unblinkingly at the crowd before spinning up gracefully for his 'sister', the others slowly following his example as they were named.

"Takada." A pretty girl with short, neat hair and a soft smile darted upwards after him.

"Gevanni." He gave a warm smile as he followed his 'sister'.

"Naomi." She spun around, her long black hair flowing behind her, before she flipped easily after her 'brother' and 'sister'.

"Mikami." He gave a small smile before allowing himself to float upwards.

"Misa." The blonde girl gave a simple spin and a sly smile before flipping in a circle, though she didn't swim up to join the rest of her family. Instead, her 'brothers' and 'sisters' drifted down to join her.

"And then there is the youngest in his musical debut." They chorused, gathering in a circle around the stage to present him better. "Our seventh little 'brother', we're presenting him to you. To sing a song Carter wrote, his voice is like a bell." The curtain in front of where he was began to rise and they moved to the side, three on each, to show him off. "He's our 'brother', Natha- - -" They froze. Then the girls gasped, clapping a hand over their mouths in surprise as they looked at each other, wide-eyed. Lawliet stared unblinkingly at the space. Mikami blinked, then sighed, shaking his head and gracefully rubbing his temple. Gevanni placed his face in his hands and groaned. Carter squeaked in shock from where he was, frozen in place.

"It's empty." Lawliet pointed out to the silent audience, his thumb in his mouth as he thought.

"Nathaniel!" Wammy sighed angrily, rubbing his temples as well.


A pale boy with silvery white hair swam up to a sunken ship, excitement shining in his eyes. A beautiful pale red angel fish followed him nervously, dark eyes glancing from side to side.

"Are we supposed to be here, Nate?" She asked quietly, shaking. He shrugged uncaringly, though his eyes never left the ship.

"I dunno. I don't think so, Quarter." The fish whined quietly and swam a bit faster, so that she was pressed against her friend's side. Nathaniel glanced down at her, a soft smile gracing his features. "Why? Does it matter?"

"I don't wanna get in trouble!" She squeaked. Nate laughed, silently so that his friend would not get too mad at him. They floated outside the sunken ship, peering in. Nathaniel's dark eyes examined the inside of the ship until something caught his eye.

"Then stay out here and watch for sharks, 'k?" He asked after a moment, slipping through a nearby broken window easily.

"All right." She said softly, sighing. As Nathaniel's tail disappeared, Quarter Queen spun in small circles, content to amuse herself while she waited for Nathaniel. "Sharks, sharks...sharks..." Suddenly, what Nate said broke through and she followed him quickly. "SHARKS? Nate, wait up!" From inside, Nathaniel laughed again, turning just in time to catch the angel fish as she barreled through the window and into his pale chest.

"Calm down, Quarter Queen." He said softly, placing his hands on her face. She glared darkly up at him, making Nathaniel bite his lip to hold down his amusement; Quarter Queen had no foreboding aura. "All right, all right. Come on, then." With that, he let her go, starting to dig through the room in an effort to find what had caught his eye. Quarter rolled her eyes, but looked around as her friend did.

They worked in silence until a shiny object caught her attention.

"Nate, look at this!" She called out, nudging it slightly with her nose to free it a bit more. Nathaniel was at her side in an instant, having rushed over at her call. By this point, he had done such a thing so often, she didn't jump anymore. "What is it?" She asked him, looking up at him. Nathaniel picked it up gingerly in his first two fingers, like Lawliet did when he held things, and looked it over slowly.

"I don't know." He admitted reluctantly, placing it gently in a bag that hung on his shoulder. Quarter Queen beamed at the knowledge that she had provided something interesting for her friend, and they continued the search with renewed vigor. Unfortunately, Nate could only find two or three other things of interest, placing each object gently in his bag and heaving a quiet sigh.

"Are we leaving?" Quarter Queen asked hopefully as Nate began to swim to the exit. She followed after him easily, more than willing to abandon the creepy ship.

"Yes." Nate said, clearly disappointed at the lack of anything new on the ship. "There are not many things of great interest here." She followed him as he sighed, swimming upwards towards the sky. "What a waste."

"Are we gonna visit Beyond, now?" She asked, excited to see the blue skies and their friend. She spun in circles as they ascended, and Nathaniel chuckled in amusement at the hopeful look in her eyes.

"Do you have a crush on him, Quarter?" Nate asked, amusement sparkling in his dark eyes. Quarter turned redder than usual, her face looking strangely darker than the rest of her body.

"Don't be ridiculous, Nate!" She cried as they broke through the surface. The sun was warm, though they were saved from too much heat by the cool ocean breeze that blew over the water. Both took deep breaths, marveling in the clear air that didn't exist under the water.

"Be ridiculous about what?" Came a voice, and they turned to find a black crow tilting his head to the side as red eyes looked them over. He was the only crow that lived by the water- - -at the very least, the only crow that Nathaniel and Quarter Queen ever saw. "Hello, Nate, Quarter Queen."

"Afternoon, Beyond." Nate said easily, pulling his bag out of the water and onto the rocks where they usually had their meetings before pulling himself up as well. He sat on the rock, though he left his tail in the water. Quarter Queen, unable to go out of the water herself, flipped a couple of times before ducking under the water. She came up just as Beyond started talking again.

"I take it you have new things for me?" Beyond asked, hopping down to inspect the bag more thoroughly. He was the only one that they could go to for information about they things they found, as Beyond knew more about the human world than anyone else they knew. Nathaniel smiled.

"Of course!" He exclaimed, pulling everything out of his bag and onto the rock. Beyond made a sound of disappointment, and Nathaniel shot him a quick glare. "There was not much to find, unfortunately." He picked up the two objects he didn't know and presented them to Beyond.

"Oh, oh, this is nice." Beyond commented dryly. He leaned down and examined one of the objects before picking it up gingerly, bringing it closer to his eyes.

"What is it?" Nathaniel asked, eyes lighting up since Beyond seemed to know what it was. Beyond shook his head, amused, before looking it over again.

"You put it in your hair. Like so." He said, placing it gently in Nathaniel's white locks. The silver hair piece lined with dark onyx stones and sparkling blue diamonds shimmered in Nate's hair. "It's called a 'hair clip', kiddo. Usually used by women who want to keep their hair out of their faces." Nathaniel made a slight face, but touched the clip reverently. It was heavy in his hair and felt out of place, but he left it alone in favor of talking to Beyond.

"What about this?" Nathaniel asked, handing the other object to Beyond. Beyond took it as gently as he took the clip, tracing over its design with a feather. "It's a 'cup', right? It's the first one I've ever found that wasn't broken or shattered."

"That's right." Beyond said, looking over the cup easily. It was a wooden cup, nothing too special, but nothing that Nathaniel had ever found before. Beyond studied it, remembering something that he had seen while flying around. "People tend to drink out of them. They can use them to play music, too, somehow. If I could remember how- - -"

"Oh, my god." Nathaniel sat up straighter, his eyes wide, his tail flipping water up and showering an equally shocked Quarter Queen. Beyond looked at him, annoyed- - -he hated being interrupted, dammit!

"What is it?" He snapped irritably

"Carter's music show! That was today- - -crap, I missed it!" Nathaniel grabbed the cup from Beyond, pulled the clip out of his hair, and shoved them into his bag. "I'm sorry, Beyond, I'll visit later!" He called, diving off the rock and into the cold water. Quarter waved quickly before following him down.

"Yea, yea." Beyond waved them off, though they were already gone, then sat against the rock to enjoy the sun in peace.

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