Read the fic first. Seriously, I just sum up the entire thing in the next paragraph.

So, in case it isn't clear, which I admit tends to be the case when I write. Vlad and Danny fought, Vlad accidentally offed Danny, so now he's dying in very slow increments, slowly manifesting Phantom's characteristics, so of course his parents know; he told them that Vlad was responsible, and Maddie tears into him with all the rage of a mother whose child has just been harmed. The Fentons have now got Danny under bed rest while he finishes dying, with the occasional lab test to indulge their scientific curiosity.

Sam is a lot more torn up than the boys realise over this whole thing. But it's a ficlet, so exploring that is too much information to squeeze into here. And that's about as philosophical as Danny's going to get; not bad considering that he is, after all, a fifteen year old teenager.

7. First Law of Temporal Mortality
'Good Guys' and 'Bad Guys' both die in one of two ways. Either so quick they don't even see it coming, OR it's a long drawn out affair where the character gains much insight to the workings of society, human existence or why the toast always lands butter side down.

A few months after Danny had first stepped into the Fenton Portal, he had wondered how he would die. Not in the morbid, goth way that the people at Sam's favourite bookstore seemed to favour, but the technicalities of it. If he was half dead already, did that mean he would just remain ghost, unable to transform back into a human? Or would both Danny Fenton and Danny Phantom disappear from the world?

He certainly hadn't anticipated this.

"Hey, dude." Tucker tossed a pack of Nasty Burger fries at his head, which he only managed to catch just before it burst open on his face. "Not dead yet, then?"

"Only about seventy-three percent. It's taking ages." Danny stuffed a handful of chips into his mouth, watching as Tucker started setting up his Xbox. "Dad's practically in raptures over this 'opportunity to chart the ectoplasmic-sentience formation process' or something."

"I thought the last time he said that, Jazz ran off crying to her room and your mom took away his entire fudge supply and ate it? You know, most couples just use the you're-sleeping-on-the-couch thing."

"Yeah, but these are my parents we're talking about. The ones who built the gigantic FentonWorks sign on our house before they even unpacked their clothes?"

"Touché." The TV screen flickered to life, and they settled into a rhythm of mashing buttons on their controllers. "Vlad wishing he was the one dying yet?"

A grin spread across his face. "Oh, yeah. Best thing to come out of this yet. He's down to repeating 'it was an accident!', and my mom's not even halfway done with him yet. Serves him right for killing me."

"So she's still upset?"

"Well, she and Jazz've stopped bursting into tears everytime they see this." He gestured to his hair, a riot of black and white, and his eyes, which flickered between blue and glowing green. "Besides, all this time either stuck in the lab or my bed, I've had time to think about things. S'not so bad, is it? Always thought I'd be gone in a flash, no time to say bye to those I love. Especially with the way the ghosts are. Most people would've left behind some careless words, maybe an argument, and not had a chance to change that. Me, it's been a month, and even if I don't just become Phantom at the end of it, even if I'm gone, at least me and my family've had a chance to say all we need to."

Tucker's character on the screen had stopped moving for some time, and was being soundly trounced by the massively-muscled enemy. Danny finally registered his friend's slack jaw.


"You," Tucker pronounced, "Have had way too much time to think about this shit. I am going to call Sam over, and as soon as she finishes yelling at you again for dying, we are going to marathon Dead Teacher until your brains turn to mush."