Max gets revenge on Justin and Alex for getting him sent to summer school. He does a spell that will cause them to have some very.. um.. interesting dreams about each other. Rated M for mucho sexo. JALEX

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"Max!" Alex and Justin both screamed the name of their little brother, or little bother, simultaneously. They marched one after the other down the spiral staircase toward Max who was sitting on the couch looking confused but not too concerned. Alex was holding her broken jewelry box and Justin had a demolished action-figure box.

"Max, look what you did!" Justin yelled.

"Ever since you got rid of your conscience you've been destroying our things. I've had enough!" Alex was fuming with anger.

Max got off the couch and leaned against the wall casually. "Listen guys, I'd love to sit here and listen to the shrieking, but I've got some tips to steal from the sub shop."

But before Max could walk out the door, both Justin and Alex called for their parents. "Not so fast weasel." Alex pulled a tape recorder out of her pocket. "You're not getting away with it this time."

When their parents came into the room, Alex played the tape for them. "Max, we are so disappointed in you," Theresa said. "This is just unacceptable behavior."

"Max," Jerry said quite seriously, "I'm afraid you've left me no choice. You will be going to summer school at Wiz-Tech. They'll be able to keep you inline until I can figure out a way to get your conscience back. And that means no baseball camp this year."

"But Dad, that's not fair!" Max was furious at his siblings for what they had done. He vowed to get revenge.

The next day Max was in his room where he was supposed to be packing for summer school. Instead he was looking through the book of forbidden spells which he had snuck out of the lair. He flipped through page after page trying to find the most devious spell it had to use on his brother and sister. Then finally he found it…

Dream Lovers:

Perform this spell on two people and they will have erotic dreams about each other every night until the spell is reversed. The same dream will play in the minds of both people. Most commonly used as a wedding present for the honeymoon…

Perfect, he thought. Justin and Alex are about to have the creepiest summer they've ever had. And maybe I'll reverse the spell when I come home.

That night Max snuck into both of their bedrooms and performed the spell. Then he went to bed, a little distracted from the doom of having to leave for summer school the next morning.

Alex was sitting on the couch wearing a short button-down shirt dress with her feet tucked up underneath her. She was watching TV alone when Justin plopped down on the couch, grabbed the remote from her hands and changed the channel.

"Hey!" Alex yelled and reached out to grab the remote back. Justin pulled it out of her reach and she fell across his lap with her hands on his thigh and her butt sticking up in the air. Before she could pull herself up he grabbed her waist and started to tickle her. She giggle between yelling, "Stop it Justin!" Her body wiggled back and forth and she flipped over onto her back laughing uncontrollably.

Justin continued to tickle her and she tried to escape, but all she could manage was moving her body slightly down the couch so that her ass was now directly on his lap and her legs were waving in the air. She was losing her breath and finally she grabbed his hands and pushed them back. "Please," she gasped for air, trying desperately to stop laughing and look serious. "Justin seriously, stop."

"Okay I'll stop," he said, pausing for a moment to let her catch her breath. "Psych!" He move his hand to her mid-thigh and began squeezing rapidly. This was a spot he used to tickle her when she was little and he knew she was especially ticklish there. What he didn't know was that she was all grown up now, and that this spot gave her a very different reaction now. Something she knew from her dates with Dean. Something she remembered about herself a half a second too late.

Alex barely got out a "Justin, no!" before his hand clamped down on her thigh. As if on command the blood rushed to her core and her legs clamped shut on her brothers fingers. What happened next happened so fast that she couldn't stop it. Her pelvis thrusted upward instinctively and she felt Justin's hand slide a little further up her thighs. She quickly grabbed his wrist and pushed his hand away looking at him terrified of his reaction.

He just stared at her in shock for a moment. Then suddenly, without a sound made between them, Alex began to feel something pushing against her ass. She realized his cock was getting hard! She watched him silently as he just peered back into her eye intensely. Both of them waiting for the other to say or do something but they were frozen.

After what felt like hours, but was actually mere seconds, Alex took a deep breath and decided to just go for it. She began rocking her hips slowly back and forth. Justin could feel her ass sliding across his hard-on through the thin material of her dress. His skin grew hot with intense desire for his little sister who was laying in his lap. Their eyes stayed locked on each other's as Alex put her hand back on her brother's wrist and pull his hand back to their place between her legs. Only this time, she slid his hand all the way up her skirt.

Justin gulped a mouthful of air as his fingertips made contact with her panties. He touched them lightly, keeping his eyes on her face, searching for any sign of her wanting him to stop. But he only found lust. He began to move his fingers up and down the soft silky material that covered his sister's most private domain. His heart began to race as he realized he was feeling wetness seep through. He tried to keep a steady motion, but he knew his hand was shaking like a leaf.

Alex continued to rock her hips up and down finding a rhythm with Justin's strong but gentle hand. Her breath began to speed up and she sucked her lower lip in to avoid letting out a moan. Justin pressed against her panties a little hard and she bit down on her lip.

The way her cheeks flushed and her pouty lips moved made Justin crazy. His cock was pressing against his pants and her ass with a fierceness that had him fearing he would cum right then and there. Then, in an act of desperation, he lifted her head with his free hand and brought her lips to his. They seemed to sigh into each other's mouths at the same time and then immediately began to wrap their tongue around the other's with hunger.

Justin's instinct became too much for him to control. Hit slid his fingers down over the top of her panties and yanked down to her knees. Alex broke the lock of their kiss to let out a cry of surprise and pleasure. Justin took the opportunity of her open mouth and stuck the tips of his first two fingers into her mouth. As if following an unspoken order Alex sucked on them like they were popsicles on a stick hot summer afternoon.

Justin almost forgot himself for a second as he watched his beautiful sister sucking so perfectly on his fingers and the image of her nursing his dick danced in his imagination. Alex thrust her hips again, squeezing her thighs together and he snapped back into the moment. Justin moved his hand back between her legs and relieved her of her wanting. His wet finger slid up the slit of her already soaked pussy and he landed on her clit. He rubbed circles around it and Alex's body lifted up slightly more, as if pulled by a string, and she breathed into his neck, "Justiiin…"

God he was good at this. He slid his middle finger into her slick hole slowly and began moving it in and out, curling the tip ever so slightly on ever out stroke. She pressed her face into his neck with her hand holding onto the back of his head for dear life. Her mouth shot open, letting out a deep moan as he entered her with another thick finger. Her teeth scraped along his throat, pulling the skin into a desperate bite. This sent Justin over the edge.

He moved out from under her, laying her frantically on the couch. He ripped her panties the rest of the way off, and positioned himself between her legs.

"I'm sorry Alex," he practically growled in a voice more serious than she'd ever heard from him before. An animalistic quality had taken over his whole being and she was so turned on by it. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his 7 inch thick cock. "I have to have you right now. I can't wait."

Before she could agree with him, he pushed her legs further apart and thrust himself into her pussy, filling her with one rough motion. She let out a scream of both pleasure and pain. He crushed his mouth down on hers and she wrapped her legs tightly around him.

He paused inside of her for a moment, savoring the feeling of her tight, wet pussy squeezing his cock so intensely. He'd never imagine he could feel anything so amazing. He sucked on her tongue as her lips pressed tighter into his. Then he began to pull back, and her head flew back. "Oh God!" She yelled. He buried his head in her hair as he thrust into her again. His hand moved to her breast, squeezing it purposefully through her dress before ripping open the buttons that held the material together on her chest. She wasn't wearing a bra, and her beautiful full breasts peered out of the torn shirt with perfectly hard nipples that seemed to be begging for him.

His thrusts began a smoother rhythm as he caressed one of her bare breasts. He seemed fascinated by them, pinch her nipple slightly. This caused her hips to come off of the couch and press into him, allowing his cock deeper access inside of her sweet cunt.

"God Justin, you feel so fucking good.." Alex moaned as his mouth closed down on the other breast. "Oh yeah. Just like that. Shit! Mmmm.." Her voice squeaked as his began rolling his hips in a circular thrusting motion. His cock was soaked and he could feel her juice dripping down onto his balls. He lifted of her knees and wrapped his cut arm around it, his hand gripping her thigh so tightly she could already feel a finger-shaped bruise forming.

He was moving faster now and her hips her thrusting up to meet his pace. She reached both hands behind her head and gripped the arm of the couch, feeling herself getting close to the edge.

"Fuck Alex, your pussy is too good. I can't hold off, I'm gonna cum!" He looked desperate for her to give him some kind of clue as to what she wanted him to do.

"Me too! Don't stop, please!" Their bodies were slapping together so quickly. "Shoot in my pussy Justin. I want that hot cum inside of me!" At these words his dick began to explode. Warm spurts of his semen pumped into her and Alex let out a cry that would wake the next city. Her pussy squeezed and pulsed on his cock for almost a solid minute. By the end of it they were both shaking and sweating and gasping for breath.

Justin collapsed onto his sister as his dick let out the last few ribbons of cum deep inside of her. He stayed inside of her unable to move and she held onto him and the last few seconds of her ecstasy.

Justin and Alex both woke up in a sweat. Justin sat straight up in his bed, astonished and completely horrified by the dream he'd just had. He was even more horrified to discover that his pajama pants were wet and stick, and his dick was in the process of deflating. Alex woke up just as panicked. She couldn't believe she had just had that dream, or how intense it had been.

"Holy shit," Alex whispered to herself.

"What the fuck?" Justin said quietly.