Sorry if some of the stuff on the SS Nile isn't right I don't have my copy of elsewhere at the moment as my friend borrowed it so yeah

A new story in Elsewhere

Lydia Jones was sitting on the SS Nile just staring out to sea she hadn't yet noticed that she was no longer on the boat that she had been on a couple of hours ago she didn't even notice that her parents and brother weren't around. Lydia felt the taste of saltwater in her mouth like she had just swallowed a lot of the ocean but she hadn't gone near the water let alone gone swimming. Lydia finally looked up from her dream and looked around she finally noticed that this in fact was nothing like the boat that she had been on it was older and really weird. Lydia didn't understand and she started getting worried she was shore that someone else on the boat might help her old ladies always help teenagers when there lost but no one even seemed to care. Lydia sat back down and looked out to sea again a few minutes later a man came over and gave her a note before leaving.

It said go to the viewing deck.

Lydia got up and looked around she guessed that there would be some sought of sign with a big fat red arrow saying viewing deck the only problem was there wasn't an arrow any were not even a boring old blue one nothing. Lydia began to get annoyed then she remembered one thing that made her angrier it was her fifteenth birthday today she was no longer fourteen and were was her family?

It had been Lydia's mum's idea that they go on the cruise a double celebration Lydia's birthday and her parents anniversary Lydia scowled remembering how her parents had forced her into it she had wanted a simple birthday at home with her friends and Jake her boy friend they were going to rent movies and get pizza and stay up all night talking and stuff but no Lydia was on a stupid cruise and somehow had ended up here on this strange boat being told to go to the viewing deck.

Lydia had been walking for a while when she came to a deck and it said Viewing deck in big fat letters Lydia looked at around it looked like one of those things when you go on bushwalks and you get to the giant cliff with the viewing machine you put two dollars in and get to look through the binocular things for a couple of minutes Lydia went up to a desk that said help a kid was standing at the desk.

"hello are you Lydia?" asked the little girl

"yes" said Lydia

"please follow me" said the girl as she lead Lydia over to one of the machines and put a token in

"watch" said the girl pushing Lydia's head close to the place where you put your eyes

Lydia sore her parents her friends her family and Jake as well as a lot of other people all in black most of them where crying Lydia noticed that it must have been a funeral then she looked at the name

Lydia Jones

Lydia just stared she couldn't be dead that couldn't be her funeral she was alive right now watching the whole thing then it came back to her the boat someone tying a rope around her neck and then pushing her of the edge she remembered the pain then next thing she knew she was sitting on this boat.

The machine went blank and Lydia got up shaking her head and trying to figure out how she was here but her parents where there at her funeral Lydia couldn't believe it she was dead.