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I let out a sigh, which I idly thought that I seemed to be doing a lot lately, and glanced at my wardrobe. As of today, I was banned from dressing as I usually would when I go out, and would have to dress up as a girl. Yet again, I sighed dejected and held up this thing to give it a scrutinizing look. It was not the fact that I fear of being unfashionable, oh no.

I have been in the entertainment business for two years to know some of the high fashion attires females dress in. After all, I have a younger sister, who uses half of my paycheck to buy the latest clothes and accessories, so my problem does not lie with not knowing what to wear. It was what kind of clothes I can wear.

It turned out that Miyazawa-san was much more cunning than I gave credit for, and I was wallowing in self-pity for longer than I should have when he told me to cross dress. This only explained why of all things I had in my closet, there were only this, an envelop, and a note.

"You have got to be kidding me," I grumbled as I wearily eyed at a blouse, a mini-skirt, a cream-colored coat, and a pair of black knee-high boots. Fashionable, yes; but I would not wear them. However, under this circumstances…I have to wear them, since it was the only attire I have... aside from my pajama, and a bathrobe.

I tossed the coat over my shoulder, and grabbed the note posted on a hanger. I quickly read the note before I crumbled it up and tossed it in my trash can. "I can't believe I have to go shop for a new wardrobe. Of all things…" I muttered in displeased, but nevertheless, I took out a platinum credit card from the envelop to pocket it in my wallet.

"One of these days, revenge will be mine, boss," I murmured as I gathered up the outfit from the floor, and headed towards the bathroom. "Revenge will be mine..."

It took me four times longer than usual to get ready, because of the wig, make-up, and everything else that just seemed like hassle, but I was required to put on. I nearly cried when I saw myself in the mirror, mostly due to the fact that I looked so feminine, and so much like a girl. If I did not know that this was me, I would have easily said that the person in the mirror was biologically a girl.

"Okay, Jirou, think happy thoughts," I said to my mirror image softly under my breath like a mantra, "This could very well be the free time you've been wishing for; okay, maybe not dressed like this, or anything. But still… imagine all the fun I could have like this. Note to self: do NOT be a damsel in distress, and stay AWAY from Niou-kun,"

Once I finished my pep talk, even though it was weird to be talking to myself, I walked out of the bathroom. On my way out of my bedroom, I grabbed the boots, and a white fashionable handbag, which I had put my wallet, and my cell phone. Before I left my apartment, I grabbed a water bottle from the refrigerator and tossed it in my bag, along with a pack of mints.

"No one will know that I am cross dressing," I said to myself as I pulled down the skirt for the umpteenth time since I put it on, and added as an afterthought, "Except for Sakura-san, and the devil – I mean, Miyazawa-san, and maybe some of the senpai-tachi in the agency. Good thing Kaji-nii was busy that day, or else I'm screwed if he and my family know,"

I sighed depressingly as I tried to make my dark-brown frilly mini-skirt longer than it is, but once again, it just seemed to stay put. After much difficulties, I finally put on my high heeled boots, and managed to safely stand on them without falling down. It was much easier walking on them than putting it on, strangely enough. With a small scowl on my face, I grabbed the handbag and my keys before I left my safe haven. I locked up my apartment and dumped my keys in the handbag, after I realized that I could not put in my pocket, because there were no pockets on the skirt or the coat. Che... habits…

I ruffled the back of my hair a bit, and tossed it over my shoulder before I walked to the elevator. Since this apartment complex belonged to Sony Music Entertainment, it was not strange to see other famous idols walking about in the hallways, or even see them in various disheveled states. Because this is owned by the agency, the high security provided here allowed the idols to be casual to the point of walking about in pajamas, or even in bathrobes. Not that I would do anything of that sort.

"Ah, Jirou-kun, good morning," one of my senpai, Takahashi Shigeru, greeted as he eyed at my feminine state amusedly. He was one of the people who knew about my punishment, because like Hyoutei, gossip spreads very rapidly within the agency.

"Good morning, Shige-senpai," I greeted with a sigh, and raised an eyebrow at his interesting choice of attire. He does not even looked like he rolled out of bed, and just put on his bathrobe, and the sheep slippers; instead, he looked as if he was modeling them despite his unruly hair, and constant yawns. "Are you going to go visit Haru-senpai again?"

"Of course, someone has to wake him up," Shigeru responded charmingly with a smirk, and asked, "Where are you heading?"

"To buy some clothes," I answered with a small scowl, and added, "Apparently, someone thought it was funny to take all of my clothes, and just leave me with this," as I gestured to the clothes that I am wearing.

"I remember when I had to cross dress," my senpai mused with a chuckle, and laughed some more when I looked him with my jaws dropped. However, he did not elaborate further on his tale, much to my dismay. "Miyazawa-san certainly has a weird form of entertainment. Well, good luck Jirou-kun," he sang teasingly, and walked off when the elevator stopped at the second floor.

"Haruka~ your darling has come to see you~" I heard Shige-senpai's shout before the elevator door closed. What a weird to start my morning...

I walked down the street as I contemplated about if I should call Sakura-san or someone from the agency to accompany me on this shopping ordeal. After all, I was starting to feel a bit creeped out when nearly everyone on the street stopped to stare at me. I knew that I looked amazingly good in this state, but after the fifth person, I was uncomfortable; and no, I am not being a narcissist. It was just that I hung out with Atobe-kun a lot, and his weird habits were transferred to me.

I entered the usual café that I always stopped by in the morning before my work, and sat in my usual booth. As if we planned this meeting, the Hyoutei regulars were sitting in their usual booth, which was a couple of tables away from mine. I placed my handbag next to me, and when I looked up, I nearly startled in surprise when Oshitari sat across from me.

"We meet again, my princess," Oshitari stated smoothly with a smirk, and I quickly had to regain my self-control so that I would not burst our laughing at his strange pick-up line. Instead, I just suppressed a smile, and tug a lock of hair behind my ear.

"Good morning, Oshitari-san," I greeted with a shy smile, and made sure to sound soft yet feminine. At times like this, I was grateful for all those rigorous vocal, and acting lessons. This was starting to feel like a drama scene of some sort, oh yeah.

"Do you usually come here?" he inquired with a delicate eyebrow raised. I vaguely wondered if he was trying to strike up a conversation; but nevertheless, I decided to amuse him, and the rest of the regulars who were watching me.

"Perhaps… What about you, and your friends?" I responded as I looked up at him with a polite smile. There was no way I am going to flirt with Oshitari… that just seem and sound wrong on so many levels. I looked back at the table where the regulars were sitting, and I inwardly let out a chuckle when I noticed that Atobe-kun was looking at me. It was as if he was using his Insight on me, but I highly doubt that he could tell it was me underneath all these disguise. After all, as far as I knew, his ability was used to find a weakness, not see through disguises.

"This is our regular hangout place," Oshitari answered, to which I just let out a hum of understanding. "Why don't you come sit with us? You seem to be lonely sitting by yourself," he suggested with a flirtatious smirk. If I was a normal teenage girl, I would have melted into a puddle of incoherent goo; but luckily, I was not a girl… I was just dressed as one. Not that it was any better, to be honest.

"Are you sure? I wouldn't want to impose," that was what I said, but since he strongly insisted, I grabbed my bag and walked over to his table. After all, it was better than sitting alone with all these lecherous glances daggering at me from other men. Note to self: never go out alone to male-populated area again.

"Tanaka Yuki, please to meet you," I greeted to the regulars with a bow, and tuned out when they introduce themselves since I already know them. Once the formalities were done, I sat next to Atobe-kun since that was the only seat available, and ordered a cup of coffee.

"I haven't seen you around these parts, are you new?" Shishido inquired with an eyebrow raised, and took a sip of his drink. Please don't tell me this was going to head to where I think it was heading. I inwardly groaned, and resisted the urge to hide my face behind my palm. It was so cliché, not that I would be telling him that anytime soon.

"Sort of," I responded carefully with a strained smile, but I did not elaborate further on what I meant. There was no way I was going to let them know that I was made to cross dress. Imagine their shock if they were to know, but then again… I would not mind telling them… after I have my fun.

"So since you are 'sort of' new around here, would you like us to show you around?' Oshitari inquired with what I think was a charming smile. I, once again, resisted the urge to let out a dignified snort, and laughed at him. Instead, I just crossed my legs, and accepted my drink that a waitress came to place in front of me.

"That's alright, I already have some plans made today," I answered with a smile, and carefully took a sip so that I would not burn my tongue. "Thanks for the offer, though," I added with a nod of gratitude. My acting instructor would be so proud, and would be crying a river in happiness that I could act and talk like a girl.

The encounter with my former teammates was weird… just plain weird, and awkward. It was not everyday when one sees his own teammates flirting with him. Well, Oshitari was being his usual flirting self, so I supposed that was…normal? Nevertheless, I could not help but fidget when Atobe-kun occasionally kept looking at me. Has he figured out that I, Jirou, am Yuki? I certainly hope not, because I do not want my punishment to be doubled.

"Next stop, Roppongi… Roppongi. Please make sure you have all your belongings, and watch your step as you exit," the announcer stated as the train slowly comes to a halt in front the said station.

Since Miyazawa-san has given me the agency's credit card to shop for my wardrobe, I'd figured I might as well have fashionable clothes, and accessories. Thus, I had chosen Roppongi as my destination. Oh yeah, I am definitely going to splurge, and not feel guilty by it at all.

With those thoughts in mind, I headed over to a department store, and made sure I was going to women's clothing department instead of men's. Although I made a mental note to get some new outfits for my casual attires when I was not cross dressing. It was not as if I would be cross dressing for the rest of my life… it was just for these two weeks.

It was in the late afternoon that I finally finished shopping, and had told various sale clerks to deliver my purchased items to my apartment. There was no way I would be lugging them around, and make myself vulnerable to all sorts of thing. Usually, I would not be afraid of such things, but since I am a 'girl', anything seemed possible now.

I almost let out a scoff at the thought as I walked towards my apartment, and as soon as I was in my own safe haven, I immediately ran to the bathroom. I wanted out of this costume, and I wanted it out now. Luckily, the whole process only took me half the time it took me to put it on. The wig was the hardest part because it was made to look like my actual hair, and that it came out of my scalp.

Once I showered, I slipped in a bathrobe since I did not have time to get dressed because of the consistent doorbell ringing. With my hair dripping wet, I hastily made my way to the door, and opened it.

"Uh… deliveries for Tanaka Yuki-san?" the delivery guy said with his eyebrow raised at my wet state, but quickly quiet down when I sent a scalding glare.

"Yeah, that's me," I responded and signed some documents before I accepted all things I had bought earlier. It was difficult to get everything back into my room; nevertheless, I managed to do so, and finished putting all the clothes, and accessories into my closet.

I chose a simple navy blue T-shirt, and a pair of black jeans, and then I towel-dried my hair before I exited my room. Despite how much I did not wish to cross dress whenever I leave my apartment, I could not do so, because Miyazawa-san had assigned someone to constantly watch/guard me. If I left my apartment in my usual state, the assigned guard would report back to my boss, and I would only have more days added to my punishment. Although… I am unsure of who that someone is, but I have an inkling feeling that it is someone who is just as sadistic as Miyazawa-san.

I looked around the room, and nodded in satisfaction when I noticed that there were not any traces of female attires. All the clothes, and accessories were carefully hidden away, and the only things left out were my 'manly' stuff.

"Ahh… it certainly feels good to be back," I said in my usual non-feminine tone, and laughed at all the events that happened to me today. Despite how weird it was for me to be talking to myself, I did not care.

I made my way to the refrigerator to grab a drink, but before I could take a sip, my doorbell rang yet again. "I certainly am popular today," I blinked in surprise, and went to answer the door. I stood there in shock for a few seconds when I saw who my guests were through the peephole.

Nonetheless, I opened the door when the doorbell consistently rang with only a second in interval. "Are you trying to break my doorbell?" I questioned with a scowl as soon as I threw the door open. Standing before me were Mukahi – who looked to be in the midst of pushing the doorbell yet again –, Oshitari – who was holding a piece of paper which I assumed had my address on it –, and Atobe – who looked so casual despite the crazy antics from the two people before him.

"So this is where you live," Mukahi stated with a smirk as he finally freed my doorbell from his abuse. "Fancy," he commented before he left himself in. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes at him, and gestured at the remaining two people to enter.

"How did you get my address, and more importantly, how did you get the doorman to let you in?" I questioned suspiciously as I closed the door.

"Your brother did," Oshitari responded with a smirk, which I resisted the urge to roll my eyes at his antics. I immediately stopped my train of thoughts from recalling the events that happened with them at the café, and led them to the living room instead. I am so not going to remember how he tried to flirt with me; nope, not at all.

"So what are you doing here?" I asked with a twitch before I went to the kitchen to grab some drinks.

"We haven't seen you lately, it's like you sudden disappeared," Mukahi responded as I let out a quiet snort at his remark. I did not say anything in reply, and merely place the drinks before them with some snacks that I had bought earlier.

'That's one way to put it,' I thought amusedly at my own circumstance, and sat down on a recliner across from them. "Aside from being punished, I'm also suspended," I stated with a shrug before I glanced to Atobe and further added, "I thought you knew that, Atobe-kun. Well… maybe not the suspended part,"

"Punished? What? Why?" Mukahi gaped as he drowned his cup of tea, and placed the cup back on the table.

"For revealing my identity," I answered calmly as I ran my hand through my hair, but I was not going elaborate on that. "Well, I suppose this is like a mini-vacation for me; a break from my hectic schedule," I mused with a grin.

"Oh yeah, Atobe here has been sulking that you're avoiding him," Oshitari stated as if he suddenly remembered something.

"Ore-sama have not!" the said person responded indigently with a scowl that somehow looked like a pout from my angle. I let out an amused chuckle at his expression, and did not say anything for a couple of seconds.

"Oh, admit it, Atobe, you have been sulking," Mukahi interjected dramatically.

"I'm not avoiding you," I interrupted with a sigh as I put my right leg on the recliner, and placed my chin on my knee whilst I held onto my leg with my hands. "I can't call you because my cell phone has been confiscated, and I'm given a new phone. My boss will be notified of any calls I make, and if I leave my apartment, I am followed. So any activities I do outside will be recorded, and notified to my boss. Don't even try to think of a loophole through this, you guys, I don't want to have more punishment than this,"

"Then why did you decided to tell your secret at the cultural festival in the first place?" Atobe questioned with slight furrowed eyebrows.

"Because I do not appreciate being pushed around any longer," that was my response, and I tilted my head a bit so that I was comfortable in this posture. "I wanted to show them that I am not who they think I am. They're just lucky that I didn't humiliate them that badly," I scoffed at my last phrase.

"You still haven't told us what your punishment is," Oshitari changed the subject yet again. Subtly or not, it was pretty obvious to me.

I just stared at him for a couple of seconds before I let out a scowl, and said, "There's no way I'll be telling you,"