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It was half an hour before the fashion show, and all I can say is that the venue is hectic. The roads were blocked for the event, and already the public had gathered around the fences to watch the show. Some of the staffs were checking the lighting, camera, and other equipments, whilst other staffs were getting the models ready for the event. As for me, I was standing next to Shige-senpai and Haruka-senpai since we are going to sing as the opening to buy some time for everyone.

"Snow Express, huh?" Haruka stated with a chuckle as he readjusted his outfit, and glanced at me with a smirk. "It's been a while since we sung that song," he added as he ran his hand through his hair.

"I can't believe you two are going to cross dress just for this event," I remarked as I shook my head in amusement.

"Well, we can't let Yuki steal the spotlight. Aki-chan and Satomi-chan have to make a comeback, somehow, and this is a good time as any," Shige responded with a grin as he referred to their 'female' counterparts. I let out a defeated sigh in response, and did not bother commenting on it.

I glanced across the venue, and saw Atobe's parents talking with the director of the fashion show. Nearby, I saw Atobe, and the rest of the regulars sitting in the front row seats, which were by the end of the runway. I also noticed the regulars from other schools either sitting or standing near the runway.

I readjusted my attire, consisting of a pleated white and black shirt, a black fur jacket, black and white scarf, khaki pants, and dark brown shoes. I made sure that my hair was okay, and my accessories were in its place when a large, shiny lighting equipment passed in front of me. I nearly jumped in startle when the karaoke version of Snow Express started playing in the background.

"I just realized something…" I started as I looked at my senpai-tachi with horror on my expression, and continued when they threw a confused look back at me. "You know how at the end of the fashion show, all the models, and staff-san come to the front of thank the audience? How are we going to pull that off?"

"…Damn… we didn't think about that," Haruka grumbled with furrowed eyebrows.

"Takahashi-san, Kobayashi-san, JIROU-san, please stand by," the director stated over a mega-horn as the lights began flashing as if we were in a disco hall. Before I knew it, the fashion show begun just the karaoke finished playing it for the fifth time. Through the loud karaoke blaring through the speaker, I could hear the fans' cheers, and shouting their undying love.

I tuned out when Shige-senpai began the introduction speech about the event, and our makeshift group combo. I quickly snapped back into reality when we started singing the song, nearly missing a beat for my verse.

"In the season of promises is a mirage of shimmering horizon
Let's confirm our love, over and over,"

I moved out of the center and stood on the right side of the runway while I danced to the song. Before I knew it, it was time for my rap verse; I moved back to the center whilst Shige-senpai and Haruka-senpai moved out of the way.

"Within this snowy landscape, I have a mysterious awareness, it's my mind
In this case with this kiss, I'll capture your tight embrace,
These runabout feelings are considerably heavy
If I'm with you I won't be tire of this midnight,
If this love is fake then I don't need it anymore
The true love that you & I will create, a lie that can't be found at all in your eyes
You light up my heart,
We don't need meaningless words
Let's try embracing to the point without meaning or space,
Hold me tight, right now I want to try riding it with you
Snow Express, Gonna go, We have to go, Now let's go together
Then let's embracing each other and kiss for eternity,
Wake up to an amazing kiss,"

I let out a grin when my audience looked at me in awe as I gave the center stage back to Haruka-senpai, who is going to sing the next verse. The song finished faster than I realized, but then again… time sure flies when having fun.

Once the opening song was over, the main event began… starting with casual women attires. Shige-senpai, Haruka-senpai, and I slipped backstage to change into our female counterparts while other models strutted on the runway. As my hairstylist, makeup artist, and fashion stylist prepared me for the event, I absentmindedly wondered how Yuki and I are going to pull off being in the same place at the same time.

"Okay, we're done," my hairstylist stated as she finished putting on my wig, and curled my hair a bit. I could not help but stared at my reflection, amazed at the feat that I actually look like a girl. If I did not know any better, I might actually fall for myself. I let out an amused snort at the thought, and thanked my stylists for their work before I walked out of the trailer.

I met Shige-senpai, and Haruka-senpai along the way, and openly gaped the fact that they were not kidding when they were going to cross dress. I could not believe that they did not mind dressing up in such attires, and I was awed that they looked like sophisticated older women.

'Well, we do have exceptional makeup artists,' I concluded with a sigh as the three of us waited backstage. The model before us posed at the end of the runway whilst various photographers took pictures.

The director signaled at me to begin walking when the model began walking back to the backstage. I quickly took a deep breath before I started my journey on the runway. I could not help but let out a small, unnoticeable smirk when I noticed most of the regulars were openly gaping at me, especially Atobe.

When I reached the end of the runway, I posed in various positions for the photographers, and then made my way backstage, just as Shige-senpai… erm, no… Aki-senpai walked in. I gave an encouraging smile to the waiting Haruka-senpai, and walked back to the trailer to change into another set of attire.

I briefly wondered how women were able to walk in these high heels, and made it look easy. I let out a sigh as I changed into another outfit before I went back on the runway. 'At least the audience is having fun,' I thought with a small smile.

"Thank you for coming to our show," the director stated as all the male models, my senpai-tachi, and I bowed to the audience. Luckily, Shige-senpai was able to convinced the director to separate the show into two parts; one for women only, and the other for male only. That way, our female counterparts would not have to be in the same stage as our actual selves.

"We'll leave you with this song by JIROU," Haruka-senpai smirked as he gestured towards me, who was standing near the back. As if it was planned, all the male models, and staff-san paved a road for me.

A familiar opening instrumental music started playing, and my mind instantly clicked as to what song it was. With a reluctant sigh, I accepted an offering microphone from one of the models, and started singing when the first verse's instrumental began.

"Since I started to walk on this road, how much time has passed
When I made a false step, I turn back, and suddenly it becomes a branch road,"

I paused for a couple of seconds as I stopped at the end of the runway, and glanced at the audience's excited faces.

"Today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, even if I don't reach
No one can replace me, so I continue to leave footprints

Both in the thronging crowds and in the deserted streets
I stand firmly on these legs, the wind blows through my own way,"

I stepped off the runway as I continued singing, and walked over to the crowd. I let out a smile as I shook hands with the audience members in the front.

"Wherever, whenever, I honestly believe
I hope that one day I'll be connected with your road
Without hesitation, towards a sure tomorrow I can see right there
Even if I'm lost countless times, the sky where we can meet
It will always be here,"

I walked over to where the regulars were with a grin as I gave them high-fives. It seemed Seigaku, and Rikkai Dai were present aside from Hyoutei. In the midst of the crowd, I saw my sister looking at me with an amused expression. I leaned down and gave her a chaste kiss on the cheek before I continued with the next verse of the song, and then made my way towards the other side. I almost chuckled when some of the regulars looked at me with jaws dropped.

"Since I started to walk on this road, how far have I come again?
When I throw away something I found, for some reason it feels heavier than yesterday
The rough sketch you've drawn on the incomplete map
Not letting anyone take it away, I continue to leave footprints

Even the darkness hidden in the tunnel of your heart
I will entwine my arms around it, and I'll run through Brand-new days,"

I made my way back to the runway, and stood in the middle as I continue to finish the song. I gave a side-glance towards Atobe, and gave him a smile before I shifted my attention towards everyone else.

"Endlessly, incessantly, I'll continue straightforwardly
Because one day, I'll be connected to your road
A story that was born from here, with the two of us
Even if we are far apart, the sky we looked up at
Won't ever change

I can find my way 'cause I believe in myself
If you follow your way, you'll find the answer

Wherever, whenever, I honestly believe
In order to one day be connected with you road
Without hesitation, I can see it there, towards a sure tomorrow
Even if we are lost countless times, the sky where we can meet
Endlessly, incessantly, I'll continue straightforwardly
Because one day I'll be connected to your road
A story that was born from here, with the two of us
Even if we are far apart, the place we'll turn back to
The place we'll turn back to, surely, it will be the place we started from

Because it won't change
Because I'm here"

I stretched my tired muscles as I changed out of my idol image, and into my usual image and attire. I thanked the staff-san for their hard work before I walked away from the venue. I paused in my mid-step when I noticed my sister waving to me, and gestured me to go over to where she was.

"Rina-chan, you should've told me that you were coming," I stated with a chuckle as I stopped in front of her. "But it was a pleasant surprise," I added.

"I wanted to surprise you since you were busy lately, we haven't hung out lately," she responded with a small frown on her face. I leaned against the railing, and gave a nod of greeting towards some of the Rikkai Dai regulars that were present.

"I'm sorry, I'll be really busy for next few weeks," I stated apologetically as I shifted my attention towards the staff-san, who were putting away all the equipments. "Another concert is coming up," I explained as I looked back at her, and the regulars.

"Wait, concert? Does that mean you work with JIROU-san?" Kirihara inquired in baffled tone as he looked at me with furrowed eyebrows. "I saw on his blog about another concert that will last a week," he added.

"I'll let you figure that out yourself," I responded with a chuckle, and turned my attention back to my younger sister, "I'll be going now. Don't stay out too late, Rina,"

"Take care, Aniki," she replied softly with a smile.

"Wait! You haven't answered my question!" Kirihara called out as I walked away from the group, but I merely gave him a wave without looking back.

"Jirou, do you have a minute?" Atobe inquired as he stopped in my track. I turned around to face him with confused expression written on my face.

"What is it, Keigo?" I responded as I gave him my full attention.

I raised a questionable eyebrow when he shifted uncomfortably, but I did not voice my concern out loud. "My parents arranged my marriage with another girl, but I told them that I already have someone that I considered marrying," he started nervously, which was completely out of his character.

"Oh, I see. Congratulations then," I answered stiffly as I frowned and scowled inwardly.

"I was wondering if Yuki will accompany me to the event," Atobe requested, which I immediately voiced my confusion. "You as Yuki… is it not okay?" he clarified with a frown.

"I guess it'll be okay… as long as they don't find out that Yuki is actually a guy," I mumbled in puzzlement by the turn of the event. "But what would that someone you want to marry will say?" I asked.

"I don't think that someone will mind," he responded with a knowing smirk.

"What do you mean?" I replied in bewilderment, and furrowed my eyebrows as I tried to solve his puzzle.

Atobe merely took out something from his jacket, and opened the small box, revealing a piece of jewelry. A ring to be exact… "Akutagawa Jirou, would you consider marrying Ore-sama in the near future?" he asked.

"Eh?" that was intelligent response as I gaped at him in surprised.

"I guess it's impossible, huh?" Atobe chuckled dryly as he slowly closed the ring box, and said, "Sorry, just forget what I said,"

"No, no, no! It's not that I don't want to! I mean, I do want to marry you, but is it okay that it's me?" I rapidly answered in a fluster, and continued without noticing that he was looking at me in an amused expression, "I mean, don't you need a heir--"

The rest of my speech was muffled by a kiss, and when we parted some seconds later, Atobe chuckled at my shocked visage. "We'll figure that out when the time comes,"

"…You know, Keigo, you have a strange way of proposing," I commented a couple of minutes later as I touched my lips with a glazed look. "I can't believe you like Yuki more than me," I stated with a mixture of a frown and a pout.

"Oh really?" he responded in a laughter, and pointed out, "And just who did Ore-sama proposed to?"

"We'll have to keep it a secret from everyone," I stated quietly as the two of us walked down the street, and added, "My agency doesn't allow relationships, especially to anyone under 25,"

"Don't worry, I'm sure we can work this out," Atobe responded reassuringly with a haughty smirk.

"By the way… why today?" I asked as we waited for the traffic light to change. I put my hands in my jacket, trying to keep it warm in this cold weather.

"Your song reminded me about the future's possibilities. You're becoming more famous than ever, Jirou," he started quietly, which was rather uncharacteristic of him, and continued, " I don't want you to lose you. Besides, my parents have been trying to arrange me with various girls that I rather stay away from… I want us to be still connected,"

"Hmm… I see," that was all I said before I let out a grin, and teased, "I didn't know you can be this sweet,"

"Hey, Ore-sama has his moments too, you know," Atobe retorted arrogantly with a huff, which just made me laugh harder.

Omake: Atobe's Secret Collection

"Ne, Keigo, what's behind this door?" I inquired as I placed my hand on the doorknob.

Since his parents were going to fly to France for some business meeting, I was asked to spend the night by Atobe. Of course, I did not object since it had been a while since we hung out, and such. So, I was walking aimlessly in the hallway when I chanced upon this rather innocent looking door at the end of the hallway.

"No! Don't open that door!" Atobe frantically responded as he rushed towards me to stop my action. I merely let out a grin in response, because his response just made want to open it that much quicker. When I did, my jaw dropped in sheer surprise and astonishment.

"Keigo… I didn't know you are a fan," I commented as I stared at various posters of my idol self. "This is creepy, you know," I stated as I pointed to ceiling to floor size poster of my Russ-K commercial.

"…" was the intelligent response I got from him, before he composed himself and said, "How can Ore-sama not be a fan of you?"

"Hmm… I don't know, but having a poster this big, and this much… I'm a little crept out," I responded, as I looked at nearly all the posters that he collected of my work.

"Well, you weren't talking to me until recently, so this was the only way that I could keep tabs on you," Atobe answered with a sweat drop.

"No, your attempt to sweet talk out of this is a definite fail," I nodded with my arms crossed, and added, "This is still creepy, and I can't believe that you are such a stalker. Where did you learn it? Seigaku's Inui-san?"

Note: ...The End?