A/N - These one-shots are set throughout the seasons.

NCIS Squad Room. A few days before Christmas.

Tony enters the bullpen humming and pretends not to notice that Tim and Ziva stop talking immediately. That had been happening a lot recently and he was starting to suspect that as Abby would say something hinky was going on. He was determined to find out what because as senior field agent he really should be part of it.

"Good morning Zee-vah."

"Morning Tony."

"Morning Probie-one. What's happening?"

"Nothing. That is...we were...Ziva..." McGee stutters blushing. Tony grins.

"We were just wondering where you were." Ziva interrupts trying to cover Tim's awkwardness.

Tony head slaps him. "What was that for?" Tim asks rubbing the back of his head and glaring at DiNozzo.

"Never question your senior field agent's actions McJunior. As it happens I was stuck in traffic. Now don't you have work you should be doing?"

"Don't you all have work you should be doing?" interjects Gibbs from behind them.

"On it Boss" his team respond guiltily as they hurry back to their desks.

The same day. Lunchtime.

Ziva's phone rings and as Gibbs has left the room Tony doesn't even pretend to be working as he tries to figure out who she is talking to.

"Officer David." She listens a moment. "He is unavailable currently but I am happy to help." Her smile broadens. "No, that's O.K. I'll come right down. It is not a problem at all." She hangs up the phone and rises from behind her desk.

"Who was that?"

"My lunch date has arrived."

"Your lunch date? Who is he?" This was not news he was happy to hear. Surely Ziva should've told him about anyone she was seeing? Given him a chance to check the guy out.

"No-one you know" she responds grinning before walking out.

Scowling now Tony returns to his work. A few minutes later he is glaring at his computer screen and doesn't even look up when he senses someone standing in front of his desk.


"I thought you might like to meet my lunch date Tony."

Tony raises his eyes from his monitor and his jaw drops as realises exactly who it is standing next to Ziva.

"Oh my God! How did this happen? How did you...can I..."

"Hi Tony. I hear you're a big fan of some of my work. Your colleagues arranged that we have lunch together so we could talk about it."

"Mr Selleck it would be an honor. I have so many questions but firstly..." he turns to Ziva "Why did you do this? And how did you do this?"

"Merry Christmas Tony. This is your present from the team and as for how it turns out that..."

"Mr Selleck is a big fan of Mr Gemcity " McGee explains entering the bullpen "and we share the same publisher."

"Thom I mean Tim graciously signed copies of his books for me so when he called to ask this favor I was happy to oblige."

"The Boss even said you can take a long lunch" Ziva adds.

"He did?"

"You got a problem with that DiNozzo?" queries Gibbs entering the bullpen.

"No problem. No problem at all Boss. I'm just a little surprised that's all." Gibbs' lips twitch in what might be the beginning of a smile.

"Well I turned McGee down when he first asked."

"And then he turned me down" adds Ziva. "So we had to get a higher power to intervene."

"The Director?" asks Tony looking up to where she is standing outside MTAC talking with Cynthia.

"No, that would be me" sings out Abby bouncing into the bullpen sipping a Caf-Pow! with Ducky at her side.

"And Ducky has the rest of the present."

"There's more?"

"The icing on the cake as it were. You know this reminds me of the time..."

"Ducky!" the team protests simultaneously.

"Sorry. My bridge partner owns a luxury car dealership downtown and so I arranged a test drive of a Ferrari for you this afternoon. Here's the keys." He hands them over.

"Well we'd better get going then." As he passes by Gibbs the Boss head slaps him.


"Haven't you forgotten something DiNozzo?" Tony looks puzzled for a moment.

"Oh. Thanks guys. This is the best present ever. Thanks so much." Gibbs nods and Tony and Tom leave. As they are waiting for the elevator he hears Ziva enquiring"We have cake?"

Any resemblance between a character in this story and any living actor is purely a coincidence!