Washington, D.C. NOT Christmas time.

"Remind me again why we're doing this McSweaty."
"Because we wanted to."
"No, that's not it."
"Because it makes us feel good."
"Because we couldn't avoid it any longer."
"Getting warmer. No pun intended." He grins.
"Because we made a promise?"
"I guess so but did it have to be today? I mean it's so hot. I bet some kind of record is being broken." He glares at his colleague.
"There's nothing we can do about that so will you stop moaning."
"What did you say?' Tony holds up a dripping sponge and takes a step towards Tim who hastily steps back.
DiNozzo holds the sponge over his head and squeezes watching as the water trickles down his bare torso. Then he shakes his head splattering McGee with droplets and lets out a delighted laugh. "Phew! That's much better." He suddenly tosses the sponge at Tim who reflexively catches it against his chest.
"Tony! Now I'm even more wet." Tim glares at him.
"Well take off your shirt McWhiner. It's probably better for you in this heat anyway." He grins making a bet with himself what his partner's reaction will be. He is surprised to find he's predicted wrong.
"I will." McGee removes his shirt and tosses it aside. As Tony opens his mouth to comment he is interrupted by Gibbs walking over. Despite the soaring heat he is sipping a coffee and looks cool and collected as always in jeans and a tight white t-shirt emblazoned with the words LA PD Our day begins when yours ends.
"Play time's over boys."
"On it Boss." As they get back to work and Gibbs takes a sip of his coffee Abby strolls over. She twirls her umbrella and grins at them.
"Since this was your idea Abby why aren't you helping?" Tony stops again to ask.
"In this dress DiNozzo?" Taking in her outfit he can see her point. "Besides I am helping. I've been collecting the money. We're on target to beat last year's effort. It's just so sad." She pouts.
"What is Abs?" Gibbs takes another swallow of his coffee.
"That a children's hospital, a hospital for sick kids needs to fund raise like this for extra equipment."
"Mind you a car wash does have certain advantages." She grins running her eyes over McGee as he bends to dunk a sponge in a bucket.
"That it does. That it does." Tony chimes in watching Ziva in a tight tank top and shorts at work on the other side of the car park. "Ouch." He rubs the back of his head. "What was that for?"
"You know DiNozzo." Abby glares at him. "You promised me as a Christmas present to donate time to a charity and that's why you're here not to perve on Ziva." She grins.
"Perve on Ziva? I wasn't...I wouldn't...I..." he stutters to a stop as he realises Abby, Gibbs and Tim are all trying desperately not to laugh. "Going to the head." He strolls away pretending not to hear the chuckles behind him and the others return to their tasks.

Hinted at Tiva and a touch of McAbby
Casually dressed Gibbs to keep his fans happy
Half-naked DiNozzo and McGee
Oh, what a sight that would be to see
This to you my Christmas gift
To give shopping weary spirits a lift