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Chapter 1- We meet again

A shadow. That's all she was compared to the lovely and feminine Kagome. Every man their group came in contact with was drawn in by her friend's beauty and spiritual power. She, on the other hand, was ignored for the most part and simply remained in her usual position; in Kagome's shadow.

She usually tried not to think too much about the fact that she was no longer a young girl and, at the age of 19, she was not likely to find someone to marry her for love. She'd long ago given up on the hope that the monk would be monogamous for her and that was not something she was prepared to put up with. She'd broken off their "engagement" and since then not even the standardless monk would look at her in a way other than friendship.

Sadly, the thing she was most proud of was the reason that she would never find a husband. Her skill and ability as a slayer scared off almost all normal village men and the few that weren't scared off by her reputation were slimy perverts that weren't worth her time. Of course there was always that prince that had a thing for her but she knew she could never be happy with the domestic life of a princess.

So it was with a clouded mind that the slayer followed behind her friends on a sunny summer day of travel. They were nearing a town and she knew that once again she would take her place in her friend's shadow as the men of the village fawned over her. She didn't resent her friend because of her receiving all of the attention but she could not help the tiny bit of jealousy that welled in her chest.

Turns out that the village they were approaching was a demon village along the boarders of the West inhabited primarily by humanoid demons. Inuyasha swore harshly but the group was out of supplies and had no other choice but to enter the village. They entered with Inuyasha up front, Kagome and Miroku slightly behind him walking side by side, and herself and Kirara bringing up the rear. The village seemed like any normal human village, buzzing with activity around the market place, but she knew that appearances could be deceiving and so she guarded their rear with one hand on her rather large weapon.

As usual eyes fell upon the group of strangers that was making their way through the village and as usual the eyes of the majority of the male populace flew to the pale, slender, perfect legs of her best friend before moving up her body and examining the rest of her feminine form. However, in an act completely foreign to her the eyes moved to her own form, clad in her black and pink slayer's armor, before roving her form just as they had her friends. Shock jolted her system as she realized that many eyes were still on her while none still rested on her friend. Shaking her head she shrugged it off as the demon men being weary of her because of her obvious profession.

As they made their way through the village she continued to feel the eyes of the demon men simply gliding over Kagome to make their way over to her body. It was a strangely eerie feeling but not one that she could say was altogether unpleasant. Was she not just minutes before thinking jealously that her friend would get all of the attention? Feeling her face heat up in the beginnings of a blush she snuffed out that kind of thinking before any real color could come to her face and the sharp eyes of the demons could see it. Did getting ogled by a group of demon men really affect her that much?

A short while later the group left the village with replenished supplies and without a single problem. They were even lucky enough to find out from one of the merchants that there was another village, a human village, nearby in which they could spend the night. Inuyasha refused but once the merchant told Kagome there was a hot spring near the village it was all but decided. So they headed north and slightly east towards the village that rested just inside the boarder of the western lands.

Travel between the two villages, however, was treacherous even for the demon occupants of the last village and it did not surprise her when they ran into a fairly large group of ogre demons with a bad attitude. As is usual with ogre demons they demanded that the men of the group leave them the women and they would let them pass unharmed. Of course Inuyasha did not take kindly to the ogres threatening his mate and the woman that had come to be his sister and drew Tetsaiga before throwing himself into the hoard.

Following him into the hoard had not been necessary, he could have taken care of them himself, but she was a demon slayer and it was her job to protect his back. Plus, she didn't much care for the demons referring to her and Kagome as the "two whores". Flinging her large weapon she took out two ogre demons by slicing through their stomachs before the giant boomerang spun around and returned to her. Looking around she saw that Inuyasha was easily dispatching the demons while Miroku and Kagome picked of the few on the outsides.

It was then that she saw the leader of the ogre pack, a half humanoid demon with the legs and torso of a human and arms and head of an ogre, running quickly towards Inuyasha's unprotected back with a long sword drawn. Without thinking she ran to intercept the demon while throwing Hiraikotsu to decapitate the demon Inuyasha was fighting to try to get his attention. Left with only her katana she drew it swiftly and skillfully as she slid in front of the demon and just barely blocked the blow that would have pierced Inuyasha's heart.


Inuyasha's yell from behind her confirmed that he knew she had his back but since he was not attacking the demon she guessed the rest of the hoard must have been fighting him back. The demon leader merely grinned a wicked grin full of crooked yellow-orange teeth before drawing back his long sword and viciously slamming it down into her own smaller katana. She winced at the impact but had no time to think on it as the demon continued to slash at her with violent and incredibly strong blows that were slowly making their way through her defenses.

Long, deep, bloody wounds were slowly blossoming across her body as the humanoid ogre demon merely continued to grin wickedly. Swordsmanship had never been her strong suit and the fact that the demon had the arms of an ogre and thus wielded its' incredible strength did not put the odds in her favor. However, she was faster and more agile than the demon and had managed to avoid every deadly blow he'd sent at her thus far. She was in the midst of executing her quickly formulated plan when her katana suddenly snapped beneath the forceful blows of the demon's long sword and his sword carved a deep bloody path all the way from her left shoulder down her arm to the beginning of her ring finger.


The collective cry of her three friends rang through her ears even as she jumped backwards clutching her arm to avoid the demons next blow. She continued to jump back out of his reach as he swung wildly until suddenly her body slammed painfully into something hard and rough, a large tree at the side of the road, and she knew she could go no farther. Watching as the demon leader swung his blade down on her she could only glare defiantly as her body refused to respond to her demands to move to the side.

A flash of silver and white flooded her vision and she heard a load clang of steel against steel. Looking up she realized that she'd sunken to the ground against the tree at some point and that the silver haired demon in front of her was not her red clothed friend.


The demon lord in question threw a quick glance back at her over his shoulder before slicing the ogre demon in half with Tokijin. Just as quickly as he'd appeared, he disappeared from her vision only to appear across the clearing to kill the remaining ogres that Inuyasha had not taken care of in a blur of swift sword slices. She was so enthralled by watching Sesshomaru's movements that she did not notice that Kagome was beside her frantically fussing over her various deep wounds, primarily the long bleeding gash down her left arm. Shaking herself mentally she looked at Kagome exhaustedly and tried to ease her worry.

"It's fine Kagome. I've lived through much worse."

"But Sango, it's so deep!"

The thought somehow struck a chord in her heart. The wound was deep, deep wounds scar, scars were unsightly and repulsed men even more than her status as a slayer. A deep sadness, deeper than any wound she could ever receive seemed to set into her heart. What was one other scar? She already had a scar so large and grotesque that no man would ever want her after seeing it.

"Kagome! How's Sango?"

Inuyasha and Sesshomaru approached them together, they'd become closer after they'd defeated Naraku together with the help of the rest of the gang but still she thought they acted more like mere allies than brothers. Before Kagome could answer them with something along the lines of "no she's hurt badly" she quickly cut in.

"I'm fine Inuyasha. Thank you for saving me Sesshomaru."

Both brothers seemed to eye her wearily as the deep wound along the length of her arm continued to bleed profusely. She and Sesshomaru had slowly become partners and dare she say even friends in the few months they'd trained for the last battle with Naraku. With Inuyasha having Kagome as backup she had been stuck with Sesshomaru and then two had turned out to be quite the deadly fighting duo. Of course it had taken a LOT of time and effort on Sango's part but in the end they'd all pulled together and defeated the disgusting half-spider monster.

They had parted ways after that but she'd seen him numerous times in the last year that the group had been hunting the once again shattered Shikon no Tama and they somehow continued to have a deep connection that only two who had fought and bled together could form. It was almost like one could sense when the other was in danger. She herself had sensed when he was being attacked by a small army of invaders trying to take over the lands of the West even from Kaede's village and to this day she could not tell you how she arrived to his aid so quickly.

"You look like shit Sango."

"Yes, I agree. What possessed you to try to fight an ogre demon with merely your pathetically weak katana?"

She glared up at the two brothers. Of course the only time they agree on anything is when they were picking on her. She barely noticed as Miroku approached with Shippo and Kirara as well as Rin, Jaken, and Ah-Uhn.

"I threw Hiraikotsu to get Inuyasha's attention and my katana was all I had left. What else was I supposed to do, just let the demon stab a whole in your back Inuyasha?"

Inuyasha "hmphed" and crossed his arms across his chest while Sesshomaru merely raised an elegant brow at him and sent her a reproachful look. She felt a slight pain and looked over to see that Kagome was securing the last of the bandages, which now covered her entire arm, in place.

"Guys I think we should set up camp somewhere close so that I can finish tending to Sango's wounds and Miroku can get supper started."

Both men nodded and sent each other a look that seemed to say exactly what needed to be done because Inuyasha turned and jumped off into the forest to search for a suitable campsite without a word while Sesshomaru moved forward and bent down to scoop Sango's wounded form into his arms. She would have protested were she not so exhausted from the battle and blood loss. Kirara transformed as Miroku and Kagome both struggled to drag Hiraikotsu over to Kirara who merely tucked her head under the strap and allowed the two to crawl onto her back.

As Sesshomaru took off into the forest at a smooth run she looked up into his face to see his eyes roving her injured form disapprovingly.

"Stupid woman. Did I not tell you to take care of yourself the last time I saw you?"

His tone was chiding and slightly harsh but she could see the worry in his eyes behind his mask of annoyance. After months together training, eating, and sleeping near each other she knew him like no one else knew him and the same applied for him to her. Despite the pain she smiled weakly up at him.

"I missed you too you arrogant jerk of a demon."

He smirked slightly but their arrival at the clearing Inuyasha had chosen prevented him from retorting with some sort of sarcastic comment. She could see that Inuyasha had already found some wood and was lighting a fire as the rest of the group landed in the clearing behind them. Sesshomaru carried her to a place a short distance away from the fire and gently set her down.

"Inuyasha, I shall go patrol the area around our encampment for demons. I expect to find everything the way I am leaving it or in better condition when I get back."

His last comment was thrown her way, she knew, but she was stopped from responding by Rin slamming painfully into her and wrapping her in a big hug.

"Sango-chan! It's been so long, I have missed you!"

"I've missed you too Rin but could you please try to be a little more gentle?"

At that the young girl released her with a big grin and backed up about a step. She saw Sesshomaru smile slightly out of the corner of her eye before he disappeared to scout the area. Watching the others set up camp she felt bad for not helping and was about to stand to aid Miroku with the food when Kagome caught her gently by her uninjured shoulder and sat her back down.

"I don't think so Sango. I still need to finish bandaging your wounds and then you need to rest so that you can heal more quickly."

Scowling, she resigned herself to sitting there uselessly while the others finished setting up. Kagome only took a few minutes and when she returned she had her healing kit in her hands. Sitting down beside her Kagome looked over the injuries before coming to a conclusion.

"Sango I'm going to need you to take off the top of your slayer's suit so that I can see your wounds better."

Sighing deeply she simply shrugged off the top of the shredded suit. The left sleeve was completely gone and her arm was covered in bloody bandages from earlier but the rest of her suit was in tact for the most part, however she knew she'd need to return to her village to mend it. With her top gone she was covered only by the breast wrappings she always wore to contain her rather well endowed chest. She was glad to see that those bandages had held up for the most part.

As Kagome worked though, she felt eyes on her back and she knew that Inuyasha, Miroku, or both were staring at the large scar on her back that was only partially covered by her breast wrappings. Once again a feeling of deep sadness welled within her as she knew that that had to be what they were staring at, not the creamy exposed flesh of her shoulders and neck.

"What the hell are you staring at monk?"

Sesshomaru's harsh voice cut through the near silence in the clearing like a knife as he approached from the darkness with a glare. Of course Sesshomaru had seen her scar before when they'd been training harshly on a particularly hot day and she'd worn only her chest bindings and a pair of Kagome's shorts while he himself had shed his armor and kimono top. Miroku, however, had never gotten a clear view of the large scar even when he'd tried to spy on them in the hot springs so it did not surprise her that he was staring. She had told Sesshomaru though, during one such sparing session, that it hurt her deeply when people stared at her scars, especially that one. Apparently he still remembered.

"Nothing. I was merely…"

"Merely what monk?"

Sesshomaru and Miroku never had quite found a way to get along as he and Inuyasha had though battle. Miroku was not a warrior and as such could not relate to someone in battle and the chilly demon lord viewed his perverted ways as disgraceful. She had also told Sesshomaru of her experiences with the monk and, as her battle partner, he'd been quite displeased by the pain the monk had caused her but refrained from killing him merely at her request.

"You had better keep those filthy eyes to yourself monk before I come and rip them from your worthless head myself."

The growled threat was enough for Kagome to fault in her movements and Sango's head to turn to watch them worriedly. Inuyasha was merely keeping an eye on the situation from across the fire but she could see that his hand had settled atop the hilt of Tetsaiga in case he needed to run interference.


At the sound of her voice he seemed to calm down enormously and moved to sit between the girls and the monk around the fire. She watched as he threw menacing glares at Miroku who now had wide eyes and a dumbfounded expression. She knew that Sesshomaru didn't like him and that he was very protective of her because of their bond but such a threat could never be taken lightly especially when threatened by one such as the Lord of the West.

She wished that they could get along better but due to Miroku's inability to fight in the final battle due to complications with his wind tunnel Sesshomaru had no respect for him whatsoever and those who he did not respect he treated like trash. She would have continued that train of thought but a sudden stabbing pain in her side caused her to hiss loudly and draw the attention off all three of the men around the fire.

"Sorry Sango. You had a sharp piece of wood in you side where you must have jumped back into the tree and I had to pull it out. I should have warned you, I'm sorry."

"It's fine Kagome, don't worry about it. It didn't hurt that badly anyway."

She could only talk through clenched teeth and in truth the stinging pain was still there and would not seem to go away. She glanced at Sesshomaru to see that he was studying her face and knew that she was lying about the pain. By the expression in his eyes she knew he was worried even though his face had not changed from its' slightly angered mask.

"There. Now all I need to do is change the bandages on your arm and you'll be all done so we can eat."

Grinding her teeth together she waited for the pain that would accompany the removal of the bandages along her arm. They were no longer white, instead stained crimson by her blood and she realized that the wound must be deeper than she thought. Trying to distract herself from the painful removal of the bandages she decided, instead, to focus on Sesshomaru, as he was the closest to her and easily in her line of sight.

As Kagome removed the bandages she could see his brows knit together slightly and the worry in his eyes to become more pronounced. These subtle changes were something she was sure only she could catch but his worry touched her and distracted her slightly from the pain until finally the bandages were fully removed.

"Gosh Sango its still bleeding heavily. I think I'm going to need to put some stitches in."

She did not acknowledge Kagome's statement but simply watched as Sesshomaru's face changed slightly into a frown as his careful eyes examined the wound. When his golden eyes moved back up to her face she saw worry and what she thought almost looked like a trace of fear.

"Sango are you alright? You are extremely pale."

For some reason his voice seemed to be growing distant as the edge of her vision blurred and started to go black.

"Sango? Sango!"

His worried voice was the last thing she heard as her vision blacked out completely and she fell forwards against something soft yet strong before her entire being was pulled down into the realm of unconsciousness.

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