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"Oh. My. God. Look at him." Jessica exclaimed as she joined the table where Lauren, Rosalie and I currently sat in the cafeteria.

Of course, all the girls turned their heads towards the table that the new kid sat at.

"What a freak." Lauren scoffed as she smacked obnoxiously on her gum and tapped her ridiculous acrylic nails against the top of her can of diet coke.

"Seriously. Look at those glasses. And that sweater. So hideous," Rosalie agreed, nodding her head before returning back to poking at her salad sans dressing.

Jessica turned to look at me, an expectant look on her face.

Oh, right. I'm supposed to bash the new kid too. "Total weirdo."

That comment seemed to satiate the group for now as they fell into more gossip about him. Apparently, his name was Edward, although they refused to address him as such. He moved here from Chicago and was an only child to his adopted parents. I drowned out the rest of their conversation as they continued to tear apart the poor guy. He looked so innocent and unassuming as he sat at the table by himself, reading some book through thick, black rimmed glasses. His sweater was disastrous, I couldn't deny that. It was well worn and frayed in some parts, it looked handmade. He had a pile of messy bronze hair on his head that caused him to look further disheveled.

I could sympathize with being the new kid. Just last year, I had stepped foot on campus, shiny and new and friendless. But that didn't last long. By fourth period, right before lunch, I met Jessica. She was the so called 'leader' of the pack. She sat down next to me in Spanish and started the Spanish inquisition and I, in my somewhat dazed state, answered all her questions with the right answers and was invited to sit at her table at lunch.

"You are soo lucky that I got to you first, Isabella. So lucky. Sitting with anyone else during lunch would be like committing social suicide." She had warned me.

Even now, a year later as I sat here with my so called best friends, I was still the black sheep of the group. I wasn't the cheerleader. I was never picked first in PE based on my looks alone. I wasn't the girl that got asked to the dance. Hell, I had never had a real boyfriend and my first (and only) kiss was from some horny soccer player that was drunk off his ass at a party at Rosalie's house the week before Junior year started.

"Bella! Hellooo anybody there?" Rosalie's voice broke through my thoughts.

"I'm sorry. What?" I asked.

"God. Sometimes I swear it's like you're from another planet or something. Are you going with us tonight to Tyler's party? His parents are out of town for their anniversary or something. There's going to be a keg."

Ugh. The last thing i wanted to do was spend my Friday night freezing my ass off in someone's backyard, huddled around a keg and holding Jessica's hair back as she puked her guts up in Tyler's moms rose bushes.

"I don't know, I might be busy. Family stuff," I lied. "Who all is going to be there?"

Rosalie rolled her eyes. "That skankwhore Tanya is going to be there. Her older brother Alec is the one supplying the keg. I can't stand that bitch."

Neither could I, really. There were very few people that I didn't like, but she was one of them. She was gorgeous, there was no denying that, but she had the personality of a doorknob. Rosalie couldn't stand her because in eighth grade at the last chance dance, Tanya had taken the opportunity to screw Rosalie's then sort of boyfriend in the bathroom of the gymnasium. Even in middle school she was a skank.

"Knowing her, she won't be there long. Drink a few beers, sink her claws in some drunk guy and then go do him in the back seat of his car," Rosalie said.

"Mmhmm," Jessica nodded her head in agreement.

Just then, new kid Edward put his messenger bag over his shoulder and picked up his tray of mostly eaten food and made his way to the garbage can. Unfortunately for him, the one closest to his table was next to the jocks table. His major mistake was to decide to use that one instead of opting for the one next to the cafeteria doors. Mike, one of the jocks, used this opportunity to stick his foot out to trip unsuspecting Edward, causing him to fly forwards and for all the remaining contents of his lunch to spill all over him.

Nearly instantaneously, the table that I sat at along with the jocks broke out into hysterical laughter. The other tables in the cafeteria couldn't see the action from where they sat, but since my table and the jocks were laughing, they assumed they should too. Lauren's hyena-like shriek was the loudest of all of them and I refrained from covering my hands with my ears. I sat still. Unmoving and showing no reaction at all as I watched new kid Edward break out into a full on blush, haphazardly throwing the scattered food back onto his tray, his glasses covered in milk and the entire front of his sweater and pants caked in a combination of milk, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and crushed Cheez-Its. He kept his head down as he scrambling out of the cafeteria, throwing out his garbage and dumping the tray on his way out.

"Too fucking funny!" Lauren gasped in between laughs.

The other two were too busy cackling to respond, going so far as to wipe tears from their eyes.

I sat stoically. How was that funny? Humiliating? Yes. Funny? No. Never. It was hard enough to be the new kid and just want to blend in and go unnoticed, but to have something like that happen? Too humiliating. Just as Jessica had said to me, social suicide.

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