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"Hey, Babe? Did you pack the rest of my books?" Edward called from the home office and sometimes guest bedroom.

"Yes," I sighed, exasperated. "I told you yesterday that I was going to get them on the U-Haul, so you could get out a book or two for the drive."

"Oops. Sorry." Edward walked into the bedroom and wrapped his arms around me from behind, resting his head on my shoulder.

"I guess that's it, then?" I asked, leaning my head back against his chest. I was finishing the last of the packing, our suitcases, getting ready for our move to Portland.

The decision on where we would be moving after Edward got his masters hadn't been easy.

Part of me had enjoyed the sunshine and people in California, but the idea of moving to a new, possibly exciting place to really start my life with Edward excited me.

We literally had friends all over the country.

Charlie still lived in Forks, of course and was still dating Sue. I had teased him over the years as to why he didn't just ask her to marry him, or even to move in with him. He always just brushed it off, saying that while he and Sue enjoyed each others company, they had her two kids to consider and didn't want to rush into anything.

Rose and Emmett's relationship had been tumultuous as the years went on. Both fiercely passionate people, most of the time, they seemed to be on different pages in their relationship. We still spoke maybe once a month or every other month and a couple months ago when I heard from her, she jokingly mentioned their plan to elope. Last week, I got a postcard from her saying that they indeed had eloped and was looking into loans to apply to law school.

To say Alice was pissed that she hadn't been there or even known about the elopement beforehand had been an understatement.

Over the years, we had also formed a tight friendship, even though she had spent the last two years living in France. Yes, France. When Alice received the wedding invitation from Jasper and Maria, the realization that she wouldn't ever get her fairytale ending, at least with Jasper, broke her heart.

Needing to get away from everything for a little while, she decided an extended vacation in Paris would help. Which is where she met Alec over a year later, her current boyfriend.

Edwards parents also still lived in Forks, where Carlisle still worked at the hospital there. Esme had become really involved over the years in all the groups and clubs she could, wanting to keep busy now that Edward was gone and Carlisle still worked long hours. Charlotte had moved in with them for a year, wanting to get away from her parents and Chicago, but ultimately moved back to her home state and was attending art school.

Ben and Angela had gotten married the summer after their sophomore year of college and got pregnant almost immediately after that. Angela was now a stay at home mother with two kids, while Ben worked at a local paper. They never ended up moving back to Washington, having fallen in love with the East Coast.

My mom, Phil and Dot had remained settled in Jacksonville, which might have been a record for her. They had even bought a new house a few years ago and Edward and I visited them a few times a year.

So, while we could have moved pretty much anywhere in the United States, we chose Portland, Oregon. It was close enough to Forks and our parents, but far enough that we still had the independence and alone time we had come to enjoy over the past six years.

Plus, Edward was able to find a job there as a teacher pretty quickly and would be starting in the beginning of August. I hadn't been so lucky, but I did have a couple interviews lined up at daycares and preschools in our neighborhood.

"What are you thinking about?" Edward asked, bringing me back to the present.

"Nothing. Just about our friends." I shrugged.

"Oh, yeah? What about them?" He asked, kissing up and down my neck.

"Um, well. Just how...how we've all just grown up since high school." Edwards mouth on my neck was distracting, switching my train of thought completely.

"Yeah, I guess six years will do that to a person," Edward joked.

When his hand started rubbing my hip, moving lower, I knew I was done for.


Two hours later, I was laying naked in bed with Edward, who was fast asleep, snoring. The July sun that shone through the apartment window cause the red in Edwards hair to show; asking me to run my fingers through it.

I resisted though, knowing that the slightest touch from me could cause him to wake, which I didn't want just yet. I wanted to lay and admire him in his sleep.

The past six years with Edward, were, in one word, amazing.

As a person, Edward had changed so much from his shy, quiet self he was back in High School.

Sure, he was still mostly quiet and had his shy moments, but there was an underlying confidence that hadn't been there before.

College brought Edward out of his shell. Of course, he would always disagree and say that it was me who did that, but I knew better.

At Stanford, he wasn't judged by his clothes, interests or haircut. People saw him for who he really was, a super intelligent, kind guy.

The ladies also noticed, which took some time to get used to. In the beginning, I hated it and let it feed on every insecurity I had.

But as time progressed and I noticed that Edward didn't care or was anything more than polite about other women's interest in him, I grew to almost enjoy it.

Almost being the key word.

I liked that women saw Edward and wanted him. I liked it even more that if he noticed me scowling or growing quiet, he would wrap an arm around me and kiss me, reminding me and telling every other girl in the room that he was taken.

I had always scoffed at sappy romance novels and movies that talked about soul mates. But now, I kinda think they had the right idea.

We got along great and were each others main support system when we first moved out to California together. As we got more comfortable in our new surroundings and made new friends, our bond still remained tight.

That wasn't to say we didn't fight. We did. Most of the time, it was over stupid, petty stuff. Sometimes, our emotions got the best of us and it seemed like our fights went from the actual issue to who could yell the loudest. But we always made up. Always.

I cringed, thinking back to a darker time about midway through our sophomore year. We had both been pretty busy with school and since I had a longer commute to mine, we didn't get to see each other all the time.

At that time, I hadn't made a lot of close friends yet, so Edward was really the only person I had to spend time with that I felt totally comfortable with.

But he was always gone. Whether it was at work, or he was busy studying in the library or trying to catch up on sleep, I felt like our relationship was becoming strained.

I hated it.

I was so lonely and bored and frustrated and a million other emotions, that one day when Edward canceled our plans to go out last minute, I snapped.

We both said things we shouldn't have and the end result was me saying that we needed time apart.

It was the worst four months of my life.

Pretty much as soon as I slammed the door to his dorm shut, I realized what a huge mistake I had made. I wanted to turn back and apologize right away, but I knew that because of the things we both said, damage had been done and we needed time to heal.

That's when Kate and Irina went from being just roommates to a couple of my closest friends. They were there for me when I cried and sobbed and drank myself stupid that first night.

They pushed me to keep moving forward, keep going to school and to work.

They calmed my fears about Edward moving on, insisting that just like me, he probably needed time too.

Kate and Irina were right.

Four months later, Edward came to my door, looking sad and defeated with a bouquet of wildflowers.

Two months after that, we were able to fully move past our time apart and any bitterness or negative feelings we felt had dissolved and we were able to completely move forward.


"You've been staring at me for the past fifteen minutes. I am awake, you know." Edward groaned, not even bothering to crack open an eye. "I can feel your eyes burning a hole in my forehead.

Instead, he blindly reached forward to grab me, pulling me in his arms so I was laying half on top of him.

"I can't help it," I said, reaching up to finally run my fingers through his hair. "You're just so handsome."

"Are you gonna miss this place?" He asked, opening his eyes to look at me.

"This place as in our apartment? Or California?"

"Hmm...both," Edward clarified, running his hand down my side.

"California? Yes. Of course. I'll miss our friends and the weather. It's been our home for the last six years. This apartment? Most definitely. It was our first place together. But it won't be our last." I paused, tugging on his hair gently. "Besides, all that really matters is that wherever I go, you're there too."

Edward smirked and shifted his body so I could feel his erection against my stomach, his way of letting me know he wanted me again. "Good answer."


"I guess we're all loaded up, then?" Edward asked, walking through the apartment one last time.

"Yes. Everything is in the truck," I confirmed, although that didn't stop Edward from going through the apartment once more, opening all the drawers of the furniture we were leaving behind.

When we moved in, the apartment had been semi-furnished, but after two years of living together, we had acquired some more, none of which we thought were worth the hassle of shipping to Oregon.

"And you gave Victoria and James our new address and our parents address so they could pick up my car?"

Victoria and James, upon finding out that we were moving to Oregon volunteered to drive Edward's Volvo to Portland for us, wanting to take their own mini road planned on renting a car to take back with them to Forks.

Victoria was an art teacher for the Forks school district, teaching art to elementary school kids, so she was out of work for the summer. James worked as a mechanic at a bodyshop in Forks. After his father passed away a few months ago from cancer, James quit working at the shop, at least for the time being while James settled all his father's affairs and worked on fixing up his house.

Needless to say, they both jumped at being able to get away from Forks for a little while.

"Well, shit. I guess I did forget something," I said, scrunching up my eyebrows and biting my lip, trying to stop from giggling. Edward could be so anal about things sometime, I couldn't resist taking little jabs at him every once and awhile.

"What?" Edwards head snapped up, only to see my futile attempts at controlling my laughter.

"You are evil." Edward glared, stalking towards me.

"I'm sorry!" I exclaimed, back up towards the dresser in the bedroom. "Really. It was a joke!"

The glint in Edward's eyes let me know I wasn't going to get away with my teasing.

I didn't put up much of a fight when he grabbed me, picking me up to sit me on top of the dresser.

After defiling the dresser one last time, we locked up the apartment, ready to head out of California and begin our new life.

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