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Boys Over Flowers

Chapter Twenty Three ll Curtain

It was one of those dramatic scenes in a movie. I'd never given them much thought; just watched with content as the guy or girl dashed around to chase their one true love, mildly wondering if it would be a happy reunion or a tragic farewell. I suppose romance movies had never really been my thing. Somewhere in my disoriented, panicked mind, I was wishing I'd paid more attention in those movies.

As soon as the taxi screeched outside the airport, I was running harder than I'd ever run before. There was a piercing stitch in my side and my chest felt like it was going to burst, but I didn't spare it a thought. I could only concentrate on one thing.

Meyer Group had a private hanger as an extension of the airport, so it wasn't too difficult to find that. The only problem was that I might not make it in time and that very thought terrified me. I wouldn't even allow myself to think it. I had to make it. I had to see Edward. I had to tell him something before it was too late.

I was pounding down the corridor to the runway, everything a blur around me. Two men in suits immediately squared their shoulders when they saw me sprinting towards them, blocking my way. I ran straight into them, too out of breath to explain myself, but I didn't need to. Catching me by the shoulder, one of them peered down into my face and his expression changed.

"It's her - go, go, he's about to get on the plane," he said urgently, and he and his partner quickly cleared the path for me.

Bursting out into the open air, I saw a private jet parked in the middle of the field. A few miniscule figures were making their way onto the plane, including one with reddish-brown hair. My heart leapt into my throat.

Wait -

Even as my feet moved, even as the air whipped past my face, I knew I wouldn't reach him in time. Taking deep, sharp, laboured breaths, I yelled his name. Everything seemed to slow down like it did in movies. My deep breathing was all I could hear, desperate sobs breaking through every now and then; there were tears clouding my vision; my lungs were about to collapse from the effort.

And one awful thought was repeating itself in my mind.

He's leaving.

He's leaving.

He's leaving.

I heard the words he had written in the letter as if he was speaking them.

So I guess I'm only kidding myself when I insist I'm the lion; you truly are the lion.

Take care, Fender-Bella. I'll take care too.

I'll miss you.

"No... no... Edward!"

His name felt like it was ripped from my throat; a final, desperate cry when he was just about to disappear into the jet. He suddenly paused in mid-step and my heart shot up. It was as if I had tapped into new strength and energy.

"Edward!" I cried again.

Slowly, as if he couldn't believe it, he turned his head in my direction, and as the distance separating us rapidly closed, his expression changed to one of shock. In a swift movement he was hurrying back down to the ground. I hurtled straight into him, unable to stop, and he caught me by the shoulders.

"What are you doing here?" he demanded, shock and anger present in his tone. He was looking at me closely as I swayed on the spot. "Are you stupid? Running out into a place like this - it's dangerous!"

For awhile we glared at each other. I was still struggling to catch my breath, feeling like I was about to fall apart completely. There was a lot of conflict in his green eyes as he gazed back at me.

And then slowly, a smirk crossed his face as he said with a flash of his old arrogance, "You know if people saw you running after me like that, they might think you've fallen for me."

Something welled up inside of me and I shoved him away angrily. I'd caught my breath and voice at last.

"And what if I have?" I cried, blindly shoving him some more. Through my hazy vision I saw his expression shift to something much softer. He raised his hands to shield himself as I punctuated my words with more shoves.

"What if I have fallen for some stupid, crazy, unreasonable idiot? Does that mean anything to him?" My voice broke and the tears threatened to burst out, "Or is he just going to make his own decisions and fly off somewhere like Japan - ?"

Edward caught my flailing hands and pulled me into a hug, effectively silencing me. But it didn't matter. I wouldn't have been able to speak much longer. The sobs broke through then and it was all I could do to cling onto him.

"You were just going to go," I whispered after a moment's silence. "I didn't get to say - to say thank you, or anything." More tears rolled down my cheeks and I began batting his back, saying vehemently, "You're so selfish! Do you ever think of anyone but yourself?"

He just held me tighter and closer towards him.

"I'm sorry, Bella," he whispered, and a chord struck within me as I realised how much this hurt him too. I squeezed my eyes shut, trying in desperation to memorise how his arms felt around me and how he smelled.

But most of all, how loved and safe I felt when he hugged me. I was scared I would forget.

"I'll be back," Edward murmured as he gently pulled away, "I promise." The corner of his mouth quirked as he asked, "Are you going to wait?"

I bit my lip and said a little haughtily, "If you don't take too long."

He cracked a wry smile and ruffled my hair, "That sounds like the girl I love. Did you get my present?"

I nodded, pulling the necklace out from my pocket. Edward's smile widened as he took it and moved behind me to put it on. He spoke as he fiddled with the chain, clasping it behind my neck and pulling my hair out of the way.

"When I come back from Japan, I'll be an even greater man than I am now. You should probably get a move on with yourself as well, so we'll be able to complement each other by the time I return."

I let out a chuckle, my heart tugging. I would really miss his silly little quips.

Edward stepped back in place before me and smiled. "It looks good on you," he said quietly.

And so the lion fell in love with the lamb.

Taking a deep breath, I held out my present. "This... is for you," I said, not quite meeting his eyes, "My present to you. You've always given me so much, and yet..." I bit my lip again as my voice began to shake.

For awhile he just looked at it without saying anything. Then he took it, and a tiny, soft smile, one that I'd seen when Mum had force-fed him jam and that he'd worn when he was playing soccer with my family, and - I suddenly realised with a tug of my heart - that he usually wore when he was with me, surfaced on his flawless face.

"Thanks, Bella."

He reached out and cupped the side of my face. The tenderness in that intimate contact made my heart quiver. It was frightening, almost, to be made so vulnerable before another person. But I saw it all in his eyes, the ones that had been filled with coldness and hatred the first time I'd seen them. They were filled with so much more now; warmth, affection, a bit of sadness and fear.

And that was the last, beautiful image that I saw before he leant down and kissed me.

It was the best, lasting memory he could have given me.

This year, I became a newly-enrolled student at St. Meyer, the most wealthy and prestigious school in the country.

Edward Cullen flew to Tokyo with his mother. It would be awhile before I saw him again, but we were going to stay in contact with each other. I knew that I was going to miss him, and that the worst of how this felt was still to come. But I would endure it.

Christmas came and went in a blaze of snow, carols and food. Everyone was so happy in the Christmas holidays; my family were especially jubilant in the sudden upswing of our fortune. After the break, Dad was back to work as normal as the chief of police. Mum went to teach at Nessie's school, where my little sister was also perfectly happy to be in her favourite teacher's class again. Soccer practices had halted for Seth due to the snow, but that just meant we spent a lot more time outdoors having snowball fights and making snowmen.

It was an action I took with utmost dread and apprehension, and had only taken out of love for my family.

My family were truly my backbone. They were the reason why I'd even gone to St. Meyer in the first place. I was so grateful for each and every one of them.

But I met people at the school who made the year much more exciting, bearable and worthwhile than I could have ever imagined.

Alice Brandon, my first and best friend at St. Meyer. I smiled fondly as I took a walk by myself down my snow-lined street, pausing every now and then to look at the beautiful patterns that were frozen on the sidewalk. I could not imagine life at St. Meyer without Alice; from the moment she'd extended her hand to me till just as recently as Christmas Eve when she'd slept over, Alice Brandon was a true blessing in my life.

The other three remaining members of F4 were coping without their leader. They felt his absence keenly, but they were still holding together strong. Jacob Black, Jasper Whitlock and Emmett McCarty; I was glad to know them beyond the flowery images that had been painted on them. Their names commanded such respect, such power, but beneath all that, they were still just boys.

My year at St. Meyer taught me a lot about myself. I've become stronger, more independent and confident through all the challenges and trials the school has thrown at me. I'd been taught lessons in pain, sacrifice, loyalty and love, and I know I've grown so much more because of it.

I'd reached the playground that Edward and I had gone to on the night of his birthday. I looked around. Half the play equipment was covered sleekly in snow; the roundabout, the picnic table, the swing set. I smiled to myself as I brushed some snow off the swing and sat down, curling my arm around the chain.

My breath misted in the cold air.

"Merry Christmas, Edward," I said softly, touching the charm on my necklace. Then I grinned, pushing myself off the ground with much more gusto and gathering speed as I whipped through the frosty air.

So I guess I can't complain about taking that frightening, first step to accept a scholarship at St. Meyer School. In a very temperamental, unbelievable and unpredictable manner, it had turned out to be a very good decision after all.

As far as my story goes, that's about it...

Until next time.

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