Summery- I've seen a few different takes on Bella coming to Forks and it being Alice whom she falls in love with. This is merely my version taken through both Bella and Alice's point of view. It's a bit like the book but also vastly different, or at least it will be. I've got this entire story planned out in my head, so I guess we'll just see where it goes

Title: Solstice

Fandom: Twilight

Pairing: Alice/Bella

Rating: T, may become M much later on

Disclaimer: I own nothing yeah?

Author's Note: I have removed Jasper from this story and replaced him with a female version of himself named Jaclyn. She's Edward's partner and has a similar history to Jasper.


She was going to die. I was sure of this and it would be all my fault, all my stupid fault. I had been warned since the beginning to keep her away, to not drag her into this world but I did. I brought her, my sweet perfect Bella, into a world of vampires, into a world of terror.

I could feel my legs pumping under me as I ran through the wilderness, rushing to get to Bella before something awful to her. Why did I leave her? What part of me actually thought that was a wise idea, to part with my Bella when there was a maniac after her? When I got to her, I'd spend forever and an eternity making up for my foolish mistake. I could hear Edward trying to comfort me as brothers did but his words were drowned out by the earth shattering scream of Bella's as we neared the factory. "Bella!" I yelled as I leapt from the ground and crashed through the window.