Chapter 1: Prologue

Volterra, Italy, Volturi Castle.

Demetri Stepped through the main throne room door's entrance and called out, "King Caius, Princess Isabella."

As two people stepped into the throne room Demetri quietly slipped back through the doors.

Aro and Marcus eyes found the couple, who returned from their honeymoon the night before.

Both Aro and Marcus felt a little jealous of their brother and his new wife. His La Tua Cantante.

Both looked like a god and goddess, beautiful and graceful.

Caius, tall, blond and beautiful, Isabella, for a human, very beautiful and full of natural beauty.

Their wives, Aro's and Marcus', were not half as beautiful as Isabella, and they know she'll out shine their wives when she's turned into a Vampire.

Caius and Isabella walked up to them and stood before them. He had her hand resting on top of his lower arm. The Volturi are very old fashioned when it comes to courting.

Aro broke the silence, "Welcome back brother. I trust you're honeymoon was enjoyable?"

"Indeed," Caius replied. He stepped forwards and headed towards his throne with Isabella.

Both Aro and Marcus know not to push their brother, who's a very private man who speaks little.

Caius is a type of person who only speaks when he feels the need to voice his thoughts or feelings. Marcus said he picked up that Isabella is pretty much the same. Though she's more open and trusting than Caius.

Aro glanced out of the corner of his eye to see his brother sit in his usual fashion: sitting slightly in the corner of his seat, with his foot or leg resting on his knee. His elbows resting on the arms of his throne chair and his hands joint together and resting in his lap.

This time, he had Isabella by him, standing next to his throne, with her hand resting on his shoulder.

Alice's Vision

In Forks Washington it was a different story. Alice Cullen was currently flicking through a fashion magazine in her room she shares with her husband when she suddenly had a vision.

A vision of a very pretty girl. The girl is the towns Police chief's daughter, Charlie Swan. Her name is Isabella Swann, the long lost daughter returning home at last. Or that's the rumor going around town any way, and all any one can talk about: Isabella Swan, she's like a celebrity, everyone is waiting expectantly for her return home.

She then had another vision of Isabella in a very pretty white wedding dress standing at the alter with her brother Edward standing opposite her.

The vision was gone as quickly as it came, but she new what she saw and squealed excitedly.

"Alice, love?" Jasper asked his wife nervously, knowing she had a vision, she'd frozen and stopped flicking through the magazine.

"I'm going to have a new sister," she gushed jumping up and down. "YAY! I'm going to have a new friend to go shopping with and play dress up with," Alice said excitedly.

Jasper shook his head and felt sorry for who ever the girl was that was about to face his wife's crazy shopping hyper-active, pixie self!

"What did you just see, Alice?" Edwards voice spoke from the doorway of their room.

Jasper could feel Edwards shock and glanced at to see his brother's stunned face.

"Nothing that concerns you yet dear brother, but it will be coming very soon," his wife said in a dreamy voice.

"ALICE! " Edward growled.

"Nope. Not saying. Though she'll be hear very soon."

"She?" several other voices said from the doorway, each emotions filled with shock.

"Not saying," Alice sang.

"ALICE!" they all said in union.

"Nope. My lips are sealed."

Edward moaned and pressed his hands over his ears.

"Why bloody Britney Spears?" he groaned.

"Because I know it keeps you out."

"You drive me crazy, I just can't see, I'm so excited, I'm in too deep," she repeated it the line several times over.

Edward left before she started the second line. Rosalie and Emmet left rather rapidly and he left before she started the third.

As much as he loves his wife, he can not stand Britney Spears- none of them can except Alice, who loves her music and fashion.

Volterra, Italy. Aro's Plan

"Caius?" Aro asked his brother once he'd come back from escorting Isabella to their rooms and leaving Jane with her for protection whilst she isn't there.

"What do you want, Aro?" Caius asked, bored.

"How do you know I want something?" Aro defended himself.

Marcus snorted with disbelief.

"Aro, you're nervous. I can smell it, now just cut to the point and spit it out," Caius snapped.

"Jeez and I would of thought a few weeks with the wife alone would of done any man the world of good and return a new man," Marcus said sarcastically.

"What me and my wife do or do not do is none of your business. You two may gossip like old women about your respectable wives and your latest new move in bed, or whatever else you do with them. But what me and Isabella do has nothing to do with either of you," he hissed.

"Calm down, Caius. We didn't want the gossip, we new you wouldn't give it to us any way no matter how much Aro presses for it," Marcus paused, "I do not gossip like a old woman."

"Me, neither," Aro added in.

Caius snorted.

"What do you want Aro?" He asked bluntly.

"We have a request for Isabella," Aro said.

"We?" Marcus hissed.

"You agreed," Aro retorted.

"Sort of agreed, Aro. I don't fully agree with what you want Isabella to do," Marcus said calmly.

"What do you want of my wife, Aro?" Caius asked warily, he had a feeling he was not going to like this one bit.

"Well... You know she's going to go back to Forks to complete her education before she comes to live with us full time in Italy and become a Vampire?" Aro rushed.

"Yes. I'm not happy with it, but as my wife pointed out it'll look suspicious if she doesn't return or 'if she disappears before she finishes her education."

"Yes, well. You know the Cullens currently reside in Forks and live amongst the humans as one of them?" Aro said with a little distaste.

"Yes?" he asked not liking this one bit.

"Well.... I was thinking, maybe Isabella could be the key to my getting Edward and Alice Cullen here, to finally be a member of our Guard," Aro said excitedly.

Caius rolled his eyes, bored. His brother had been trying to get the Cullen brats to be a member of their Guard and a member of the Volturi in general for decades, but had failed miserably.

"Aro, I will make this perfectly clear. I will not have my wife involved with your pointless attempts at trying and failing miserably to get the Cullens to join us. Only you want them."

"Ouch! That hurt," Aro said in a hurt-filled voice.

"Told you," Marcus smirked smugly. He knew his brother wouldn't like it, and pointed out the obvious that no one else would to Aro.

"Please, Caius," Aro whined.


"Please, I haven't finished."

"No. Because whatever it is I'm going to say no."

"You haven't even heard it?"

"I don't really want to."


"Because I won't like it."

"Oh for god sakes man, just hear him out already. He won't shut up until you hear him out and you know he won't shut up, so just hear him out already before he does our heads in."

Both Aro and Caius glowered at Marcus who just rolled his eyes and ignored them both.

"Fine, go ahead and say it my answer will still be no," Caius growled.

"She's to get into the Cullens' coven and earn their trust by dating Edward Cullen," Aro said to fast and low for human ears to even pick up what he said.

"WHAT!" Caius roared becoming very angry with each word Aro said.

Aro shifted, his brother is rather frightening when he is angry, even though he's also a Vampire and could easily fight him he still felt frightened when Caius was like this..

"T-to earn the Cullens' trust by catching Edward Cullen's eye and earning herself a place in the Cullen coven," Aro said nervously.

The look his brother shot him was murderous.

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