Tōsen was floating, floating in a world of darkness.

Where was he....who was he really... These thought were scattered and slipped away like... grains of sand.

A mask...a plain white mask? But how could he see it? He was blind... wasn't he?

A battle...justice...what was justice?

And a sword...shinigami...?Zanpakutō? It was all so confusing.

What did he live...die (?)...for?

He could sense... something. Something powerful...yet small.

Tōsen's thoughts were coming more quickly to him, some memories returning.

Ichigo's Bankai had...obliterated Aizen. His power was immense. Tōsen had taken the first blow. His mask had being destroyed... And then...nothing. But he could still hear.

Ichigo had put on his new mask, and obliterated Aizen and his Bankai.

"Kaname Tōsen... you have been judged unworthy of heaven and too pure for hell. Your thoughts of justice were your only saving grace. You will be sent to a different dimension... one that longs for a hero of justice. However, the spirit of Suzumushi shall be stripped from your sword; and yours shall take its place. The price you pay for your deeds shall never be enough. Let your heart repent in service to one less fortunate... a child named Uzumaki Naruto."

The powerful presence suddenly appeared, crashing into the sword called Suzumushi.