Sarutobi frowned as he saw the new Naruto. 'He doesn't look anything like the old Naruto I remember. And that sword is giving me a very bad feeling, like something walking over my grave. Where did he get that sword?'

"Is that really you Naruto? Where have you been these last ten years?" Sarutobi spotted the visor over Naruto's face and his face softened. "My dear boy, what happened to your eyes?"

Naruto's smile never faded. "I was training Jiji, training to use this sword. It has made me powerful; no, it has unlocked my own power. But there is a price. Whoever wields this sword must cast their eyes away into darkness, with the only light being the light that drives them. That was the price I paid for this power."

Sarutobi frowned. 'So the sword makes its wielder blind? But what strengths does it give you?'

"Naruto, what advantages does the sword give you, or awaken within you?" He leant forwards in anticipation of Naruto's answer. He caught Naruto's smirk.

"It turns you into a sensor, allowing you to sense everyone around you. The better I become as a ninja, the better this sense will become. And it's always on; it's how I see Jiji."

'A sensor-type ninja, interesting. Konoha has many clans and bloodlines that allow us to see far or sense chakra, but not one actual sensor-type ninja.' Sarutobi realized that Naruto was still talking.

"The blade is sentient if you haven't realized it. It has taught me kendo since that moment it chose me. Since it is a katana, it knows how it should be used. After ten years, I dare say my kenjutsu is flawless."

The Third Hokage nodded before yelling out, "ANBU, bring me Yūgao Uzuki. She may have a potential apprentice."


Naruto made his way to an unused training ground. He didn't really need to blow off some steam. Ten years of killing hollows and he had all he could take of killing. He wouldn't stop killing, even killing to fulfill his goals. But he would never enjoy it. 'Well, maybe rapists and the villagers who abused me. They'll become test subjects for… what was it again Tōsen?'

"Hollowfication; are you sure though? We have never tried hollowfication on living humans. It may be something this world could do without."

'Details, details. Remember that I have no interest in giving power to the weak masses. Your hollowfication went perfectly until you used Resurrección. I understand that at the time you wanted to distance yourself as far as possible from the Shinigami race, but the Resurrección was just stupid. Didn't you realize that by fully hollowfying yourself and staying in control; you would never be able to turn back? Or was that the point?'

"I wasn't of a right mind. Even I at that point I wasn't sure what I was trying to prove. But what does that have to do with your potential hollowfication experiments here?"

'You are proof of the limits of a soul. You went from completely one end of the spectrum to the other. And died. But human souls are dead even. They are right between Shinigami and Hollow, yet possess the potential for both. And we know that the Hōgyoku can affect the living as well as the dead. My hypothesis then is to achieve Bankai. Your soul, however harmed, is still the only dead even, yet powerful, soul remaining. The more I link my soul to yours, the greater my potential becomes. And we don't even know what being a ninja will add to this mix.

"Or containing the Kyuubi."

'That too.'

"So your reasons are the same as Aizen's. You wish to find or create an equal. An opponent to push you to your limits."

'No. I want to create a subordinate. These hollowfication experiments are going to be done to make sure that when I find the said person or persons that they won't die in the process. I wish to create a hollow-ninja crossbreed. Not another hollow-shinigami crossbreed.'

"Any likely candidates- DUCK!"

Naruto ducked instinctively, dodging a sword swipe that would have taken off his head. His masked assailant was obviously a female, judging from her breathing. But all that paled in comparison with the katana she was wielding. Its handle was long, surprisingly long. It looked like it could hold three of her hands comfortably, rather than just two. Naruto placed his right hand onto Suzumushi and drew it in a flash. He took it in a two-handed grip, pointing down on his right side. He charged at his assailant.

Yūgao gasped at the teenager's speed. 'Shit he's fast!' She jumped back and dodged his overhead slash. Naruto's forms seamlessly flowed from one strike into the next. Up, down, left or right, the strength of his blows never wavered, nor did his speed. Suddenly Naruto leapt up into the air. "Suzumushi Nishiki: Benihikō!" Naruto rotated his sword arm in an anticlockwise position from her perspective. Blades appeared in mid air. After rotating his sword arm again the blades pointed down at her and fired down.

Yūgao performed a quick substitution and appeared on a tree just outside the clearing in the training ground. 'What kind of jutsu was that? Some kind of Kage Katana Jutsu?' Yūgao watched as Naruto's left hand pointed right at her hiding place. After saying some words out of her hearing range, a medium sized fireball was fired from his left hand. 'Shit!' Yūgao jumped out of the tree as her hiding spot was vaporized. Naruto dashed at her, forcing her to use her katana to parry his blow. For a few seconds they stood, pressing their blades against each other. "You are quite good Yūgao-sensei. But in pure kenjutsu, I reign supreme.

"I'll keep that in mind," said a voice from behind him, which turned out to be his sensei holding her katana to his throat. The Yūgao in front of him disappeared in a puff of smoke.

'I let my guard down.'

"Don't become overconfident Naruto. You should have sensed her."


"Thank you Sensei for those kind and wise words. I shall endeavor to keep them in mind." Naruto pushed her blade away from his throat and walked out of the training ground. Yūgao smiled.

'You interest me, Naruto-kun.'


The next day…

"Ok Naruto, tell me, what do you know about chakra."

"It is made up of two things, Physical and Mental energy. It is produced by the body naturally and using up all your chakra means death. 'Heh, I wonder what happens to me if I die? Round two? Hahahahaha!'

"Very good Naruto. Many academy tutors will want you to go into even more detail, but that knowledge is all you need in the ninja world. Now, what do you know about chakra control?"

"Nothing Sensei."

Yūgao frowned. It wasn't as if she was surprised, but she at least thought that Naruto had done the leaf sticking exercise. 'Then again, no one knows where he went for all these years. I hope Naruto-kun can run before he can walk.' "Very well then Naruto, I will teach you the tree climbing exercise. This exercise will help you control your chakra."

Naruto just nodded silently. Yūgao walked up to a tree before putting her foot onto the tree trunk. Then, seemingly defying the laws of gravity, she began walking up the tree trunk. "The trick is to regulate the flow of your chakra through the soles of your feet. Too much chakra and the bark cracks and throws you off. Too little chakra and you will just fall off. And it is done obviously through the soles of your feet, which is a very hard place to channel chakra through. Got it?"

Naruto nodded and caught a kunai that Yūgao threw at him. He could actually see his sensei, but he could sense and 'see' her chakra as it walked up the tree. And the kunai displaced the air. "Use that to measure your progress. I'm going to get something to eat." With those words Yūgao disappeared into the trees.

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