An Uninvited Guest
Introduction and Teaser

Authors Note:-
This is a second draft of the story. I've fixed a few spelling mishaps, cleaned up some plot points and fixed a few problems. I've also changed the costume of the OC so his origin is a little more difficult to pin down and a bit more interesting.

Authors Original Introduction:-
I shouldn't watch old Trek. No not classic Star Trek like TOS or TNG, I mean old Trek; Deep Space Nine and Voyager. Deep Space Nine might be the best Trek series ever (I know that's controversial, but I don't care) and even now I'm older and far more cynical I still think there are moments beyond compare. Take In the Pale Moonlight and Far Beyond the Stars, two of the best hours of television I've ever seen. There's also Duet, Crossfire, Hard Time, etc. Episode after episode of complex and well structured stories.

Voyager on the other hand is a perfect example of wasted potential. Enterprise was just a result of writer burnout. You have to remember the same writers that did it had just come from a seven year stint on Voyager and had spent a good few years on Next Gen. They didn't have any fresh ideas, heck even the bad ones had been used up on Voyager.

And that was Voyager's problem. We had good actors forced into bad positions and bad outfits. Plots that didn't just abuse the reset button but made a joke about doing so in its fourth year. Fourth out of seven! Characters that were just wasted, or never allowed to develop (hello Harry). Actors that won't stop moaning about it (I'm looking at you Beltran) and very good looking, skilled, actresses shoehorned into corsets for the entertainment of prepubescent boys (not that we complained).

Anyway, I've wanted to write something for Voyager for awhile and re-watching a handful of episodes triggered a few ideas. Now really I just want to stretch my skills with the characters and see what I can do with them. But as those of you who know me might have guessed I needed a plot. Easiest way to do that would be to bring in another character to introduce conflict.

You could accuse me of writing a Gary Stu here and I'm aware of that. There are a lot of elements of that sort of travesty here, I can't defend that. What I can say is he's not. The original character isn't going to start making friends with the crew and he's not going to suddenly produce a solution for an impossible problem out of his hat. For one he doesn't have a hat, second he is the problem. He is also his own solution.

That's enough excuses, on with the show.

Full disclaimer at the end, just to keep the suspense, but I only own the intruder, AKA The Scholar. All the others and related background belong to their respective owners. I'm not making any profit and do not intend to.


Seven of Nine tapped in a few more commands into her console, saving her written log and transferring several files to the computer in the astrometric lab. She had another few minutes before the start of her shift in the brand new astrometrics facility, that gave her ample chance to finish last nights calculations. Yet another one of Voyager's scrapes with near disaster had taken priority yesterday, disrupting her schedule.

As was customary she had assigned twelve minutes fourteen seconds of her day to raising this point, yet again, with Captain Janeway. While experience had proven this to be an inefficient use of her time the Doctor had suggested setting aside more time for social interaction.

Behind her the cargo bay's doors opened. That was not expected, the only member of the crew that would come in at this time of the morning would be the Doctor and she wasn't due another check up for three days. Turning the former drone blinked in what might almost be called shock.

It was not a member of Voyager's crew. They looked human, medium height, mid length hair and unremarkable facial features. However he wasn't wearing the standard starfleet uniform, or any uniform Seven was familiar with. His costume was primarily a mix of matt and glossy black. The collar was strange, more like an elaborate sheath that came down over his chest. On top of that he wore a long cloak that had the appearance of rich velvet. It was a green so dark it was almost black itself and had strange spiral patterns woven into it with what looked like a single dark gold thread. The cloak didn't cover is arms, showing off long stiff gloves that appeared to be made of some sort of leather. Just like the collar they were a glossy black that seemed to catch the light.

Seven stepped away from her console, hand hovering over her comm badge 'Who are you? How did you get aboard this vessel?' He was unarmed, but that didn't mean he wasn't a threat.

The stranger was taken a back at the sight of her. 'A Borg drone.' He said before frowning. Pulling out an ancient pocket watch he flicked it open and inspected it. Frowning again he looked back. 'This is the mid twenty fourth century, and an Earth vessel at that. Things can't be that different here, you should be at war with each other.'

'The Borg are, I was separated from the collective.' She admitted before asking 'Who are you and how did you get on this ship?' Her hand hovering just over the comm badge.

'I don't have time for this.' He sighed, stepping out of the hallway and into the cargo bay. 'I really am sorry, but I ran into a time storm off by the Medusa Cascade. I need technology to get home, and this dismal hole is the closest thing to it for this sector.'

With a blink Seven realised he was standing next to the door controls. Not willing to wait any longer she tapped her badge. 'Seven of Nine to Commander Tuvokā€¦' She began, but there was a slight squeak as the badge failed to connect. A glance at the door controls told her why.

It was an impressive feat. Somehow he must have modulated the magnetic shielding to interfere with the badge's frequency. Seven didn't waste time on curiosity, lunging for the intruder she grabbed his arm and pulled him away from the controls. As she tried to disable his jamming protocols he touched her temple, gently, with two fingers.

Before she could react the former drone suddenly felt very tired. Stumbling to one side she had to hold onto the side of the bulkhead as her knees buckled. If she hadn't once been part of the collective she might not even realised why. There was a whispering voice inside her head, somehow it had joined with her own thoughts like a stick sliding into a stream. The voice was gentle, almost soft, but still as strong as durasteel. 'Sorry my dear,' The intruder muttered within the halls of her mind. 'But you're going to have a little sleep now.'

Seven felt her grip slip as she collapsed gently into oblivion.

Tuvok frowned and tapped his console again. Sensor records still showed some sort of power anomaly. It was an intermittent fault, with no pattern or structure to it.

It wasn't unusual, After five years of hard wear some systems had developed flaws, given the damage Voyager had suffered it wasn't surprising. The problem with that theory was that this time there had been no warning. Usually there were minor errors with a power conduit before it had problems on this scale. 'Ensign Kim.' He looked across the bridge. 'Are your sensors showing a problem with the power grid?'

'Yes sir,' He nodded, not looking up. 'I've been trying to narrow it down. Seems to be coming from somewhere near cargo bay two.'

'Bay two?' Tuvok asked before tapping his comm badge. 'Tuvok to Seven of Nine. What is your current location?' There was no answer. Bay two was where the former Drone's alcove was. 'Computer, what is the current location of Seven of Nine?'

'Seven of Nine is in cargo bay two.' it answered. Tuvok glanced at the time stamp on his screen. It was still relatively early, but the former drone should have been in astrometrics by now. The power fluctuation was in the Starfleet systems, that meant there were two problems in the same section when neither should have effected the other. Logically this could only mean two things, the first was that there had been a catastrophic disaster. That was unlikely, as every other system would also have been damaged. The other option was almost as unthinkable; deliberate sabotage.

'Mr Kim, come with me.' Tuvok instructed, grabbing a phaser from under his console. 'Computer, scan Cargo Bay two.' he instructed.

'Two life forms identified. One Borg, other life form species unknown.'

'Take us there.' The Vulcan said to the turbolift, battling down a wave of concern. 'Tuvok to Captain Janeway.'

'This better be important,' the Captain replied with a laugh in her voice. 'I haven't finished my first cup of coffee yet.'

'We have an intruder in cargo bay two. I believe they have already incapacitated Seven of Nine and are currently tapping into our power grid.'

'How?' All humour had left her voice, one thing about the Captain was she knew how to respond to a crisis.

'Unknown, at this time. Also unknown is how they got onboard without our detecting any other ships for the last three days.'

'I'm sending a full security team and going to red alert.'

'Not advisable. However they got onboard it is obvious they have gone to great pains not to be detected. We know where they are at this moment, any warning and they may have the ability to escape before we can confront them.' The turbolift came to a stop and the doors opened. Stepping out Tuvok glanced down the corridor. Fortunately a gold shirt wearing security officer was there. 'Ensign, follow us.'

'Alright Tuvok. I'll keep an eye on the sensors. I'll order red alert as soon as you've got them.' The Captain responded.

Taking up positions around the door Tuvok nodded the the security officer who tapped the access. The door was locked. 'Computer, override cargo bay locking mechanism on my authority. Internal doors only'

'Unable to comply.' it responded. 'A magnetic seal has been engaged.'

'Tuvok to Janeway.'

'I'm already ahead of you.' The Captain replied. 'I can't get a transporter lock in or out, same for comm signals. They've set up some sort of energy field, we've got sensors in there but nothing else.'

'I've got this.' Mr Kim said folding his tricorder up. 'They're using an electromagnetic field, powered by our own servos.' The Ensign pulled open the door control hatch and began removing the isolinear chips.

'Help me.' Tuvok ordered the security officer and pushed at one of the doors. Using all his Vulcan strength he was able to separate them enough to hear what was going on.

Whoever it was inside began ranting while still out of sight. 'Stupid, arrogant, barbaric fools!' They shouted as Tuvok caught a glimpse of someone moving across the bay. 'Temporal sensors? You'd have better luck with a Ouija board. You might as well be using a ship's phaser to carve a roast.' Tuvok realised the intruder was, in fact, talking to him.

'Surrender and step away from the controls.' he ordered

'No.' They barked back. 'I would already be gone if it wasn't for your cack-handed attempts at temporal mechanics. I swear, what do you use for brain surgery? A half blind Klingon warrior with hammer and chisel?'

Tuvok was able to get his arm through, 'Stop!' he ordered again, pointing the phaser through the gap. 'I can not allow you to continue.'

The intruder sighed; 'Primitives. Answer every problem with a phaser. What a surprise.' He was now standing by the Borg alcove controls. Typing something into the system.

'What are you doing?'

'That's better, perhaps next time you could try saying please.' The intruder huffed. 'I'm deactivating your Borg's temporal sensors. They're brutal, inefficient and if you're very unlucky will eradicate three quarters of the galaxy. Otherwise you could just wipe out all life in a solar system.' After a final quick command on the panel the man stepped back.

The Borg controls skittered with interference before disrupting completely. 'There' he said clapping and rubbing his hands together as he turned to face Tuvok. 'That should solve that problem, now I suspect you are going to be my next one.'

End Teaser