Dean thought he saw everything. Scary creatures, freaking ghosts and even more terrifying people. They pitched camp in the middle of the forest, so they could finally have some privacy. Dean took care of the tents and fell asleep soon after that, leaving his younger brother to do whatever the hell he wanted to.

But when he woke up in the middle of the night to see Sam's sleeping bag empty, he panicked. He quickly took out the knife, just in case, and ran in the random direction.

Half an hour later, he was starting to lose hope. And then, he reached the clearing. He stopped, dumbstruck.

His brother is standing in the middle of it, naked, with two silvery-white unicorns dancing around him.

Idiot, unicorns cannot dance, they don't even exist.

But they do, and he has them before his very eyes. Actually, the first thing he sees is his brother. Dean's eyes roam over Sam's lithe body, as his little brother pets the nearest creature.

There's nothing funny about that, no rainbows shooting out of their asses, just pure beauty.

And desire, he thinks, when his brother finally discerns him and the emotions start to flow between them. He doesn't know who makes the first step and he doesn't care. The only thing important to him is the feeling of being in his brothers arms. Safe and loved.