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Chapter 0: Cosplayer from beyond

"Are you sure this door is working, Walker?" asked inspector Howard Link from behind a white-haired boy's back, squinting at the open door. Beyond it, there was nothing but darkness. Nothing could be seen beyond the door Allen was now examining.

His name? Allen Walker. His job? Exorcising man-annihilating machines called AKUMA. He was one of the few people who could. And yet it was the worst and best job ever. Why?

Let's start with the best things an Exorcist could have. One, he could eat whatever and whenever he wanted without having the expense of paying for it. Jerry, the cook, loved his voracious appetite so much that he still cooked for him even in the middle of the night when he felt like eating.

That's just one, but there's more. His friends. Lenalee, for a start, is sweet, cute, and a very caring girl. Allen likes her, but then there's Lavi. They get along just fine, but he's a prankster. And you don't want to know what he does when he sees a "hot babe" or whatever he calls it. Ah... And then there's Kanda. Well, let's just say they're "friends" even though he's a jerk. Well… Those are probably the good things of being an exorcist.

But whenever there's a good thing, there's always a bad thing.

One, he has to fight; but he didn't have a problem fighting AKUMA, but humans were a different story altogether. Two, there's nothing worse than having the one you're working for distrust you. Three, because of that distrust inspector, two-dot (as Lavi might say it) Howard Link is Allen's new tail. Following his every move, documenting it with the man's journal and sending it to a certain man who makes delicious-looking cake but is a jerk as well.

But so far, everything's been fine. It was warm and fuzzy inside the ark. Everything was peaceful inside the ark. The white pristine buildings were beautiful and Allen couldn't believe it was once a battle ground with the Noah. But now, it wasn't. It belonged to him now, the fourteenth. Allen ignored Link's question before and peeked through the door.

He could see nothing, obviously.

When Allen tried to look further, Allen almost tipped in and fell, but instead he kept his balance and breathed a sigh of relief.

Behind him, Link uninterestedly tapped his shoe in impatience. "Walker, there is nothing in there and that door is not working," Two-Spot informed him. Allen felt a tinge of annoyance with the man.

Then, he sighed.

Well, I guess this door really isn't working at all… Allen thought. But it seemed strange. All the other doors in the ark seemed to be working fine.

Allen stood up and turned to look at Link. "Yeah, I guess," he said in defeat as he placed a hand on his white-haired head. He began to retreat to the other door towards the Black Order headquarters with Link tailing him.

Allen took his time to glance back at the defective door, then onwards again. Maybe it doesn't really work

I woke up with a jolt as my alarm clock went off annoyingly. I instantly shielded my eyes from the sudden sunlight in my eyes and it took me minutes to register things in my mind. My dark hair was unkempt because I had slept on it. When I looked at my clothes, I realized I had slept in my school uniform that was now really crumpled. I must have had a rough night.

I looked over my shoulder to see the calendar, which had a white-haired boy on it with a snitch lookalike resting on top of his forehead. It was September 12. I was supposed to go to school today. Oh, school, dreaded school. I stared at it for a few seconds and realized what it was.

I went to the point where I was rapidly hyperventilating. It was this day.

I immediately shot up from bed and didn't bother trying to make it look neat Instead, I hurried over to my five year-old computer and turned it on with glee. My computer was my buddy, my best friend. It was something I treasured in this dreaded world. I had ignored the need to pee and wash up for this moment of time. Nothing can stand in the way of me and my entertainment. Not even peeing.

I waited for my computer to open impatiently. Why is this taking so long?!

After a few minutes, the computer was up and ready to serve moi. I immediately accessed the internet and went off to read my manga.

You might think I don't have a life, but I really do have one, it just so happens to be manga. Most people, like my parents, don't really see the beauty of manga. They tend to call me weird and all, but I only laugh at their lack of passion. I am a passionate person. What am I passionate about? Manga.

Or rather, a particular manga that caught my attention for two years running. Do I have to spell it out for you? No, I don't think I need to, but I will. It's D. Gray-Man.

I started reading through the whole chapter, which was entitled, "An announcement from G."

I was really fast at reading when I liked the reading material. So it didn't take too long and I immediately went to my needs. (peeing and such) I turned towards my alarm clock, it was still ringing and I instinctively turned it off. I skipped towards the door, already dressed in my school uniform. My hair was pulled up in a pony tail, so as I skipped, my long dark hair danced along with me. Nothing's going to spoil my day.

"Wait for me, Katrina!"

I froze at the sound of the voice, my mouth—which was smiling happily earlier on was now out of shape and twisted on one side. I knew who it was, and I really hoped that it wasn't who I think it was.

I turned around.

Yep. It was her.

"What do you want, Lissa?" I asked, exasperatedly. Oh, please don't ask what I think you're asking! I thought. There was no way I was doing this all over again! I was late for class the last time she asked me that. And I am not doing it again!

She began to swing her arms annoyingly back and forth in an attempt to look cute. She let out her horrible attempt at the so-called puppy dog eyes at me. Oh, please! I thought. You're thirteen years old already and you cannot do puppy dog eyes. Period.

"Can you please wait for me? I want to go to school with you!" she said excitedly, flinging her arms up like an idiot and tried hard bulge her already-big brown eyes. She was still in her stupid pink pajamas, but her long dark hair looked like it'd been brushed since it was all straight and tidy.

I frowned at her, thinking hard about how to get her off my tail. She's the clingy and annoying type and she wouldn't get off your back unless you give in to her. Urgh! This was the exact reason why I hated having a sister!

Suddenly, I had an idea. "Yeah, sure," I said, putting up a smile that didn't really look like one. It's a good thing she's stupid, I joked to myself.

"Great!" she said, ecstatic that I 'gave in' to her. She hurried off to ready herself.

Good, I thought.

The idiot wouldn't notice me leaving because of the shower, not to mention her horrible singing inside it. It was a good thing we stayed in an apartment, otherwise, I would have been scolded by mom and dad because of what I'm going to do right now. But it's better than being humiliated by a teacher who's—well—an ass, right? The last time I was late, the teacher jeered at me in front of the class. He would ask me with his fat oily face shining with his eyes, 'What happened, Miss Manga? Did you eat too much of it this morning?' Then, they would laugh.

Manga, right in Japan, was comics. A way of entertainment and geniuses are born there. Right here, manga was mango—the raw one. I never thought of manga and mango as funny in comparison. It's a dull joke, and it's not funny at all. It's just stupid.

This is why I hate everyone. I hate my sister, whose brain is the size of a peanut. I hate my parents, who don't care about me and seem to care about my sister more. I hate my classmates and my fatass of a teacher, who don't understand me and judge me for what I love. I hate this world, for even bringing me into this wretched…world.

So I quickly and quietly sneaked out of the apartment. "He, he," Lost her. That's a good thing right? I began to feel bad already, but shooed the feeling off. Today was supposed to be a good day today, right?

I got into a jeepney, a public car, and went off daydreaming, not bothering to look around me. Dreaming of Allen Walker and company. How I wish I was in it. I would totally go hysterical if I did. I would totally glomp them if I do. I would be angry at Tyki for hurting Allen, but the again, I would be angry at Allen for hurting Tyki too. I would be also angry at Road for stabbing Allen in the eye, but I would be angry at Lavi for stabbing Road too…

At first, the jeep moved as fast as the other jeepneys do. I got to see buildings flash, and after a short while, even though I'm at the back I could still see that the driver became agitated all of a sudden. And just as fast as he became agitated, he became composed again, but he sped up.

The buildings flashed past as the jeepney went faster. I didn't mind cars or drivers driving so fast, but what I did mind was that it never stopped to get more passengers. I was the only one. Huh, maybe the driver is in a hurry for something… I thought.

As half an hour passed, the driver never stopped for anyone, I couldn't see much anymore, everywhere except the jeep was a blur. I began to feel panicky inside, but I kept my composure.

"Umm," I began my voice loud and strong but inside, I was beginning to feel scared. "Manong?" manong was our word for big brother, "Could you please slow down?"

I began to feel sick from the continuous ride (without stopping). But the driver didn't seem to hear me. He either didn't seem to know I was there or was acting like I wasn't. "Manong?" I asked a little more loudly than the last.

Nothing. Not a single response. He didn't even turn to look at me. I began to panic, not only inside, but outside now. I stood up and held on to the bars so I won't fall out of the speeding jeep. I went towards where the driver's seat was and felt only fear. I almost screamed as I saw who—no—what was sitting on the driver's seat.

It was a man. But no, it wasn't just this that made me gag and cover my mouth; it was the fact that the man was covered in black. It had cracks all over it and some of what was the man's face was falling off and turned into dust.

"Wh-wh—"I stammered as I took a step back from the driver's seat. What the hell--?!

I didn't notice myself letting the rail on the ceiling of the jeep. My brain seemed to be turned off because I just stared at the driver's seat.

I began to feel more terrified as the man's head seemed to move. The dust and air seemed to whizz past me, but I didn't feel it. I was still staring at its head.

Suddenly, it snapped out of the neck and hit me full in the face. The impact made me loose my balance and then, I fell.

I fell out of the jeepney, screaming, and then, the world went black.

I awoke with a jolt, shielding my eyes from the sunlight. Recalling the dream I had, I unknowingly said out loud in English, "Wow… What a horrible dream."

"Yeah, I guess it was…With all your screaming…"

The voice made me jump and sit upright but my eyes hurt. I squinted at where I heard the voice. It was weary since I didn't recognize anyone with that voice at all. It was a stranger.

However, it seemed familiar in a déjà vu kind of sense. But, of course, I didn't. And the voice was using English. Maybe it was a foreigner?

My eyes adjusted to the sunlight and I began to feel my surroundings more. I could hear the sound of the birds chirping ecstatically and I could smell the morning dew of the grass. And—that's weird—I could feel my bed being so…so rocky.

Wait—something's wrong here. Everything's wrong.

I began to feel more and more awake. Okay, so why am I sleeping on a rocky surface with a person whom I may or may not know? Why do I smell fresh greenery? And why don't I hear jeepneys anymore?

I looked around with my newly adjusted eyes.

To my horror, I first saw trees. Lots of them. And added to that, I was lying on dirt. My uniform was dirty and my sleeve was ripped on one side and my hair was unkempt.

What just happened? I thought as I put my hand over my head, which I only noticed then that it hurt.

I turned to where the voice supposed was. It was a man. His eyes filled with concern for my pathetic display.

I was instantly embarrassed.

"Oh, ah…" I stammered, though I was embarrassed, I hardly ever blush, so I didn't. Thank goodness for that.

"Are you okay?" the man asked, his face was gaunt and his eyes were kind-of round and his nose and mouth was covered by bandages, but overall, his face mirrored concern. I didn't feel uncomfortable with him because of it.

I put my hand over my forehead. "Yeah, I guess I am," liar, liar. I didn't feel good at all. My whole body was sore and my head was like being hammered continuously.

I looked around again just to reassure I was where I think I was. "Where am I? What happened?" I asked randomly.

The man looked slightly surprised. "I was going to ask the same thing, young lady. I was walking on my way home and then I heard you screaming," he replied as he stood up. He held a hand towards me.

There is nothing more embarrassing than being heard screaming by someone you don't know and letting that someone help you. But I had no choice.

I took his hand and helped myself up.

"Uhh… Thanks, I guess," I added quietly. I looked around, again. I tried to make out of he surroundings. I tried to look if I knew or if I've encountered it before.

But I didn't know where I was. I was lost.

The man looked at me closely, and I began to feel uncomfortable. I didn't like it when someone looks at me, even if they looked concerned. I mean, why should someone be concerned to someone they don't know? Sometimes, I just don't get other people.

"You don't look okay," the man observed. I rolled my eyes and folded my arms.

Ouch! It hurt!

But I didn't let it show too much. I didn't like to be fussed about. So instead of wincing and crying, I just gritted my teeth and closed my eyes.

Then I turned at him. "I am okay," I said stubbornly.

I looked around, yet again. I know I must look like an idiot for doing so, but I couldn't make out anything at all! Not even the trees! I've never seen anything before!

I took out my cell phone which was, fortunately, not broken despite everything that had – or hadn't – happened.

I flipped it open and tried to punch in my mother's number. Oh, no… There wasn't any service. Where was I? Could I be in the hills near Bacolod, my hometown? But that's absurd! It's miles away from home!

The man looked at my phone with curiosity. Oh, goodness. It's like he hadn't seen one before!

"Dear, lady," he said, never taking his eyes off of my phone. "I do not want to be rude but what is that you are holding? I don't think I have seen that before."

Seriously? I wanted to say it to him, but his face is just so… Curious! Urgh! Why don't I just leave him and go off to find where I can find any service?

I held it up near my face, "It's a cell phone, dummy."

This was the only time I noticed his clothes. It was a white robe, with four zippers, two as each side of his chest and a long and a bit larger one in the middle. He had a hood over his head and he was carrying a rather large backpack. It looked so familiar. Like…like

I began to realize that this man was extremely familiar. Like in D. Gray-Man, the finder Allen was with in his first mission, along with Kanda. I sighed dreamily and looked off into the distance as I thought of it.

"Are you okay?" he asked the second time around, eyeing me and my far-away look.

I snapped back into the real world. So! I know what he is!

I smiled at him. "It's nice," I commented.

He looked at me, looking slightly confused. "What's nice?" he asked, not knowing what I meant.

Yeah, right.

I rolled my eyes and smiled. "You," I answered. When I saw that he seemed to look unsure of what I meant, I elaborated. "You! You're a cosplayer!"

Now he looked just plain confused. He looked at me strangely, like I was some kind of alien. It wasn't like I was offended by it, being pretty much used to people looking at me like that.

But I just laughed him off and patted him by the shoulders. "Don't play dumb, you joker!" I said to him.

He hesitated. Then asked, "What is there to play dumb for? In all honesty, I don't know what you are talking about, miss—"

"Catherine," I gave out the English translation of my name, since I liked it best.

"—Catherine," the man said.

I laughed even harder. "Silly you! You're cosplaying Toma from D. Gray-Man! I thought you looked familiar! With all your finder uniform and the Rose Cross on your chest! Do you have an Allen cosplayer too? I'd love to see him!" I said excitedly.

'Toma' looked surprised and alarmed at this.

I waited for him to admit it, say something like, "Hey! You got me! Ha ha ha!" But it didn't come as I thought it would.

I gulped hard as the 'while' expanded into minutes of awkward silence.

Finally, the man introduced himself. "I don't think I've introduced myself to you, miss Catherine. My name is Toma, from the Black Order. I think someone might want to speak with you, please come with me."

END of chapter!

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